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January 4, 2003

Hello, and a New Year's greeting to everyone!

Wow, I can hardly believe it has been so many weeks since our last update in October. It has been a quick, intense fall season for most people we know, with no lack of activity or process. Here in the Upper Midwest area of the United States we are currently experiencing one of the mildest early winters we’ve had for awhile. It’s fine by me, although I can sympathize with areas that are being more challenged by the El Niño patterns this year.

Okay, enough with the weather report already. I wanted to let you know first of all that we have posted some new perspectives that our friends in Spirit shared with us on the day following the November elections. It was a difficult time for many people who felt as if the “wrong side” was winning, and gaining more power and control, etc. Spirit used this session to begin to open up some awareness of what is actually happening, particularly in our personal evolutions over the coming months. The original transcript of this session with a small group of participants was a lively dialogue with many exchanges, short questions, and partial sentences, just like any living room conversation. That also made it difficult to read, so we have created a series of excerpts wiith the questions woven into the dialogue for clarity. To read this posting, just follow the link on the home page.

The gist of this message leads right into the next thing I’d like to talk about. On January 1st we gathered a group for our annual New Year’s channeling [which will be posted in a few days]. About 30 of us came together to share some food and get a peek into the energies of 2003. A couple of differences were evident from the previous years, most noticeably that the Earth Mother and those in Spirit are able to be more merged in some way, resulting in a session that is able to include perspectives of both aspects with only a minor “rearrangement” for Michele. Previous to the past few months, it would only be one or the other that would be presenting. This is a new experience for Michele and me, and one that seems to reflect what is happening on a grander scale.

Another difference in this year’s message is the focus on what we personally will be engaged with in the coming months, rather than on what will be taking place in a more general movement in the world. One can read between the lines that this year is going to be intense, but the greater message I want to share is about what is setting up for those of us who are entering the next “phase” of this transformation process. This is the point where I admit to taking on the mantra “never say never”. In the previous Lightsmith update in October, I wrote about a decrease in channelings because people are starting to be more directly informed. I also said that we would remain open to honoring whatever impulses came to us. I'm happy I qualified that, because we are finding ourselves about to be engaged in more sessions, not fewer. However, there is a big difference between the more typical informational channelings and what is happening next. 

This is where it gets interesting, and much more exciting. We have been asked to organize and present over the next 5 months a series of participatory transformational processes facilitated by the Earth Mother and those in Spirit. At this time it appears that there will be 9 or 10 sessions taking place every other week beginning Sunday, January 19th. We will be sending out another update in the next few days when the New Year’s channeling is posted, and both the channeling and the update message will include more details. In summary, it is an invitation to participate in creation as well as a process to shift the emotional body so that the charge of what is transforming in ourselves and the world can be worked with without having to process it emotionally. 

Many people have been doing much healing and release work on many levels, and have been asking ‘what’s next?’. Well, this is it. It will be a time to learn and practice how to disengage more fully from duality and shift into another way of being. It will also be preparation for each to be present in a new way with others who feel enveloped by fear. We will make these sessions available for live participation in a number of ways including a group in our home, multi-person telephone conferencing, and hopefully an internet audio stream. I expect that the sessions will also be released on CD’s. More about all this soon.

For now, please enjoy the new posting, and prepare to enter this next cycle as we close the book on an old, old story and open to the first chapter of the new mystery. 


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