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January 11, 2003

Hello again!

I guess weíre making up for all the time we were out of contact in the past few months. I have now posted the New Yearís channeling. Youíll find the link on our home page. As I mentioned previously, there has been a real shift in direction with this session. The focus is less about information, and more about a process expected to engage many of us during the coming months. From our point of view it is a significant time of a much more conscious merging of Spirit and Earth, or you might say a greater infusion of Light within Matter. That infusion has many implications, one being that we are embodying more of who we are in form.

One effect of a greater infusion of Light is a greater disturbance of what has been hidden from the Light. We are seeing the rising of the shadows being played out in our world and our lives, and in the United States many of us watch with disbelief as some proceed with a calculated attempt to manipulate and control resources and populations around the planet. We may know at some level that the dramas are needed to release distortions and clear the consciousness, yet it may also be challenging for us to stay disengaged so as not to lend even greater energy to those who wish to use it to further their agendas. 

Our teachings and mythologies have told us of this transformative time in which we now find ourselves. Most of us have been exposed to information, insights, or prophecies about the end of a way of being and a transition into another. What many have not realized is the degree to which that ending is within every aspect of consciousness, and so affects us both individually and collectively. In other words, the world doesnít change while we remain the same. The distortions, shadows, and imbalances have been in all of us. Each has taken on a part to transform, and many of us have been doing it with some amount of consciousness, while others have been less aware of the greater story. It does not matter, though, for we are all affected. 

Perhaps we are now coming to a time where, collectively, we are to face some particularly strong challenges. At such times we are given an opportunity to make some choices, and for many who have been on a path of transformation, a choice is also given. This choice involves how we relate to the dying matrix of duality. If we focus our energies into resistance, or on trying to control outcomes of perceived events, then we act from our fears and stay firmly rooted in a position of being polarized with another. Any judgment automatically creates this positioning, so the dualistic energy flow is maintained. It is very easy to stay trapped in the illusionary whipsaw of power vs. powerlessness. 

Having more information is not the key to stepping out of duality. More information running through the same operating system is processed just like the previous information. The nature of the outcome never changes, just the complexity of the answer. At some point it becomes necessary to change the whole structure by which we interface with the greater reality. In these times we are transforming a matrix of consciousness, and the choice becomes whether to continue giving the old stories the power of reality, or to begin to give acknowledgment to what is a deeper and more essential Reality. In my view, that which is Real is Love. 

The Earth Mother and our friends in Spirit have sent out an invitation to participate in Creation. In part, that means releasing from within any vestiges of the patterns of fear, and learning a more conscious way of proceeding in a new reality. We will also be assisted to shift our emotional bodies so that we can work with the energies that emerge from planetary events in ways that donít have to be processed so much through our own emotions. It is a significant piece of work, and one that will call those who now feel ready to proceed with the process of ďinstallingĒ and learning a new operating system to use for creating a new experience based in Love.

The adventure begins next Sunday, January 19th. Youíll read on the web site more about the ways you can participate. If you are unable to join the group gathering in our home, another possibility is joining us by telephone conference call. This is an opportunity to participate from almost anyplace in the world. Get a group together, share the cost of the call, and gather around a speaker phone. A third alternative is to obtain recordings that you can work with. We will be creating reference transcripts for those who participate, but we expect that the sessions will be process oriented and not as easily accessed in written form. Follow the link on the home page for more information.

You will find a small cost associated with these sessions. This project will take a significant amount of our time to orchestrate, and we appreciate and need the support. Ten percent of the total received will go into The New Earth Network Foundation, a non-profit entity we established to fund the activity of Love as it begins to birth new forms.

We are excited about this next step in our evolution, and we extend our invitation to participate with us in this creation. I canít say much at this point about how we will experience life on the other end of these sessions, but Iím confident that Iíll be able to apply hindsight with great accuracy in my explanation of what happened. 

Maybe :)

Remember, only a week to the first session. If youíre planning to join us, please register soon!

Chris and Michele

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