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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, What a Month

[note: this update was emailed on Feb. 1st, but I forgot to post it here until today. Sorry about that.]
Oh, What a Month
Or is it oh, what, a month? I can barely keep myself updated enough to send out these updates. In fact, I started this sentence a WEEK ago and am finally finishing up. It's always so odd to me how I can feel no particular motivation and still move through my day with plenty of projects. Then again, my biggest project has been myself, so that's the excuse I'm using for not writing for a month.
Some people have had a month of crisis, and some like me have had a month of feeling bound in stillness even while moving through business as usual. It's as if whatever brings your old patterns to the surface most efficiently shows up to tweak your nose. For some of you it may not seem like a challenge to have a whole lot of not much happening, but to a doer it forces a certain degree of reflection. Excitement and motivation haven't been calling to many people these past weeks, so consider this your permission to skip the guilt about not feeling like doing much of anything. Our energies are elsewhere, quite engaged in personal transformation. We may be preparing for greater expression, but the bell hasn't yet rung so don't worry that you're missing something. You can't.
This year we embark on a journey of reconnection with the deep feminine, which I have recently taken to calling the Irresistible Force. Like magma thrusting from the depths, this fluid potency leaves nothing unscathed in its unpredictable path. Everything encountered is pushed, lifted or dissolved. Beliefs get tossed like old shoes, and patterns of adaptation that evolved in Duality are illuminated for extraction and release. I find that the stillness has propelled me inward and down as my mind grows less controlling, and I expect that my next adventure is connected with the treasure I find buried there. It's all the shoveling that gets so exhausting.
Many ideas circulate in the new-ageosphere about what 2010 may hold in store for us, and I agree that the sense of potential now present in the field is almost palpable. Still, the focus on what is yet to come takes attention from the moment, and in this moment we are at a stage that is personally, deeply immersive with a sense of not much moving. Opening to the feminine and the deep wisdom involves dealing with all the ways we denied aspects of ourselves that were rejected or suppressed in past times. I can't consider myself a conscious creator while there exists storage in an unconscious, so I welcome whatever it takes to move through this phase. All aspects are now merging, and no split can remain between conscious and unconscious fragments of self. Such a split is the definition of Duality, and Life within the new living field is without such division. So, we're still healing, releasing and recovering aspects of self, AND anticipating new forms to emerge.
Here at Lightsmith we continue to share what we find to be the focus of the moment, passing along what we can about how this transformation is proceeding and what is helpful to the process. Or approach is not just to provide information, but to create engagin, immersive experiences that assist necessary structural changes within consciousness. Knowledge and information provide maps, while process brings change.
Okay, on to the events of February. I figure if I don't get this out today I'll soon be writing about March, what with time going bye-bye and all. So, here goes:
New PLANETARY EVENTS for the year have been added to the calendar. They are scheduled for the equinoxes, solstices and cross quarter dates. The first one is THIS WEDNESDAY, February 3rd at 7pm. For these planetary events we will be working with the large crystal in a grid created for the event. The exact focus for each session may not be clear until we actually begin each evening. The cost is by donation with a suggested amount of $15. If you would like to participate by phone, please contact me for a call-in number - Callers can make a donation using the bottom button on this page:
Our 2010 SECOND SATURDAY CHANNELING series began in January with a visit from Archangel Michael. He talked about and worked with finding and releasing core-level fears, particularly the fear of dying which underlies all others. He alternates with the Earth Mother who will join us on Saturday, February 13th at 7pm. In the third month of each quarter we will have a different being join us, and in March that visitor will be Quan Yin. With the energies focused on the return of the feminine I expect we will be visited by many of the Mothers throughout this year. For more information about these Second Saturday Channelings please see:
TUESDAY TUNE-UPS continue the process work begun at the previous channeling. This month the Tune-up is on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm. As with the channelings you can join us by phone. Info:
BTW, the channeling with Archangel Michael and the following Tuesday Tuneup are available for download in our shop at
Remember, too, that we offer a subscription for downloads of the two main monthly events. Subscribers also receive a reduced rate for attending in person or by phone. Check out the details on our home page:
FUSION is the other large theme of the moment as we recover aspects of self, re-structure our chakra systems and bring in ever-larger amounts of our great spirits. These weekend Fusion events are process-oriented and potent. Each weekend shares some similarities, but each is also unique depending on who is in the group and how the larger energies are moving at the time. In general, the focus is on realigning the chakras, opening the root, bringing more waves of self into the body and activating 4 "upgrades" in the chakra system that are part of the new operating system allowing us to interface and create within the new Living Field. The February Fusion Weekend is the 20th and 21st. We are very close to full, but have room for a few more. If interested, please reserve a space by sending a note to The cost is $240. More info and a down-loadable flyer here:
One last bit: An INTERVIEW with Michele and me appears in the February issue of The Edge. We talk about the Deep Feminine and Fusion.
The interview is posted in two parts at
My monthly column, Beyond Belief, appears only on-line in February. You will find it here:
Not yet March,