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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To The Rescue

Nothing like the generosity of a winter that keeps on giving. I know
that not everyone reading this is experiencing seemingly endless weeks
of cold with the occasional tease of a partial thaw. Still, cold or
not this has been a time of intense contraction for a lot of us. In
periods of contraction the body tends to pull up the root chakra, and
we end up even further disconnected from the source of nurturing
energy we long for in the first place.

Then, when we feel unstable and unsupported from life we tend to slip
into using the mind to attempt further control over what we are
feeling. As those feelings of instability and disconnection grow, we
can find that our emotions intensify as perhaps fear takes a stronger

Cheery stuff to ponder while loading the next log onto the fire.

Hopefully there is some consolation in knowing you aren't alone in
feeling like you're really, really done with this long season of
discontent. As is always the case, even when we forget, considerable
assistance is right at hand.

About a week ago we had a visit with the Earth Mother. She came fully
prepared to teach us some simple techniques we can use every day and
in any moment we need to reconnect to her support system. What she
taught us was instantly effective for those of us taking part in the
evening. We learned a breath to re-start the pumping action of the
root chakra, that function that brings up waves of life-force into our
bodies from the earth. Next, she taught us another breath to assist
the mind to release its grip on its need to feel solely responsible
for everything. Lastly, we learned a breath and simple phrase of her
"language of creation" that allows the emotions to relax. In the end,
we were once again reminded that everything we need is present right
now. We just need to open to receive it.

As usual we recorded the channeling, which was part process and part
dialogue. I have edited out personal questions so only the teaching of
the three processes remains, shortening the listening and download
times. Still, the recording runs about 46 minutes and is informative,
helpful and thorough, as you would expect from the Earth Mother.

We again invite you to set your own price for this download, which is
a trend we will likely continue for the Earth Mother channelings. You
will find a link for the download below and on the order page of our
website. Please note that we do not plan to produce CD's of these

You may notice that the Earth Mother has a great deal of presence this
month. She joined us for the session described above, she's the guest
at the Second Saturday Channeling this coming weekend (yeah, boy,
didn't that last month flash by), and she will be with us again on the
31st. I'm grateful for all the assistance she is bringing to us right
now, and invite you to partake of the wonderful support being offered.

Breathing (so to speak),


Check our Earth Mother order page to order the Earth Mother recording:

Note that the order form will show $7.00 as a price,
but you can actually enter any amount that works for you.


Second Saturday Channeling with The Earth Mother
This coming Saturday, March 8th, 7pm

You can join us by phone, too. More information here:


Tuesday Tune-Up
March 18th , 7pm

The process this month is one of purification, releasing what has been
holding and growing toxic in the physical, mental, and emotional

You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:


Throat Chakra Class
Saturday, March 22nd, 10am - 5pm

Note: This is a re-scheduled date

Complete class descriptions on PDF flyer


Advanced Practitioner Class
Module 3, part 1
Saturday, March 29th, 10am - 5pm

Complete descriptions, registration info:


Earth Mother Monday Channeling
March 31st , 7pm, In person or by phone

Powerful sessions with the orchestrator of this transformation and the
creator of our physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways.
Sessions are $30. Information and phone sign-up:


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