(Formerly Tuesday Tune-Ups)

Join us on select Tuesdays at 7pm (central time)
Please arrive by 6:45 if possible

No pre-registration necessary

(See calendar for scheduled Events )

Transformation Tuesdays are group sessions of deep process work facilitated by Michele Mayama. In 2009, each session is a continuation of whatever process was originated on the previous Second Saturday Channeling.

We will begin at 7pm, and are usually finished before 9pm.. We broadcast these sessions by a phone conference system, so we aim to begin promptly at the scheduled time. It will be helpful if you can arrive by 6:45pm to check in and get settled. Lightsmith will generally be open by 6:15 if you wish to come earlier to relax or visit with friends before we begin.

The cost varies, depending on how you choose to participate:

Live in Person - $30
($20 if you participated in the previous channeling)

Live by Phone - $25
(see bottom of page)

Live by Phone (with subscription)- $15
see below

Recorded session on 2 CD's - $25
(available in our store)

Recorded session by download - $15
(available in our store)


Did you know we offer a monthly event subscription
and that we've made it even better?

We invite you to consider making a subscription to our monthly downloads, and believe there is benefit for both of us. We appreciate the consistency of support, and you automatically receive recordings from our Second Saturday channelings and Transformation Tuesdays. Plus...

Convenience - The cost is the same as if you ordered 2 separate sessions each month, but you don't have to keep placing new orders and going through the check-out process. We'll send a download link by email as soon as recordings are available.

Saturday Phone Participation is Free - If you would ever like to listen live to the Saturday channelings by phone you can request the dial-in information at no cost.

We have recently added:

Reduced Rates for Other Participation - If you sometimes wish to be part of the energy of a live session you can attend in-person for $15 per event. You can also choose to join the phone session on Transformation Tuesdays for $15 (button at bottom of page).

The cost is $25 for downloads of both events.
This subscription continues until cancelled by either of us.
We use Paypal to process your card. You DO NOT need
a Paypal account to complete the process.

Sign up using the subscription button below.
You will receive a download link within a few days of each event.

How to participate by phone

The cost by phone is $25 plus your normal long distance charges to a number we provide. Some people use their cell phones with free long distance, and you can also find inexpensive calling cards at discount retailers. Headsets or speaker phones are recommended for ease of participation.To join us by phone, click on the link below until noon on the day of the event. That will allow us time to email the phone information to you. If you do not receive the information or if it is later than noon, you may need to call Chris on his cell phone for the dial-in number (or with any questions). You can reach him at 651-235-9614. Please do not call for the dial-in number later than 6pm.

Click the Pay Now button to sign up by phone.
A Paypal account is NOT needed to pay by credit card.

For monthly subscribers only:
Click the button below to sign up by phone for $15.

559 Humboldt Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107

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