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Thursday, May 08, 2008

This, That, The Other

Feels like months since I wrote the last update. Not that I haven't
thought about it, but the energy just wasn't moving that direction.
Found out that "I should" is no longer much of a motivator.

Sure, I've been busiernheck so it's not like I'm on vacation (that'll
be the day), but I also haven't felt particularly expressive, even
though much has been happening at Lightsmith. I guess that would be
the point of what I have to say. The oddness for me has been a feeling
of relative calm on the inside while observing endless nuttiness in
some other world "over there". Add the latest time shift (helm, go to
warp 5), and next thing I know the better part of a month has passed
and I'm playing catch up.

Perhaps the greatest sense I have right now is one of no expectation
whatsoever, while the potential for *something* has never felt more
full. Hard to describe, but there it is. So, let me get up to speed on
a few things, and I'll also add a surprise or two.

First, the evening with Sanat Kumara was grand, as expected, but
surprising in how the intensity of the evening steadily built in a
quiet, masterful presentation. He began by talking about his
relationship with the earth and his part in the plan of creating the
new structure of consciousness. Interesting to me was his description
of walls falling, with a particular focus on Tibet, China, and the
Olympics. Two other areas included a process to assist further release
of fear and shame, and a quite unexpected and wonderful introduction
for each person to a companion in Spirit who will be a co-creator in
the days ahead. He did make a point of saying that he would be present
for each person listening later, and would also connect people with
their new "friend".

I had the recording posted weeks ago, but, well you know. I highly
recommend this experience as both informative and helpful. And just
plain cool, I might add. Here's a link for the CD or download:

Buddha visits on Saturday, May 10th, near Wesak festival

So, already we're into May, and Buddha is returning for a 2nd visit on
our Saturday, May 10th channeling. Feels like auspicious timing given
the approaching Wesak full moon. I'll likely be writing again soon
after that date, but look for that download on the 12th. Remember that
you can participate in person or by phone:

Really, work isn't work when it's dear to one's heart

While I have been busy not writing to you, I have been quite focused
into projects connected with the Earth Mother. Not sure why, but I've
been motivated to rework some EM related files and get them posted. I
also have another special EM project I'll tell you about in a future
update, but here are two postings I hope you'll find interesting.

The Earth Mother first spoke through Michele in February, 1995. The
moment was unexpected, and was at the end of an event we were doing.
One of the hats I wear is that of a musician, and our friends in
Spirit had previously asked that I set up my keyboards on that
evening. As our planned event finished, I was directed to begin
playing, and I started with the tones of a particular musical
progression I had earlier created. Spirit spoke for a few minutes, and
then the energy shifted. Words came in a language I hadn't heard
before, and the Earth Mother began to speak. Like poetry, the words
and music came in sync, and one of the finest experiences of my life
began. For about 15 minutes she spoke and I played. It felt like a
beautiful dance to me, and since we were set up for another event, we
were able to capture the words and music on tape.

For the first time, this recording is available by download. I
recently posted the information on our site, but here are some
pertinent links if you haven't yet seen the new page:

Listen to excerpt:

Order Page :

As with other Earth Mother recordings on the page, please pay what you

I Hope you find the following as fun as I did

Other hats I have worn have been those of both radio and TV host. New
Earth Radio was a weekly radio show a few years ago on KDWA out of
Hastings, MN, and Another Perspective was produced on local community
television in 1997 and 1998. One day soon I will have more media
postings on our web site, but for now I'd like to share with you the
first TV show I did. My guest was Michele (what a surprise, eh?), and
she channeled the Earth Mother for the studio audience after some
opening discussion with me. The show ran about an hour, so click the
link below when the tea is brewed, the coffeecake is hot and you're
ready to sit back and find out what we looked like 11 years ago :)

Stay tuned ,