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Organs of Consciousness: The Chakras and Energetic Body

8-session series with Michele Mayama begins October 21, 2006


As we move into the New Field of Living Love, our entire energetic body is being rewired. The New Matrix is like a new operating system and the chakra system is our own personal software that translates the energy and information into consciousness and functional creation. Our individual chakras adapted while growing up in Duality, more focused on survival or getting needs met than on thriving as our individual soul evolved into expression and creation. Last year Michele created a series of 8 classes, each focused specifically on one chakra. We begin with the Root Chakra which is the most crucial for connecting within and synchronizing with the Living Field.

This time we are also opening the course to those at a distance as well as we videotape the visual portions and audiotape the processes. Each class contains hand-outs which will be made available for downloading, or will be mailed to you if you do not have access to a computer. Interaction with Michele will be arranged via an on-line chat or telephone conference so those at a distance can ask questions and have an interactive exchange after experiencing the class.

Comments from previous Organs of Consciousness participants:

“If you think that you know the chakras inside and out, think again. Michele's chakra class series brings new insight, depth, and integration to understanding the importance of a vital, heathy and high functioning chakra system. Each class is designed with visual, auditory, and sensory components that appeal to all learning styles. Whether for personal development or to add to your repertoire of counseling and healing skills, you will not be disappointed. I felt blessed to be in the presence of a true teacher's teacher, who  shares with incredible clarity, understanding and expertise.” - Carol N.

“Organs of Consciousness” was a deep, delightful, multi-sensory adventure.  Michele has artfully woven together 20+ years of experience with her finely-tuned consciousness and deep insight about the seen and unseen worlds to create eight wonderful life-changing classes focused on the chakra system. Michele generously shares her wisdom through her heart and gently coaches each of her students to release thoughts, beliefs, structures, and behaviors that no longer serve.  Each class was brimming with new awareness, intriguing experiences, and sensory delights.  If you are ready to dive into the new Living Matrix of Light and fully live as your radiant Authentic Self, I highly recommend this series. -Loris S.G.

“Michele's chakra classes are just what I needed to learn about these energies.  I feel as if Michele helped me get right inside each chakra and really have fun learning the function and qualities of each one.  She provided a multi-dimensional experience, with interesting lectures, music, photos, paintings and experiential materials.  I know I will use the information for myself and for my massage and Healing Touch clients forever.” - Kate P., CMT, CHTP

The entire course is $800 if paid on or before the first class
You may also choose to pay
$110 per session

Once you register for the class, you will be sent a CD that gives both an overview perspective and background for the class. We begin the journey with the Root Chakra on Saturday, October 21 and each subsequent class will be held the Third Saturday of each month with one exception (March). Each day runs from 10 am to 5 pm with an hour break for lunch.

Contact Michele Mayama to pre-register for this series.
Send email to, or call 651-224-4451


Summary of 8 Sessions

Healing and Restructuring the Root Chakra

Included in this session is a channeled experience with the consciousness of the Earth Mother since our restored relationship with her is essential for vertical alignment. Also included are the release of fear and trauma, unraveling adaptations due to survival or abuse, the development of the Root from pre-birth through 6 months of age, the nine veins of the evolved Root, the choice to be here, and resourcing one’s life directly.

Second Chakra and Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot Chakras

This class also includes working with the personal and collective unconscious, the developmental stage of 6 months to 2 years of age, magnetism and sexuality, body knowing and instinct, yes and no, and evolving the capacity to hold more charge or juice for the purpose of creation.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This class includes individuating, self concept and self honoring, the developmental stage of ages 2 to 6/7, cording and co-dependency, addictions, evolution of the inner feminine and inner masculine, the persona or ego, making the unconscious conscious, action and follow-through, and a Merkaba Activation within the High Solar Plexus/Seat of the Soul.

Heart Chakra and passageways through arms to Palm Chakras

This class will include working with both the personal and universal Heart chakras, the developmental stage of ages 6-puberty, unraveling conditional love knots, the formation of inner partnership, empathic resonance (picking up others feelings), giving and receiving, honest self-love, and connection to the Sacred Heart.

Throat Chakra and Shoulder and Jaw Chakras

This class will include personal and universal Will, the developmental stage of puberty to age 19-21, personal expression, staying in integrity, environmental resonance (sensitivity to one’s environment), the effects of judgment, lies, and agenda, and the release of the Survival Will.

SATURDAY, MARCH 10 (2nd Saturday)
Third Eye Chakra

This class will include clearing and refining the mind and mental field, focus and interpretation through the Third Eye, the development of the Third Eye from ages 19-29, discernment of astral interference and energy, the “Back Door”, the care and feeding of direct perception, wisdom flow-writing, and release of mental field belief patterning.

Crown Chakra

This class will include clearing access to receive guidance, the evolution of the Crown within adulthood, maintaining one’s frequency, authority within one’s own energetic field, entity attachment and release, working with upward and downward currents and inner and outer spins, and soul retrieval, life after death experiences, understanding the Causal Plane, and dissolving separation between Spirit and Personal Self.

Solar Logos, Higher Self, and Integration

The last class will assist participants to access their own Higher Self and Eternal Spirit. This will include opening the Akashic Records and past life memories. We will also work with soul contracts, release of vows and curses, and changing the Soulprints for this life. There will be a closing experience designed for integration and synthesis of the whole body of work.

Contact Michele Mayama to pre-register for this series.
Send email to, or call 651-224-4451


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