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Monday, January 04, 2010

2010, The Feminine, A Gift

Seems like 2009 did a low fly-by. It started out pretty exciting, packed a punch but lasted only briefly and left me with ringing ears. Michele tells me the ringing is from my pineal gland being over-stimulated by all the energy coming onto the planet, but I'm sticking with my plane analogy since I can't explain the alternative. The quirky perception we call "time" is also messing with us. A day may still be one revolution of the earth on its axis, but it sure seems like that spin is faster than ever. Weirdly, some days also seem to expand and go on and on. I guess the matrix of time is also undergoing it's own dissolution as any kind of meaningful reference, so if I'm going to get this update out in 2010 I better get to it.
First, some reflection. It's not completely true that I remember nothing these days, although the truth may be more complete than memory would have me believe. I think. BTW, don't bother re-reading that because it won't make any more sense the second time. Still, I'm betting you know exactly what I mean. For months we have been releasing old programs, clearing old mental structures and shifting more into alignment with our core natures. You probably have noticed that many things that used to trigger fear or some obsession with outcomes no longer have such power over your life. Many shifts deep in the brain were woven into the processes of 2009. When I look back at some of the sessions we worked with during these past months I find restructuring of the 3rd eye and crown chakra, dissolving of old memories, releasing old programs from mind and body, connecting up the 9 filaments of the root chakra, dissolving unconscious sensate emotional memory deep in the limbic brain and work in the thalamus. For starters. These were the more overt of the processes, but there is always much taking place at levels in consciousness too complex to easily identify or name. So, if you feel your mind bending like that spoon in The Matrix, be assured that strangeness is the new normal. And, it appears we're just getting warmed up.
The two over-arching themes directing Lightsmith sessions this past year were Coming into Alignment and Soul/Body Fusion. We have been continually preparing for greater embodiment by both releasing structures no longer needed and opening or adding structures that function in the new field. As we embody more of who we are we jettison who we aren't, and we don't fully step into our roles as conscious creators until we purge the unconscious and experience some upgrades and rewiring to function in the new field. For example, our fusion events have been helping to open and activate 4 new "nodes" in the chakra system that are specific to the new field. These nodes make a direct connection with the new matrix such that creation moves from impulse to experience almost magically by itself without the oodles of affirmations and positive thinking, or what I now consider the old technology.
Those major themes of last year continue into 2010 and take on yet another facet, which is the restoration of connection to the deep feminine. Here at Lightsmith we finished the past year with a visit from Mary Magdalene. The channeling from her on 12/12 was gracefully presented yet quietly potent in its delivery. I have taken to calling this powerful feminine energy the Irresistible Force, and it appears that 2010 will be the year in which the world becomes reminded of its existence. Such a thought makes me deeply happy, and I smile as I relax into a sense of relief. 2009 was a significant yet not always pleasant year for many on the leading edge of change, and 2010 will bring its own unique surprises. Still, I can't help the feeling that we will soon begin to open some interesting and great gifts that have been elegantly wrapped, waiting for discovery.
This update continues with some excerpts from the Mary Magdalene channeling, an event that to me seems more significant than one might assume on first listen. At the end of the excerpts, as a gift from us to everyone on our email list, I will provide a link where you can download the entire channeling. To me the messages and process represent a real turning of the tide, and we definitely wanted to share this session with you. I will leave the link up for about a week, so please download at your earliest convenience. I recommend listening at least twice, both to hear more from the content and to more deeply engage the process that is offered. This process will help your own next phase of the shift out of Duality, and will also give you preparation and assistance for the intensity of what is soon to come in the collective. If you wish to continue with an additional process I recommend working with the recording of the Transformation Tuesday that followed. That recording is now available on our site at
Also, I know that some of you have already purchased the Mary Magdalene download, so please contact me and I will send out a link for the Tuesday session with our compliments.
As you will hear in the channeling, we were joined that evening by all feminine beings including the Earth Mother and other Great Mothers. They worked with us in the field and will work with you as you listen to the recording. What I have chosen below are some excerpts that I found most significant for myself. I'm sure you will hear other messages that speak to you. Mary Magdalene shared how things are now going to be turned upside down.....through the looking glass, perhaps. BTW, our new 2010 channeling series begins with Archangel Michael next Saturday, January 9th. Next week I will send more information about events taking place this year, but for now please note the rapidly approaching date.
Have a good one. I mean it.
Edited quotes from the Mary Magdalene channeling:
"This time is one of awakening, but awakening is not just about enlightenment and more consciousness and more understanding. Awakening is presence with and within the deep presence of your own unconscious, your own consciousness at all levels and dimensions. Most of you have a split between your mind and what has been disowned, and most of you are physically challenged in order to get at the deeper storage of your unconscious."
"You do not free power through the mind or through what you are conscious of or what you understand. You can read all the books in the world and you can study all of the traditions. You can do all of these things, but until those places within your own deep consciousness open you are not able to fully be empowered to draw the power of life into matter, creation."
"Expansion, exploration, definition, the need to understand, to codify, to define in ways that your mind can then feel comfort, these are all very yang. The deep feminine, however, has been denied, disowned, and named with words that cannot be spoken in polite company. This disowned aspect of the whole of consciousness is tied up and tying up those manifestations of disease, violence, war, impoverishment and imbalance on all levels."
"What most fear within their own nature is their own disowned consciousness, the feminine rising up. How are you to open this? Many of you have already begun, of course. You've learned not to be so afraid of your feelings, you've learned not to be so afraid of what is surfacing. You've learned that evolving your emotional, physical capacities are part of embodiment and fusion. What you have not fully learned how to do is to stay present in the place where the great feminine, the deep feminine is be able to be present without agenda, without stories, without judgment of self of other. To stay in a capacity of presence that is in alignment with not only feeling but action, to open your core in such a way that it is no longer bound in any part of your nature by any part of your past or the collective."
"My part tonight is to assist you to do that step. It is not something you will do in a moment, it will be over the next months. To do this step is to allow that your consciousness is ready to fully be present, to open, to transform the deeper reservoirs within you and to touch into the core within the great feminine that will source and empower you into creation. You cannot move into the next creation with a half presence."
"Frequencies will be vibrating that continue to clarify what is real and true and what is not. That will continue to intensify in 2010 and it will be very important for you to be very grounded, very in your body, to have your cores actually planted deep into the body of this mother planet in order to allow and manage without headaches the increased vibrations that will be penetrating consciousness. I am here to prepare you. I am here to allow your bodies and your deep unconscious and the deep well of life to merge. I am here to assist you in the feminine mysteries, that which I knew, taught, lived and is within this time needed."
"The denial of the feminine, wholesale, in consciousness has often made the male, masculine feel fearful of their own yin inner experience, fearful and distrusting of emotion, of sensing the deeper magnetism of your experience, your body within life."
"The patriarchal age has been one of conquest, expansion, discovery, invention, understanding. You've done well, male and female, because it has been both. And, your education systems, designed by that great patriarchal time, have been designed to educate the mind, to fill it will facts, skills, understandings, definitions and the ability to continue to expand and, in the old story, dominate whatever is your field of expertise."
"In this time, those of you who are either male or who have spent many years in your mind will find that this next adventure is going into the experiential levels, the body, feeling, and sensing levels to uncover, discover, unravel and then be re-informed by your own deep nature. This may at first feel frightening, but let me assure you there is nothing to fear."
"Because of the great imbalance, that is collective more than personal, it will be very intense in 2010 and 2011. For those of you who are male there will be a kind of need to breathe in rather than expand, a need to go deep rather than out, a need to relax deeper into the body to recover the experience within the deep experience of your own capacity to sense, feel and know. It will feel somewhat foreign at first, but as you do so your own experience will open and you will start to relax into a deeper, more whole embodied experience."
"Those of you who are female: the suppression of emotion, of sensing, and your own suppression of sensing of emotion, of physical body experience of your own deep knowing will be pushed to the surface more and more and more."
"And it is time for those of you who have had much experience unraveling the unconscious to step into the conscious places and begin to light the guideposts of the conscious mind. To bring to understanding, to bring to the mind what has not been articulated, not been shared, not had a space opened for it, for her, for the wisdom, for the knowing, for the process of allowing the deep unconscious to come to consciousness and to lift gifts out of the darkness into awareness. It's not just men and women, but I'm talking about the general experience."
"It is time for those who have been the explorers within the deep wisdom to bring out what has been discovered. It is time for those who have spent their lives examining what is outside, understanding and finding that next discovery to be exciting to relax into a new milieu of discovery within. To relax the mind's need to understand, to relax the need to define, to relax the fear of your own feminine, your own deep wisdom and the unconscious. Whether you are yin or yang, whether you are male or female in alliance with your own nature right now, you will be doing what you need to do. Deep now in your own body are structures that have been impaired. No matter how much healing you have done, most of you still have impaired root chakras, impaired cores, impaired capacity to open the deep wisdom of your own consciousness as well as the deep wisdom within this planetary consciousness. That impairment is part of the wounding of the deep feminine and the fear that was placed in consciousness so people would avoid looking, would avoid searching, would avoid feeling, would avoid the unconscious that had been stored away. Because the collective has had so much storage, the Earth Mother and the Great Mothers will be working with that deep unconscious and moving it through the larger experience in the next couple of years."
"On the larger scale there are those who have not chosen to do their personal unconscious work and the deep collective that has been stored away. It is impossible for the transformation on a larger scale to happen without the gift, the grace and the blessing of these powerful conscious feminine presences moving more rapidly through to relax and open greater pockets of this storage. How that looks, how that feels in the larger whole I do not know and I cannot predict. But, I do know that those of you who are at this point, the more you are connected into this deep wisdom within the large feminine capacity that is yours, you will have a different experience. You will open to an empowered experience, a presence that is unwavering, aligned and conscious as well."
'Your heart is an inner experience. Your heart senses, feels and knows what is real and what is true. It has been overwhelmed by the mind collectively in humanity for so long that those of you who are opening your hearts often feel as if waves of repressed experience, repressed knowing, suppressed and denied awareness in your heart, is opening. And you do not understand often how much there is. Well, it is part of your own reservoir, part of what has been relegated to the deep unconscious along with life and all of the emotions of your experience."
"Fear is not an emotion. Fear is a contraction that is held in place by the mind. Fear is a contraction bound by belief, by stories, by memory, by definition, by suppression and denial. Fear is not an emotion, so you are not going to open your deep unconscious and discover wells of fear. You are dissolving the contraction, and as you do so your mind also is freed from the illusions, delusions, and conclusions that it likes to attach to. Attachment is first in the mind, then in the body."
"To pretend that you know something, to pretend that something is true when it is not, binds you no matter when it is or what it is. To pretend that a conclusion that you formed in childhood is true binds you. To pretend that what somebody else said about you or projected onto you was true binds you. To pretend that you know what you need to know binds you. Release the pretenses. Release the binding in your mind. Crown and Root are collaborators in this binding. You only did what you learned to do. You only did what was passed on through from that age of the exploration, the great patriarchal time."
"For many, many, many centuries you've been taught to believe, use your mind and believe, make it so. And then the mind became that which made tangible what was true and real. That is turning upside down. As life opens within your own experience of being, as presence is full and filled with this tangible, experiential sense, life will determine what is real. Wisdom within your own fused, spirit-matter being will determine what is true, what is real and what is tangible. And mind takes on another role. It does not go away, it participates in this creative process. It participates, but it does not determine reality."
"Relax into the wisdom. Feel it, open to it as much as you have opened your crown and begged for Spirit, for until you find this sense and have access to this foundation you will have great understanding but no power to create."
You can hear and experience much more from the recording of this channeling, including a process to begin opening to the deep wisdom. We recommend multiple listenings for greatest effect.
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