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January 31, 2003

The adventure has begun. On January 19th we experienced the first of the sessions we have called Merging Within Creation. These sessions are facilitated by our friends in Spirit as well as the Earth Mother, and eight more gatherings are planned over the coming months with the possibility of adding one more in late May, if needed.

We have been organizing various transformational events in the Minneapolis area for the past nine years, and much of what is brought forth in these events does not make it to our web site, especially when the focus is more process than information. That is also the case with this new series of sessions. The intention within these programs over these coming months is to assist both mind and body to shift toward a different way of being, perceiving, and processing. It’s all part of the grand transformation of consciousness, and at this point we don’t really know much of what is to come in future sessions, but we can offer some reflection from the first session and again extend the invitation for your participation. We would also like to add that these sessions and the commitment to engage the process may feel a bit pushy for many. It may seem simplistic to say, but one cannot change and yet remain the same. If you are ready for a significant shift of frequency and a “no going back” step out of your current reality, we invite you to begin.

I am including below some highlights from the first session transcript. Because a facilitated process was a key part of the event (and it is not so helpful to just read it), we are sending the full transcript as a support only to those who are participating either live or by recordings. Following the transcript excerpts are some reflections from Michele on her experience as the course begins.


The session opened with a greeting and some perspectives from our friends in Spirit:

“We will summarize a bit of what we will do. It is not so much information, as you might be used to. For ones of you who like to read books, go to many workshops, etc., this will be slightly different. Every other week (for 9 sessions) we are supplying a consciousness rhythm. This will create influxes of light, frequency, and information that will correspond to the events here. You are not participating in a single event, rather you are signing on for a process together that will involve you in-between.”


“Everything will not be revealed all at once. It is a journey. The journey entails trusting the process or the unknown. Each of your structures of consciousness is unique. How you bring this into your awareness, how you process it, and what unfolds in YOU will also be unique. However we are doing so in a group, too. The group process, then, is an infusion that will occur on many levels. The talking/mental/receptive level is just one level. As you receive, you will begin to understand other levels in your own way, and ideas will come into place.”

“The Earth Mother will work with the body level, and She will also assist with the emotional plane. During this process we will be working with you to assist the structures of the emotional body, and how the emotional body works in your life to shift. The is to prepare you for a way to be embodied, and not so vulnerable to the large collective waves of emotion that you will experience over the next years. The waves are not going to be small, they will be large. You are already feeling tossed and turned on these waves if you are sensitive and aware at that level. At times it has been challenging to disassociate or detach from such currents. We will assist the bodies and the emotional bodies to begin the process of shifting, so they are not so vulnerable.”

“Matter is in the process of being informed in a new way. There has not been a time in the earth, where consciousness has been polarized to such a catalytic degree. Humanity is currently manifesting a large charge in the Earth. You find people playing out this large charge in action. War, arm-twisting, uncontrolled emotion, attachments to ideology, dogmatism, or rigid belief systems are the results of this charge. As this rigidifies and crystallizes in the consciousness, a possibility grows to utilize a potential catalytic chemical energy within this awareness. You will get to experience this. So, if you find yourselves wanting to be very attached to certain ideologies or beliefs at this time, please allow yourselves to be open to the possibility to dissolve, to transmute to change this attachment. No single belief system is all true, all good, all right, the only way. We will say that upfront. What we are doing is facilitating, we are not giving you a new ideology. Do you understand? We have no desire for that.”

“Sometimes you may want to control your body. You take many vitamins or think if you read something it will solve all of your problems. Your body is wise. Your body actually knows much, knows what it needs and knows how to open to consciousness, WHEN your consciousness is ready to receive it. Your unconscious, your subconscious, is a place that can either open the pathways or close the pathways. When you allow your unconscious to be part of the whole of you rather than to be a storage place or a place to repress or suppress emotion, it then becomes the corridor for life to talk to or speak with the conscious mind. It also is the vehicle for spirit and guidance to speak to the consciousness mind. Within the unconscious are many structures that you have not only stored away, (unprocessed feelings and events and memories that you have been working to release which is your job and responsibility to do so), it is also the place that has carried forward the stories of the collective: your ancestry. Our part today is to begin with the unconscious.”

At this point a process was begun to create a portal from the conscious to the unconscious. The following was given during the process, and you may find it helpful to get a sense of what is happening:


“Normally, the conscious mind is focused on what is in front of you. It pulls you out into the material experience, focusing on what is currently in front of you. If you are meditating and move the focus of attention in and down and listen, then you have the ability to relax that externalized focus. What we are attempting to do is to create a portal for that relaxed focus to occur not only in meditation or only when you relax. We are trying to make it more accessible. This living awareness is what you access at times through meditation or in times when you become aware that love is present everywhere. That awareness shifts the way you see things. Those places shift in your awareness because of the illumination within your unconscious, or a sense that you can receive, see and then perceive differently because living Love is informing you. THAT is the place you are sliding your mind into.


After further discussion, a presentation was made by the Earth Mother, which included some interesting information and a process to increase the connection to her. Excerpts follow:


“It is important to realize that I am alive. You know this? Are you very, very, very conscious of this? Because your life depends on it. You see? Your life depends on my life. Perhaps you have felt that it is all about you, your soul and however long your soul wants to be here, and if you do not want to be here anymore you can leave. Uh-ah. That is not the whole story. That is only one version of the story. No, your body depends on me for life. Many souls, actually, leave their body and are still alive. Some who are not so present, who are spacey, and who are not so much in their body, but their body walks around. Yes? You call it comatose.” [laughter]

“How does your body store things? It is not just in energy, it has cells. Inside the cells fluid exists. Inside this fluid is a nucleus with DNA. What happens when you keep crowding your cells with storage? What is in the DNA? Information for life, the codes for life. What if those codes for life get confused by what is in the vestibule? Here is the nucleus, here are the codes for life, and the cell is vibrating all these other things: ‘I am not so good’, “I am not as good as that one”, “I am afraid I will not survive”, “I am afraid I will not have enough money”…These crowd into the place of the cell, and the codes for life are thinking: “huh? What is that? What are you saying?” Confusion begins then. This process has been a partnership with spirit and me, because I am working with the codes for life. I am working in the cells, I am working with your bodies, I am working in the place where your minds have no understanding of how to get into because they are continuously being fed more information by the mind. How does it get to this place? It does not know, but I do. Because I can communicate directly with the codes of life as you can learn to do as well. Do you understand? We are going to learn to do this. But you have to hook up.”


“We are creating a new hologram of living light. You are in the process. You are it. It is called conscious creation.”


In closing, the Earth Mother offered three words from “the language of creation” to use for working with the her and our bodies.



“Several people asked that I relay my experience during the first channeled session. While I was being hooked up, I was aware of sitting at a large oval table. Directly across from me was the primary speaker and the presence felt feminine. Around the table were a number of other beings that were less distinguishable. I was also aware that the first current of energy coming through was very fluid and less crystalline than the times when the focus is more information oriented. There was a feeling of moving beyond or past the conscious mind and into the subtle levels in a way that communicated directly into the unconscious. Thus the report of some participants that it felt hypnotic, or that they felt out of it and didn’t remember much of what was said. I felt the Earth Mother connect in my body and heart, but she did not magnify her presence until it was her turn to speak. Then I felt as if my field became very extended and my heart felt like an over pumped balloon until she began to come through. That is why she said she could not wait for people to take an extended break!”

“Last night (01-24-03) I channeled for a private group, most of whom were brand new to this kind of dialogue. As the Sprit group shared their perspective on someone's question about how to respond to the threats of war and inequities in the world, they asked people to imagine a scale from 1-100 with 100 being pure universal unconditional Love. They said that the dominant frequency behind the war and inequities was greed and that it vibrated on the scale at about 15. War itself vibrates at about a 10. Then they asked about fear and worry. People guessed as much as 85, but the Sprit group said it also was about 15. In order to be effective in making a shift or difference in consciousness and then in creation, it was necessary to choose higher frequency qualities of focus such as Love or Joy which vibrate above 50 depending upon how integrated those qualities are.”

“As I awakened this morning, it was as if I was yet with them and was aware that this facilitated course that Spirit and Earth Mother have requested holds within it a potential to shift frequency by as much as 30 degrees using this arbitrary scale as a reference. I saw how this facilitated process is designed to open, clear, shift, and integrate all of the bodies, physical, emotional, energetic/etheric, mental, personality, and spiritual into a higher frequency vibration of consciousness. I also saw a sort of beam of living light focused with each participant that sees and knows the living potential of each one of our Essential selves. That focused acknowledgement is gently yet firmly dissolving all that is not of Essence while activating the codes for Life in our DNA. While this is happening earth wide because of the planetary process, this course is an agreement to intensify and speed up the sequence while laying a template for others to follow. Those of us who have signed on for this journey need to know this is NOT life as usual and that you may also need to make choices to simplify commitments and listen more closely for what serves this process and what pulls energy out of it.”

In Closing:

I can’t stress enough the profound nature of the opportunity that has been made available to us in these sessions. It’s not just more stuff to take in, but rather a masterful facilitation assisting a significant shift for those willing to proceed with the next expansion of consciousness. Along the way we will keep in touch with you about what is taking place, but truly it is a process of personal engagement that will ultimately be rewarding because your chose and created the experience for yourself. If you have not yet joined us in this adventure, please consider starting with the first recording on CD, and perhaps joining us via telephone or additional recordings as they become available. We’re confident that by the end of May, your experience of life will not be the same as when you began.


Until next time,


Chris and Michele


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