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Many people have spent many years clarifying who they are, healing from past wounds, and discovering their own innate gifts that they now are beginning to share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow your own inner beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear channels to others so they may receive you and your message without confusion or filters. The focus of “In Your Element” is on learning to "wear who you are," in other words, to choose and wear clothing that is in harmony with your physical energy and soul essence. When you do so, you feel supported on many levels and show up with amazing clarity, beauty and power. Ultimately you will be able to tailor both your wardrobe and home decor so that it more accurately reflects who you are from the inside out.


  • Aligns you with your true beauty and power
  • Enhances your visibility
  • Connects you to your body and its rhythm in a real way
  • Allows you to be received more clearly and authentically
  • Promotes ease and simplicity in shopping
  • Saves $, in that you only buy what truly works
  • Facilitates your understanding of others and personal differences
  • Increases your feelings of well-being and confidence
  • Supports your innate abilities to attract

Playshop 1: The first Playshop of "In Your Element" is a kind of makeover of "how you project yourself into the world." At its core, it is discovering your soul’s essential vibration and learning how to amplify your vibration out into the world, so there isn't "static" in the way people experience you. In Playshop I, you learn about the four primary elements, Air, Water, fire, and Earth, how to distinguish their characteristics and color palettes, and how they translate into clothing, hair styles, eye glasses, jewelry, and accessories. Each person then discovers their personal primary Element and receives a laminated color/texture fan to take shopping with you. The cost for this Playshop is $115.

Playshop 2: the focus becomes more personal. We take a journey through the chakras, and you begin to personalize the Element that you are. You learn your secondary element, what kind of movement and structure of clothing is most resonant, how much sheen or reflected light works for you, the shape and amount of pattern, the feeling of the fabric, and your own personal archetype. As you learn more, shopping becomes much more efficient, people begin to see and hear you, and you become more coherent energetically……your soul is being magnified through your physical presentation. You also receive an essential oil spray that is specifically formulated for your Element.

If you have either participated in a Playshop I, or had a personal experience with Barbara to discover your Element, you are ready to move into the next level of this work. The cost for this Playshop is $115

Playshop 3: Barbara Carroll, the creator of In Your Element, keeps evolving the Playshops and the materials, and it is fun to be part of that process. Recently, she has put Playshop 3 into form and I was one of the first people who participated as part of my training. It is focused on creating your own personal style. Even though I have been dressing in my element for more than 10 years, I learned a lot!

Your basic element, Air, Water, Fire, or Earth, does not change since it is aligned with the physical body, and the more individualizing qualities such as movement and pattern are also grounded in the body. However, our personal style can and does change and evolve as we do. This spring I felt as if I didn't know who I was and the clothes I had been happy with for a number of years no longer felt like “me”. As I played my way through Playshop 3, I began to see why. Who I am now needed a new style and I have had fun creating it with the new awareness that emerged. If you haven't seen me for awhile, you may notice the shift!

Please pre-register for this Playshop since there are some things to bring along with you. If you are planning to take Playshop 3, begin to flip through magazines or catalogues and cut out images, words, poetry, etc. that seem to relate to you. You will bring them as well as any extra magazines and catalogues to add to the repertoire for the day (if you have them). Part of the day also includes getting gentle feedback on outfits that represent you in different settings such as work, everyday casual, or special occasions. You can wear one outfit and bring a second to change into. Include accessories if you have them.

The cost for this Playshop is $135

Individual Typing Sessions are Available

If you are unable or prefer not to participate in a Playshop but are still interested in discovering your element, a personal typing session with me is $250.That includes the laminated fan that you will take with you.

Other Resources are provided

During the sessions you will learn about resources that support this aspect of your personal transformation. For hair coloring and styling I will connect you with salons whose staff is trained to work with 'In Your Element' participants. You will also learn of trained private shoppers who will assist you to clean out your closets and find and create a wardrobe that works for you.
Tell your friends! Let them know about the upcoming Playshops so you can have fun shopping together or supporting each other as you create your own individual style. Pre-register by calling Michele at 651-224-4451 or e-mail:  michele@lightsmith.com

If you have already participated in a Playshop and would like a refresher, the cost is $30, if you bring one person, your cost drops to $15, and if you bring two or more, you are in free!

Check the calendar for scheduled dates.
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Contact Michele for more information or to register for upcoming Playshops.
Call 651-224-4451, or email michele@lightsmith.com

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