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Light Into Life - The Course

9-session series with Jean Keating begins November 1, 2006



Many of us feel that we are in a time of great change, a time when what has grown out of balance in life is being called back into alignment. Perhaps we find that certain things no longer work the way they once did, or what once seemed important no longer does. Or, we may find ourselves in crisis as a relationship, job, illness, or other life circumstance brings us challenge. Such experiences can open opportunities to shift something fundamental in our way of being or sense of self, and a longing may grow for something that feels more real.

Often we are ready to leave old ways behind, but we're not sure how to move on to what is next. The Light Into Life Course is a potent, effective program created to assist deep, personal transformation. This unique series was originally presented through Michele Mayama, a gifted intuitive and teacher. Michele's abilities to open and connect with different levels of consciousness allowed her to bring through helpful guidance from both Spirit and Earth. The processes that were given are designed to work in a sequence, with each session building on the previous. These processes will gently, but powerfully assist transformation at all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Light Into Life is a series of 9 sessions held every other week beginning November 1, 2006. The first session will be introductory, and will include a gentle process and dialogue. During this first gathering you will be able to get a sense of how the course works, what will be introduced each session, and learn more about this time of intense personal and planetary change. This series will be facilitated by Lightsmith co-founder, Chris LaFontaine.

Comments from previous Light Into Life participants:

“This course was not a walk in the park. It was intense, the involvement was physical, emotional, spiritual - it hit all levels. It was challenging, but worth it. I still am feeling the effects and unfolding. Throughout it all, I felt love and support.” A.O.

“This series facilitated amazing changes in my life. Yet for me, it was a very gentle process. I was one of those who had known I had a greater purpose, but couldn't seem to find a place to blossom. Over the past few months, that has completely changed. I could easily write a 25 page article on my experiences.” D.I.


Cost for this course is $32 per session, payable per event
7 - 9pm every other Wednesday starting November 1st
Please pre-register

Questions or registration: contact Chris LaFontaine at
651-224-4451 or


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