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Saturday, October 18, 2008

About Face

Part I:  Like many of you I have long been engaged in a process of healing and coming to conscious awareness. Early on, I was often the only guy in various classes or groups. If there were two or three of us we felt like we were breaking some kind of record. I'll bet that you, too, voiced this question:  Where are all the men? Well, take a wild guess who now gets a turn for some big change. It's kind of a trick question, though, because not only men are affected.
Interesting how we can often sense rearrangement going on in the greater (and personal) fields of consciousness, but darned if we can always articulate or identify what's in motion - especially when it still sits mostly as potential. Last Saturday we got some help from Kuthumi to assist our understanding of where we are headed next. We have already had some samplings with the economic fluctuations and the bizarre political scenarios, but much yet awaits.
The coming time is one of transforming the masculine. Kuthumi shared how the feminine has been transforming for the past 40 years, and the masculine is now going to radically transform in the next 4. Give or take. Obviously some rapid shifts are on the horizon and men will be greatly affected, but also affected is the masculine in women. Here are two of several points emphasisized by Kuthumi:
The masculine looks outward.
It is time to get actively creative.
I am summarizing a fair amount of material, but I chose these two comments because for me they hold the key to what's next for those of us who have been moving through this transformation with some awareness. Here is why these two points are significant:
The masculine looks outward
So it needs to see alternatives in form.
It is time to get actively creative
Because those forms need to be brought into visibility.
Kuthumi stressed that it is time to get going and get creative. Start to bring forward what is yours to express, and do so without fear. Do not be attached to needing to know a purpose or bigger picture as that will show itself in time. Just begin now and do not wait for it to be called forth from you.
You may have read other writers who talk about the second part of October and the energy opening into next year. Many of us have spoken about how more people are starting to be open to what we have to offer and will be seeking us out. We are soon entering that time, and because the maculine needs to see its choices we need to be visible.
I highly recommend listening to the Kuthumi channeling. He was direct and informative, and also offered a process to begin working with this shift in the masculine. You'll find it here:
And it also follows that Transformation Tuesday next week will continue a theme now in motion:  Releasing fear from where it is blocking expression. Remember that you can participate by phone. Still called Tuesday Tune-Up on our site:
Part II:  As a guy who just turned 59 last Sunday, I write these words with the greatest respect for other old-timers :)  We're now the over 30 crowd, in case you haven't noticed. We grew up without computers, the internet, PDA's, cell phones, video recorders, answering machines, faxes, or even calculators. Milk was delivered to our house, we burned trash in the back yard, gas was 29 cents per gallon, pop bottles had deposits, and Minneapolis had both a morning and evening newspaper. Oh, and we practiced duck and cover under our desks.
We have had to keep up with an incredible wave of technological advances that are natural for most 9 year-olds. Technology can seem daunting, but it is not something separate from us. Rather, technology reflects what is happening in the evolution of consciousness. And now the global mind has hooked up, and we have the ability to interconnect in ways even Star Trek didn't prepare us for. We may not yet be a highly telepathic species, but we have what we need for each moment. This moment is about connecting.
Networking is a word that now feels a bit aged to me. The term may evoke images of business people making connections and doing deals. Perhaps we can still find the word useful by opening the context, at least until we stop needing to define everything. For me, networking was when my mother went for afternoon coffee with other women down the block.  It was a social activity and part of the fabric of our culture. It still is when we actually find time to just visit, but other means of connecting are also available.
What if part of entering the next wave is being more pro-active in how we express and connect? What if we actually ARE done with a large portion of what we came to heal and transmute, and our next adventure is upon us? What if we just reframe that notion of networking a wee bit and have another discussion about it?
For what purpose, you ask? Why, to become more visible! To be found, to come out of solitary confinement, to set the stage so the orchestrators of this plan of Creation can more easily make desired arrangements. To open new pathways of discovery and play, and to feel part of the whole in a way that supports and surprises. I can feel how we're being invited to hook up by means that may seem un-natural to many of us, given our histories. I get that, but as we said back in the day, big whoop. Let's move on.
It's time to prepare for interactions in ways we haven't imagined. In this case preparing means participating in a network structure organized by technology. For me, Facebook is that structure, and the technology is in place to assist a stunning number of interconnections. It is an internet-based system that allows for an amazing flow of collective expression and connection. It's hard to explain how it cross-generates and grows itself (because it's non-linear), but I believe it's a vehicle for what's next. I know there are oodles of similar networks vying for attention, but Facebook may be the place to be if you choose only one. I say that from a personal read of "what's got energy", not from any deep analysis.
So, here's the plan:
This is a collaborative event with two techies who have joined forces to introduce you to the workings of Facebook. Those two techies are Suzanne Boben and me, both of us having earned our geek cred over many lifetimes :)
Facing Facebook
Wednesday November 19th
7pm at Lightsmith
We will have several computers set up to demonstrate the workings of Facebook. We will offer some education about how to use Facebook, what the possibilites are, and how to set it up so you control the experience and avoid the junk.  We begin at 7pm and go as long as needed. The cost for the evening is $12, which will include loads of information, direct experience with Facebook, assistance with setting up your account that evening, and a playful night of doing something new that isn't all about transformation and spirituality.
We now get to enjoy all of our experiences. Learning needn't be deeply studious and serious. I think you will have fun with this class, and like all things in the New Field the possible outcomes are unknown and more than you can think of. Just begin. Get active and get hooked up. Then see where it takes you.
And by the way, if you're already on Facebook, please feel free to join the Lightsmith group that is already up and running at this location:
If you made it to the bottom of the page, good for you. And thanks.
Now playing at a Lightsmith near you,
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Swirl

No, sorry, this is not about chocolate.
Are you finding it difficult to keep your emotions from being pulled into the gigantic, dizzying swirl of worldly inanity? Drama, drama, drama. ANYTHING to rev you up so your attention and energy can be focused and controlled. The tiniest bit of detritus is hyped, analyzed, defined, projected on a screen and split up into convenient opposing sides just begging you to pick one. DEMANDING that you pick one.
That hustle to keep you outer-focused is an old con, and the odds definitely lie with the house. I could offer you several perspectives (am saving some of those for my new blog), but the intention within these updates is to provide a reminder that it always remains a choice where we give our attention. Being outer-focused is the most familiar. Going deep within while staying present is a different experience.
Disintegration of one form releases energy for re-integration in another form. This seems a natural enough process, yet in experience we can be quite challenged if all the focus is given to what is decomposing. My little reminder today is once again that we have options, and those options are found in what has Life.
The issue for many of us is how to deal with underlying worries or fears. We have grown many structures in consciousness that may continue rising up when faced with uncertainty. Those structures are not of essence, and are part of what is disassembling along with everything else that is illusion. We feel those structures as they depart, and every jolt we receive becomes an opportunity to breathe out the withered remains of the old world we worked so hard to dissolve. As for uncertainty, it may be an experience whose time has arrived, for it is minds that seek certainty at any price and minds that are now being challenged to let go of such seeking.
Still, a little reassurance is appreciated in these times, and we received plenty from our last visit with the Earth Mother. She told us that we have nothing to fear, that we would not have an economic collapse, and that the great feminine aspects in consciousness are very active behind the scenes. She also spoke of making more visible the workings of the illusionists  and the consequences certain ones may experience for their choices and behaviors.  During her visit I could feel a kind of directness and intensity that I found very helpful. I might describe it as that sense of both an immovable object and an irresistable force. The Mothers are in charge, believe it.
I am aware that the world seems to be completely nuts, but I knew right then during this channeling that all was well and everything is in perfect order. This is the Earth Mother's show, and she is quite capable of orchestrating events no matter what any illusionist would have you believe. You can start to relax. Your fears are only showing up to be processed and released, and we have a stunning amount of support in every moment assisting us. If you would like to work directly with releasing fear out of your body, I highly recommend the process guided by the Earth Mother during the channeling. The file is now available for download, and the link below will take you to the order page. Remember that you can set your own price for the Earth Mother downloads, so I definitely invite you to take advantage of what this very helpful recording has to offer in both interesting information and a process as only the Earth Mother can provide.
I would also like to mention a few things here about upcoming events:
First, a special note:
This is the last year Michele will be teaching the Chakra classes.
Because of this decision, we are opening the class to those who live at a distance and would like to participate live by phone. And, if you have been considering the chakra series and have been putting it off, please know that this is the last opportunity to do the series in person with Michele. Classes begin next Wednesday evening, October 15th, and continue through 8 sessions ending February 7th. This is a new scheduling structure from past classes, and you can find complete information using the link below to download a PDF file.
Please pre-register (or get more info) for the upcoming class by calling 651-224-4451 or sending email to
Download the flyer here:
Reminder: Kuthumi is our scheduled guest
for the next channeling this coming Saturday at 7pm
join us in person or by phone
Also: Quantum Light Breathing with Roxann Kay
this Wednesday and Thursday
see the calendar for more information and future dates
Okay, that's it for now. I'll be back in a week or so with something else I've been thinking about, and a topic for the next Transformation Tuesday (yeah, we renamed it).
Check the calendar for all scheduled events.
We're still adding them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deeper and Deeper

In we come. Deeper into our bodies, deeper into earth, deeper into Life. We've worked so hard to recover aspects of ourselves split off during the reign of Duality, and many of us continue every day to literally pull ourselves together. After all, we can't achieve full integrity (oneness/wholeness) with parts missing, so we still "do our work" as needed until we are complete within. We are regularly reminded that we cannot fully shift into the New Living Field until we are whole, so expect continued nudges to deal with any remaining splits.
That sense of becoming one within was the focus of the wisdom shared by Sophia during the last Saturday channeling, and the theme continued at the Tuesday Tune-Up. With great support from Sophia, Michele facilitated one of the most powerful processes we've yet experienced. The next wave of transformation is upon us, and what we experience will depend on where we are in our personal process of coming back to wholeness.
Going deeper is where we are headed at Lightsmith. Making a greater connection with the New Living Field and consciously creating within it will be at the core of the information we receive and the processes we experience in the next year. Bringing all our aspects back together is just the prerequisite for entering the new story. What happens after restoration of oneness within is where the story turns a page, and where we find out together what's next.
The Sophia channeling offers a helpful overview of the direction we are heading, and ends with a light process. The Tuesday Tune-Up is really part 2 of the process and is more thorough in its process. I highly recommend both if you want to quickly get up to speed on the this next wave now moving us.
We are continuing to add items to our calendar, and to create the flyers and web pages with greater explanations of what we are doing. What we currently have available is highlighted below, and we'll be back with more, soon. In the mean time, we will do our best to articulate what we sense is happening as the year ramps up. As I wrote in the last update, where you give your attention is going to be a critical decision. I am aware that there are many distractions vying for attention in the dying reality, and I know they can be seductive. The drama generated makes it all seem so real.
I wish only to remind you that another reality exists simultaneous to the one that is more familiar. I can promise you that giving the New Field your attention will result in a much more pleasant experience than any of the other options. It's a bit challenging at first to stay focused there, but pretty soon it becomes the new normal. Going deeper into this experience of becoming Creator with Creation is our journey this year, and I'm inviting you to join us.
Please do,
Advanced Practitioner Classes
2-day, full weekend classes in 4 Modules
Dates are now decided, and are listed below
and on our calendar and website
In these classes Michele facilitates deeper, more practical & experiential courses for those working in the energetic/intuitive fields of healing. You can sign up by module, and they are not sequential.
Module I:
Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2, 2008
Conscious listening, deepening the skill and capacity to focus receptively
Receiving information from the Causal Planes of Consciousness
Soul level creation of experience/conscious mind level of creation
Discernment between interpretation and reflection
Psychic vs. Soul Partnership Attunement
Practitioner self-care
Module II:
Saturday and Sunday, January 3 and 4, 2009
An overview of the variety of non-physical Influences on people
Discerning the presence of and release of cords within the Chakra system
Discerning the presence of and disengaging
Astral/Entity Attachments/Co-dependency
Discernment of the presence of "The Back Door"
and how to work with closing it
Possession and the process of
release and healing from possession
The importance of the "Auric Membrane", filters, and shields
Module III:
Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8, 2009
The body's map of consciousness/four quadrants
The Endocrine System as energetic/emotional
translator into physical experience
Medical Intuition from the Causal Plane perspective
Auto-Immune diseases
Physical effects of Karmic overlays
Personal influences within the physical healing process
Brain imprinting
Module IV:
Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19, 2009
Space clearing/effects of past inhabitants/ghosts
Earth vortices, ley lines and effects on physical life
Land imprinting and impact on life
The Body's Electro-magnetic system
and relationship with the Earth
Environmental and Electromagnetic influences/symptoms and healing
Cost and registration info:
Or download PDF flyer:
The Chakras - A New Understanding
Human Developmental Stages and Soul Embodiment
A core teaching by Michele Mayama
Attend any or all of 8 sessions - begins Weds. October 15th
This series is recommended to everyone desiring more ease in their own transformation processes, as well as educators, parents, practitioners and others who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the developmental stages of growth from a soul standpoint.
The series has a new structure this year, with 6 sessions on Wednesday evenings and 2 full days on Saturdays. Attendance at all 8 is not required, but participation in the first class (Root Chakra) is highly recommended. Clearing distortions in the Root Chakra and re-establishing connection with the earth is crucial to accessing the New Field.
Click the link below to download a PDF flyer with complete descriptions, dates and prices for each class. Please note that pre-registration is needed for these sessions.
In Your Element Playshops - both 1 and 2 on Saturday, September 27th
Are you wearing who you are?
Earth Mother Channeling - Monday, September 29th
Always an adventure when the Earth Mother shows up. 7pm.
Check calendar for all scheduled events. We're still adding them.
And remember Quantum Light Breathing next Weds. & Thurs.