A profound series co-taught by Michele Mayama
and those we have known as Masters

How do we navigate and create within the New Earth when most previous training from Duality doesn’t apply? This potent course is designed to bring clarity to our understanding and practice of Mastery while supporting our move into a new Living Field of Conscious Creation. Each event brings new information and transformative processes through a unique cooperation between Michele Mayama and Beings of Spirit and Earth. One Saturday each month Chris LaFontaine will facilitate the video presentation of the series recorded in 2011.


“In the old duality, there was much taking of energy or giving of energy. It's not about that anymore.”

- Yeshua, January 8, 2011

By CD or download


Introduction to "The Course" and other reflections
with Yeshua



Mastering Integrity within Love
with Mother Mary
Includes self-love and self-care in the New Field, moving from judgment to discerned awareness and clarity of authentic presence.



Mastery of Oneself in Relationship with
the Astral Plane and the Unconscious Collective

with Archangel Michael
Includes maintenance of one's own frequencies, conscious choice and harnessing focused attention.



Mastery of Embodied Consciousness
with Earth Mother
Includes working directly with Life and Chi, natural magnetism and life instincts, and understnading the body's language of consciousness.



Mastering Manifestation in the New Field
with Kuthumi and Earth Mother
Includes activating and mastering emotional capacities and restoring one's relationship with Manna (money, in our current age).



Mastery within Relationships, Community, and Co-Creative Unions
with Mary Magdalene
Includes mastering the potency of sexual and sensual currents of creation, the alchemy of Love, and non-astral or non-dual intimacy.



Co-Creation with the Earth, Nature Devas and Elementals
with Earth Mother
Includes cultivating respectful receptivity and presence, collaborative work in the field guided by the Earth Mother an Devas, and sensing the living intelligence, memory and wisdom within Nature.

  Note that the final 5 classes require completion of the first 6 before continuing
  Co-presenter will be Merlin/St. Germain
  Co-presenter will be Yeshua (Jesus)
  Co-presenters will be Earth Mother and Archangel Raphael
  Co-presenter will be Metatron

A celebration: "Mastery with the Masters"


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