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What’s up with July 28th?


Questioning (or questionable) thought for the day: Hey Lightsmith community peeps, what's up with July 28th? Michele and I have social plans for that day and have had at least 6 other things offered to us as options. I haven't learned to beam around or enter quantum states of simultaneous existence, so it looks like we'll have to pass on several events. Anybody else noticing a Continue →

Great Group for Eclipse-Transit Event


Thanks to everyone who joined us on such short notice for the planetary event last night. Turns out we had over 60 participants between the local and remote groups, so I would consider it a significant event when that many people feel drawn to take part in the process. Feel free to add a comment about your experience! Continue →

So, How’s it Going?


Seems like the long weekend went by pretty fast with only a small amount of our plans actualized. Michele and I did finally do some needed sorting and cleaning at the building, but we ended up spending more down-time that we thought we would. I sometimes think what I see as a break is seen by my soul as a really good time to do some more transforming work. I'm now ready for a rest from my break. Continue →

Full Circle


Hi to Everyone on the Lightsmith Community List, Within the last few weeks I have found myself re-visiting, and in some cases re-energizing, things that I thought had permanently slipped into my past. The most stellar example is a return to my roots of photography and image making. I started out months ago sifting through and scanning mounds of old negatives and slides, discovering photographs Continue →

New Comment Feature Added to Posts


Hey all, We just activated a new feature for use on all our posts. Below the comment area you will see a check box where is says Notify me when follow-up comments are posted on this article. If you check the box you will receive a verification email to complete the process, and then you will receive email when somebody else comments. Remember, when you receive an email you click the title at Continue →

Our First Community Post


Welcome to those of you who have signed up for the community mail list. I'm making a post to kick off this new feature and invite you to add a comment of your own. Tell us what's up with you, what you have noticed in the energies this week, or how much candy you ate last weekend. It's all yours! Chris Continue →

Dismantling and Reassembling


Saturday was a most curious day. All our plans changed, suddenly leaving us with a free weekend and no pre-determined structure. Michele and I have experienced other waves that move through like this, but it is still disorienting when it happens. It's as if consciousness is doing some rearranging and nothing is setting up as usual or as expected. On Sunday I was in full ADD mode, starting one Continue →

Stories from Our Earth Journeys 1999-2000


About The Journeys In the summer of 1998, I was invited by Laurie Young to visit her in Guatemala. During that visit, I was given a vision during which the Earth Mother asked us to form groups to travel to different parts of the world to assist her in a process of planetary cellular metamorphosis. Her body is composed of large cells which have had a specific structural template since early in Continue →

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