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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


In the April channeling with Archangel Michael we heard that it would become increasingly more painful to choose away from what is real and has life, including what television programs we watch. I began to get the message after I found American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to be programs I simply could not watch, even after repeated attempts. I thought I might appreciate the entertainment, but the emotionally manipulative, lifeless and cringe-worthy moments upset my sensibilities so much I had to bolt from the room to relax my suddenly hyper-responsive nervous system. I used to ignore such discomfort, but my feelings and emotions are informing me in ways I can no longer avoid noticing.
"Painful" in this context is not so much physical torment as a squirming discomfort so intense that introspection, action and choice take priority over continuing as before. If you have ever felt betrayed in a relationship then you have known a similar internal upset. In these times the focus of any betrayal is more about choices made against self. We have worked to unbind ourselves from duality and bring ourselves into greater personal alignment, and any movement out of that alignment now seems to have an amplification of annoyance not previously present. This feedback from the New Field informs us of consequence of a choice and asks us to listen and choose again.
I created an experience for myself last week that helped me better understand this internal guidance system. Michele and I spent several weeks house-hunting with each day teaching us more about what we want in our next home. A few days ago we made an offer on a property that seemed to make sense for all the right reasons. That evening I went to bed feeling nervous, tense and troubled. I went through every rationalization and testing process trying to convince myself that I had made the right decision. I finally fell asleep and had endless nightmares.
By morning I was so stirred up that I wanted to crawl right out of my skin to escape the intensity. I told Michele I was troubled by the choice, which opened a conversation about where each of us was at with the decision. By the end of the day we withdrew our offer. Previously in life I have ignored subtle feelings tugging at me only to suffer the consequences and eventually right my action somewhere down the line. I have learned a couple things from this experience. First, when moving out of personal alignment subtlety is disappearing in favor of loud and in-your-face. Second, there is no grey area in the New Field. It is either yes or no. Also, we don't have to give up our personal fulfillment so somebody else can have theirs. In fact, we can't. In the new reality everybody gets what they need. For Michele and me this includes a future with a house that is perfect for both of us.
It's May and we're still a bit between worlds, perhaps with some tenacious sense of aimlessness for many of us. Keep in mind that we're still doing some preparation for greater movement in the near future, and every day we practice being more present with ourselves while exploring the workings of the new system. We also continue releasing bindings of the old, and discomfort on any level is just a reminder of where to pay attention. And BTW, feel free to drop sacrifice and compromise from your vocabulary. There are no such concepts in the new world.
Feelin' groovy,
Note: Cinco De Mayo celebrations will take place in our area on May 8th until 6pm. Some of the normal routes to our building will have limited access. If you are coming to the channeling via I-94 we suggest Kellogg Blvd. to Smith Avenue to the high bridge. Then left on George at the top of the bridge to Humboldt. Wabasha and Cesar Chavez St. may not be open when coming in from Hwy. 52.
This event is a group process with a planetary focus. Attendance is by donation. You can join us in person or by phone. If you'd like to be included on the phone call send email to
We don't know what she has planned, but it's always profound. In person or by phone.
TUESDAY TUNEUP, May 18th, 7-9pm
These group sessions continue the focus of the previous channeling while also giving attention to personal issues. Always potent and effective.
April Downloads Available:
Archangel Michael Channeling of April 10th
Listen to the first 10 minutes
Tuesday Tuneup of April 27th

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Slow Dissolve

I am so happy for the warm, early spring here in Minnesota. The snow melted away weeks ago and the first tulips are up in our garden. I don't need a weatherman to tell me the winter was mild, either. I just track the heating bills for the Lightsmith building and fist-pump the air when they drop below $600.
More observations after I post these main events for April. Note that the Tuesday Tuneup is in the last week this month. Check the calendar for details:
Archangel Michael - this Saturday, 10th
Fusion Weekend - 17th - 18th
Advanced Practitioner II - 24th
Tuesday Tuneup - 27th
I haven't written for awhile because my mind has been other occupied, occasionally noting my lack of interest in things general and past. Like many of you I have been more still and inner-focused these many weeks, with the word-spigot closed save for an errant drip now and then. Completion seems to be one dominant theme, with bindings from the old story unsnapping with startling speed. We have talked about the need to tidy up loose ends before continuing forward, and that process continues. The amount of internal rearrangement has been a full-time job lately, so some extra sleep is common. And those long, detailed dreams! Imagine how much work you're getting done while you're in bed. I prefer to work while I'm asleep so I can take it easy while I'm awake :)
My insight recently is around a fundamental shift of perception. It's like we grew so used to managing our survival that continually planning our lives into the future became the norm. The past became the reference for choices in the future, but what if our sense of the past disappears? What if we lose our familiar reference to how we thought we were to create our lives? What if much of what we've learned no longer applies?
My frustration lately is knowing that I am not who I was in a world I once knew, yet feeling inept in the reality I now inhabit. There's no returning to what was, yet the way ahead is known only in the mystery. If you have wondered if the Great Feminine is more present these days, just notice how much your thoughts have quieted and concerns about the future have dimished. You can also observe the stunning amount of debris releasing from consciousness, personal and collective, as old power structures are melted away from within. The media offers endless tales of implosion from the dissolving of what is not real. Kinda makes me happy.
On a personal level we're being called to greater receptivity, and clearing our own old structures has been our current work. How well we can receive is now the new practice. Those prone to doing and over-responsibility will likely face some adjustment (yeah, likely). I suspect that living in the new design includes an acceptance that we cannot know what is to birth through us or anyone else at any given time. Life is now the orchestrator of our experience in a marvelous dance of co-creation, and our responsibility as such is only for our own expression. We may not have words for that experience, but for now I'm calling it freedom.
To you compatriots who have chosen to surf the leading wave of change I offer assurance that you aren't alone with ringing ears, disconnection from personal history and traditions of the past, and blank minds with no sense of what's going to happen next. The past is disappearing along with personal patterns that defined us. My geek analogy is that we are reformatting the hard drive and upgrading the operating system. It's a tedious process, but in the end we start anew and all the gunk is gone. And, guess what? From the perspective of our new reality the gunk never existed. Ponder that.
One last mention: A clothing playshop is planned for Saturday, May 1st. Look for a separate email in a day or two with more information about the changes Michele has made to the playshop and further details about the event.
Fully defrosted,

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Oops, I missed

I recently realized that I did not post the last two updates that were emailed to our list. These days my brain has been known to skip a beat now and then, if you know what I mean (and I suspect you do). Sorry about that. I'll be posting a new addition soon.
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