The Focus for 2011 - Becoming Conscious Creators

Click Here for Full Moon/New Moon series introduction by Michele (mp3 audio)

About These Sessions

These Full Moon and New Moon events work together in a rhythmic cycle. The Full Moon evenings work with the In-Breath, Yin, or  Receptive qualities and the New Moon evenings work with the Out-Breath, Yang and Active qualities. New Moon sessions end with intention while Full Moon sessions start with intention.

New Moon sessions are about Conscious Creation and what is coming from the New Field through the individual - what wants to be propelled into creation and life, and then opening pathways to bring it forth. We set up a circle with a group grid with everyone is invited to add a personal item to the grid. Sessions end with intentions spoken into the field. These sessions are designed to take place in the moment, engaging the alchemy of the group. They will not be available on recordings.

Full Moon sessions are about Conscious Creator with focus on the individual as the instrument of creation - moving into alignment, staying present and in tune for clear receptivity. These sessions are similar to the former Tuesday Tuneups  but have a slightly different focus and will be available as mp3 downloads for listening at a later time.

You can attend any or all of these sessions and begin at any time

Full participation twice per month is a choice to participate in the new creation and support what is coming through. The cost is $44* for each moon cycle (two sessions), paid at the first event.

*For clarity, you are purchasing participation in one cycle and missed sessions are not transferable or refundable. As an option you can participate one session at a time for $30 per event. Those who have a monthly download subscription pay $29 for the next two events.

Join us in person or by phone. No pre-registration is necessary if you are attending in person.
Please contact or call 651-224-4451 if you have any questions.

All participants in New Moon sessions are asked to bring a small object
of personal importance for placing in the group grid.

Phone participants please see this grid page for information about
setting up your own small grid prior to the event.

How to participate by phone

Select payment option in the box below and complete the transaction.
We will email the phone number and access code prior to the event.
If you sign-up after 6pm on the day of the event
we may not receive your email in time to send the phone info

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About listening with a group by phone

We encourage phone participants to gather in groups, but please note
that we also ask each participant to register individually.

We are all learning of the ways our choices affect the whole. As we step into greater conscious creation we begin to sense the ways in which the New Field creates harmony and shared benefit for all. That harmonious experience is an indication of mutuality. If there is a lack of mutuality within the group it creates a drag in the field with subtle effects on the whole. When integrity exists more possibilities can open within the group and the baseline for mutual benefits expands for all.

The creation of mutuality for events at Lightsmith usually includes an exchange of money for benefits received (with some creative options possible). There is actually much at stake when that mutuality does not exist. Perhaps most important is that without the integrity inherent in a mutual exchange there is a frequency drop in the group field. It is the field that Michele is working with and she feels such imbalances, which requires her to work much harder. Besides not feeling good, that imbalance also limits to some degree what is possible to achieve in the entire field of that group, so everyone is affected.

Consider the Benefits of a Monthly Download Subscription

A $25 monthly subscription gives you two downloads per month
free or reduced cost for live participation at events

With a monthly subscription you automatically receive recordings from Second Saturday Channelings and Full Moon Sessions. A download link is sent a few days after each event.


Saturday Channelings by phone are FREE - If you wish to listen live to the Saturday channelings by phone you can request the dial-in information prior to the event.

Reduced Rate for Moon Sessions - Both phone sessions per cycle are $29 - a $15 discount.

Reduced Rate for Mastery Courses - a $15 discount.

The monthly cost is $25 for both downloads
This subscription continues until cancelled by either of us.
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