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February 11, 2003


Again another half-month has passed, and we are rapidly approaching number three of our Merging within Creation series. I offer a reminder that this is a sequence of processes, so it becomes difficult to share the experience of what is unfolding with these sessions. It does not feel appropriate, or even possible to try to share the content of the sessions in written form, so we have decided instead to upload the audio files from the first session to our web site so those of you who are interested can listen and decide whether or not to participate further. 

I am including here one excerpt from the last session that offers some perspectives from our Spirit friends about the Columbia space shuttle disintegration. I hope you find the insights helpful.

More soon,



“Your media is ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’, so to speak, and when there is an incident or something that affects many people instantly, then there is worldwide attention. At the same time there is world emotion that opens into the sphere of consciousness very rapidly. Those who are sensitive may experience not only individual feelings of grief and sadness, but also the larger emotional wave that is created. That can be very difficult or challenging to process. It is truly not belonging to any individual to do so. Therefore it is helpful to begin in those moments when you are aware of such events, to acknowledge this other level of reality (referring to the greater awareness of Love). To begin to be the vehicle of love, of presence, and to acknowledge that love and life is present, even if others only notice what is leaving and are affected only by the loss, the many details, and the drama surrounding it. Put your focus on another level of what is in your being to acknowledge. You will feel calm, you will feel as if you sink into the ocean of life, and as soon as you do so the ocean of life is also available to consciousness. It serves to calm your emotions.” 

“At these times, the emotions that are the great wave of the collective will want to take as many with it as possible, as if you become a great unconscious wave. The bodies respond to this in a way that you will see within a week or two, when many people will be getting sick. The immune system gets hit immediately with such a wave of emotion. Is this of life? No. It is an emotional wave that is generated by the impact of an unaware media. It continues to generate more and more emotional charge, just by focusing so much attention. Pull your energy and focus into the levels of what is truly real. And that is why you probably felt split (response to portion of question), because you knew that other level was also present. You also knew that at the same time because you are now conscious enough of that. Pull it down, and out and in and out, like the last practice. In and out. You will then be able to be present, in that experience without having so much impact on your own physical and emotional nature, as well as being more effective in the larger consciousness. It is a practice. It is not necessarily easy, because the emotion is liquid. You want to join it. ‘Ah, this is where the wave is going, I will go here’. That is what emotion does. You are learning, that is what we will keep assisting you to do, is to shift and restructure the emotional body. That is part of the practice: to remember. Remember the level of self reality, reality here in the moment. Love is here, life is here, green is here, your awareness is here. If you are here, and all of that is here with you in this moment, and you are part of the collective, can’t you give an infusion of that? Do you see?” 

“So, there was an explosion that took some lives of people that were doing their jobs. And it was visible to many, and it affected many. And it also was a shattering, wasn’t it? As it hit, what? Remember what we just did with you earlier? This place of identity that was rigid and would not allow through? It hit an atmosphere, did it not, and it had an injury, enough of an injury that set off the explosion. It was in a sense, an image of something that was disintegrating. And at the same time, those ones left their bodies so effortlessly, so immediately, and in the arms of angels so immediately, that they literally almost forgot they were on the way back. Space had been created for each of them to make completion if they wish with their families, all very gentle. Very surrounded with much care and love. Yet they are also sheltered from the response here. They do not know this, they do not feel this. Guess who is generating this? The media and those who would like to build up emotional charge to feed off. When you give your emotion to that, someone gets it in a lateral energy exchange system, and it probably is not you. And in about two weeks the media will compare notes, and see who got the most broadcast on this day. And their advertisers will ante up. Do you understand? Yes, we hope you understand.”

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