with Michele Mayama

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For some time, I (Michele) have wanted to facilitate deeper more practical/ experiential courses for those working in the energetic/intuitive fields of healing. Instead of one long course like the Chakra Course, I have split up the focal areas into modules, each one consisting of two classes. The first class of each module will focus on the principals and beginning to learn the methods. The second class focuses on reporting the experiences of working with clients, specific support for individual soul designs, and deepening the practice. Some of the topics were touched upon in the Chakra series, but not opened in any depth. Prerequisite: The Chakra Series or comparable background

So far, I have four modules ready to go and more possible. All classes are held from 10-5 at Lightsmith. You can sign up by Module, and they are not sequential. Each Module of two classes is $385. For participants who complete one or more modules, I will host periodic practitioner forums to share experiences, receive feedback and coaching, further the practices, and explore more facets of what emerges as we support people evolving through this large-scale shift of consciousness and energetic restructuring.


Module I:
Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th, 2009

Conscious listening, deepening the skill and capacity to focus receptively
Receiving information from the Causal Planes of Consciousness
Soul level creation of experience/conscious mind level of creation
Discernment between interpretation and reflection
Psychic vs. Soul Partnership Attunement
Practitioner self-care

Module II:
Saturday and Sunday, January 23rd and 24th, 2010

An overview of the variety of non-physical Influences on people
Discerning the presence of and release of cords within the Chakra system
Discerning the presence of and disengaging
Astral/Entity Attachments/Co-dependency
Discernment of the presence of “The Back Door”
and how to work with closing it
Possession and the process of
release and healing from possession
The importance of the “Auric Membrane”, filters, and shields

Module III:
Saturday and Sunday, March 27th and 28th, 2010

The body’s map of consciousness/four quadrants
The Endocrine System as energetic/emotional
translator into physical experience
Medical Intuition from the Causal Plane perspective
Auto-Immune diseases
Physical effects of Karmic overlays
Personal influences within the physical healing process
Brain imprinting


Module IV:
Saturday and Sunday, July 17th and 18th, 2010

Space clearing/effects of past inhabitants/ghosts
Earth vortices, ley lines and effects on physical life
Land imprinting and impact on life
The Body’s Electro-magnetic system
and relationship with the Earth
Environmental and Electromagnetic influences/symptoms and healing


Information or Registration:
michele@lightsmith.com, or 651-224-4451

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