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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Didn't See That One Coming

You may be finding it impossible to sneak anything past the process that's now in motion. Maybe you thought there was that one teensy little thing (or the elephant in the room) that you wouldn't have to deal with, that you could just pretend doesn't exist. Then comes the The Gotcha Moment. The Gotcha Moment is when all the forces conspire to call you into alignment and make your choice very clear. Your dodge has been revealed and what has been delayed demands immediate recognition and action. Such is the experience of the applied energies of Archangel Michael and the beings of the Karmic Council.  We tend to personify these energies, but I find it helpful to think of Archangel Michael as the unwavering principle that maintains alignment to the greater plan within creation, which includes our own soul's intentions.
In September we learned that we would be receiving extra assistance for the next 3-4 months, accelerating the process of extrication from Duality for those who are ready and coming into a greater experience of the new Living Field and the deeper fusion of soul and body. Now we're getting some direct experiences of what it means to receive such assistance. We are being prompted to quickly release and move beyond what has kept us bound. Even though we must deal with specifics in our lives, the bindings have been in our beliefs, thoughts, stored consciousness or wherever else has been woven into Duality. You can run, but you can't...well, you know.
Our focus here at Lightsmith shifted to accomodate this burst of assistance and acceleration. We have added an additional Fusion Weekend, and Transformation Tuesdays also assist the process of clearing and realignment. The next section from Michele offers more about Fusion Weekends and what she would like you to know about the process we are in.
From Michele: "Most of us have been moving in steps through a process of dissolving our personal old story and then restructuring within our body and lives for greater wholeness. I felt called to put the whole process together into a thorough sequential experience so the soul/body/spirit system could synchronize, complete, open, and begin the fusion of one's own Great Spirit within personal physical experience, our own fusion of Light within Life. There are also new nodes of consciousness opening within our body. I call them enhancements. These enhancements are designed to open greater direct access between our soul core and this new dimension of creation. They are frequency specific and require us to stay conscious and aware to maintain them."
"The Fusion process when done within a group creates a kind of alchemy that magnifies and multiplies the potential for individual shifts with greater ease and grace.....more is possible for everyone. There are a number of facilitated experiences during the weekend  that include individual focus where needed. Your bodies are supported to both release how they have held the old stories and memories and to open capacities to vibrate health and wholeness into one's physical experience. I want to encourage as many people as possible to attend one or more of these fusion experiences, so the price is the same as for one two hour personal session with me ($240). Much more is possible in the group experience, and I am hoping that some people who are considering a personal session will choose this instead."
We have two Fusion Weekends scheduled for this fall. Please note that Saturday and Sunday hours begin at different times.
Saturday, Oct. 17 from 10-5 and Sunday, Oct. 18th from 9-1
Saturday, Nov. 21 from 10-5 and Sunday, Nov. 22 from 9-1
Please contact ASAP if you plan to attend either of these dates. We do have a limitation for group size since some amount of personal attention is part of the weekend. As before, please let us know if you live locally and have room for an out-of-town guest, or if you live out-of-town and need accomodations.
Advanced Training for Practitioners - the first weekend of this series with Michele begins October 24th. Whether you yet have a practice or not (or just want to go deeper in your understanding of cause), you can learn to focus into greater levels of consciousness and soul connection with your clients. Michele brings awareness born of her 28+ years of private practice and her experience with causal-level structures and personal transformation, and this series will bring you a wealth of new information and deeper process work for yourself. Download a flyer from the following page with more information about topics covered and pricing:
Reminders: This Saturday's channeling is with Sanat Kumara. I expect that processing will continue :)  Join us in person or by phone:
Also, the next Transformation Tuesday is scheduled for the 20th.
I wanted to get this notice out because these events are rapidly approaching, but I am also excited to tell you that we have boatloads of fun stuff in the works. We take our purpose here seriously, but that doesn't mean everything we do is serious. In fact, I have a couple three ideas of my own which I'll soon be announcing, so watch for a special update in the next couple of days.
Already smelling the popcorn,


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