Channelings from September, 1995 through December, 1996

September 11, 1995 Acknowledge the seeker as soul within and rebond with the Great Mother

October 26, 1995 Opening to your heart's deepest longing for fulfillment

November 25, 1995 Repatterning the neurological system and ways of thinking

December 26, 1995 Balancing the inner masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness; Facing the fear of death

February 2, 1996 Discern the flow of movement and step into it

March 11, 1996 Integrating Love into every aspect of the present experience, both individually and as a whole

May 1, 1996 Glory Hallelujah, we are free at last

July 8, 1996 Like attracts like, let go and surrender

August 12, 1996 Equinox, fall 1996: A synchronization within the Earth's electromagnetic grid

September 25, 1996 New experience is opened as more light embodies

October 28, 1996 Preparing the deep core of self for impregnation

December 9, 1996 1997 - The year when what has been growing will begin to manifest in experience

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