Sessions with the Earth Mother, channeled by Michele Mayama

No pre-registration necessary

Join us on select days at 7pm, in person or by phone
Please aim to arrive by 6:45

(See calendar for scheduled Earth Mother channelings)

The Earth Mother is a user-friendly way we refer to the consciousness of our planet. We see her as the mother of our physical forms and the orchestrator of this planetary shift of consciousness.

Earth Mother Mondays began in the fall of 2007 when this planetary consciousness asked to be more present with people. She comes to assist our personal transformations, particularly when we hit certain difficult times in the process of transitioning from the old story of duality to the New Living Field.

We seldom know ahead of time the reason for her visits, but each session generally includes fascinating and helpful information, dialogue with this great being, and a generous amount of process directed toward our bodies. During these processes, the Earth Mother uses her own language of creation, which is vibrational in nature and energetically effecting in our bodies.


You can join us in person or participate by phone
CD's may also be available for some of these events, but not always.

We will begin at 7pm. We broadcast these sessions by a phone conference system, so we aim to begin promptly at the scheduled time. It will be helpful if you can arrive by 6:45pm to check in and get settled. The center will generally be open by 6:30pm if you wish to come earlier to relax or visit with friends before we begin.

The cost is $30, and pre-registration is not necessary.

559 Humboldt Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107

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Listen live by phone AND receive a download of the event recording.

The cost to join us by phone is $20 plus your normal long distance charges to a number we provide. Many people use their cell phones with free long distance. You can also find inexpensive calling cards at discount houses for less than 3 cents per minute. Headsets or speaker phones are recommended for ease of participation. Note: the cost is reduced from in-person participation because we can not easily take questions from phone participants.

Following the event, you will receive an email with a link you can use to download the recording of the channeling.

To join us by phone, click on the link below up until noon on the day of the event. That will allow us time to email the phone information to you. If you do not receive the information, or if it is later than noon, you may need to call Chris on his cell phone for the dial-in number (or for any other reason). You can reach him at 651-235-9614. However, please do not call for the dial-in number later than 6pm, central time.

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