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March 12, 2003

Hi to everyone,

It has been already about a month since the last update, and we continue to be very focused into the Merging within Creation series that began on January 19th. Whether or not you are participating in this series, I am sure that you are affected by the many events of the world and the intensity of the energies that have been pouring onto the planet. It seems like time is more fluid than I ever remember experiencing before, with some days that go by incredibly fast, and others that seem to fill with long projects that somehow manage to get completed.

Many people we know (including me) have been doing some major cleansing with colds, flu, and other physical manifestations of some deep cellular clearing. I understand it when I’m going through it, but I’m sure happy when the process is done. It would be interesting to know how things are for you, so drop us a note if you get the time.

Both the Earth Mother and our friends in Spirit had some informative things to say at our last session on March 2nd. I’ll pass along some of the highlights from that presentation below, and I’ll be back with another update when the next opportunity arises. As usual, you may wish to read some of the information more than once to really open up the deeper implications of what is being said.


The Earth Mother opened the session and worked with the reproductive organs of the ovaries and gonads along with the hips. These organs take in frequency and can assist a body to increase vibrationally and rebirth itself. The process included an act of fusion between the body and a silver spiral descending from each person’s soul. She also worked with a release in the hips to facilitate a letting go and an opening to once again trust life for all you need.

The closing comments from the Earth Mother centered on becoming passionately alive, and living in Technicolor in a world of grey. She said:

“What happens when you become Technicolor in the middle of the grey zone? You might get something done. You might vibrate out. You might draw some attention. Now what happens when life, that animated life, draws attention, rather than you becoming grey? You spread it, it is also as if others become curious if nothing else. And your bodies now have an anchoring of vibration in your organs of life. So, you are vibrating life wherever you go. It is good to get focus from others, so that they begin to have some reflection of what life is. How do they know if all they see is grey? How do they know what is possible and then you begin to tell them what is possible? It is possible to fully live, it is possible to open up and be more fully present, it is possible. It is possible to live your potential, it is possible to be fully alive, it is possible to not be afraid.”

“So, you are the Technicolor, you are animating life, you are animating your own living light, yes. So, in this moment, go into your heart, your soul center wherever that is for you, and listen.  Listen to what wants to animate from within you. Listen to what wants to be alive, what wants to have some form, what wants to be materialized, what wants to live. Who in there wants to live? Listen.  Yes. Acknowledge that part of you, acknowledge, honor, love, love that place within you that wants to live, that wants to have more expression, more passion, more form.”

[I made a suggestion to those participating in our course to rent the movie “Pleasantville”. I highly recommend this film as a great metaphor for all that is happening these days. It fits right in with the suggestions from the Earth Mother. -  Chris]

Our friends in Spirit went second this time, and offered some views on current subjects. I found their perspectives enlightening and helpful. Here is some of what was shared:


“We would like to talk about how life has become politicized. How life has become a political thing around the world in every country, every nation and every culture, except for those rare indigenous cultures that are beginning to reclaim that which is their connection to life and to the rituals of life. The political climate of your particular country, since most of you are from the US or western governments, has at this time a legislation around life. It comes from the desire to dominate life, to dominate, to control, to manipulate the resources and energies of life. There are great debates about abortion. The right to life. There are fewer debates, but still debates about drilling and in mining in great beauty and natural resources, about the loss of environment and habitats, LIFE.  For those that are not human. There are also debates about large scale killing of human life. And this country witnesses the killing of people everyday. Some of them legislated by capital punishment.  [most discussion takes place in duality] In the frame of living light, perhaps we will address them differently.

“Life cannot be legislated, and yet in a world where it has been, there are need for advocates for life. Let us take abortion. Many of you believe it is the right of the woman to choose what to do with her body and the life that may be growing within her. Others may believe once there is life, it has to come to fruition. What if we said both are true? The argument about whether or not abortion should be legal or not legal needs to be taken to the place where life is invited into a place of conception or not. Women and men partnerships have the capacity to open the door for life and conception or to close it. You do not need all of the pharmaceutical companies legislating life. You have lost the belief in yourselves, the trust in yourselves to say “I am not open for life to be conceived at this time. We are not open for that”. Door closed. Do you understand? Your young women are not taught this, are they? When life begins to open to you, it wants to also inform you of its nature, of its tools, and how to participate in expressing or creating life for the benefit of all life. Does a woman have the right to say no? She has that right, yes. She needs to know that she can use that right before conception.”
“Once a child is conceived, there is a momentum. Do you know how many cells are created every day from the moment of conception? Millions.  It is in motion. When there is an abrupt stopping of life within a woman’s body or within a partnership, because it affects the partnership as well, there is an abrupt stop on the momentum of life.  That has repercussions, has to, does it not? Therefore those who stand on that side and say “It is wrong to remove a life from a womb”, there is some truth in that. It is not wrong in morality or legislation, but because there are repercussions. The woman’s body becomes confused. Oftentimes, the momentum for life has been interrupted, then there is a confusion around the momentum of life.  Not only the child’s, but her own. There are consequences. The womb holds trauma. Sometimes if there is a desired child, trauma memory in the womb aborts the next child spontaneously. It often happens, does it not? For those of you in the medical profession, you know this, yes? Because of the trauma memory in the womb.”

“What to do then if there is unwanted life? Good question. If you listen to life rather than legislate it, you will know. Life will inform you. There is that which has been legislated by religions, that men usually are able to be sexual whenever they want to with their wives. Women are expected to have as many children as they produce. That also is an imbalance, where life is not being listened to. Life has within it a natural order, a natural balance and a natural knowing of how many souls are to be fully animated around the body of the planet at any one time. When there is indiscriminate birthing, indiscriminate sexuality resulting in many, many children there is the tendency to call in souls that are not ready, that are not fully turned around, so to speak. Calls in souls from the astral plane that have not yet fully evolved. Do you understand what that means? Why do you have a world full of people, unevolved souls right now. Why? Because you have the most people on the planet that has ever been. More than this Earth has called forth to animate fully. So there is an imbalance. And that is what is calling now for awareness, for listening, for inspired advocacy. Being willing to open the door to listen at new levels, and begin to speak from these levels. Why fight? Instead listen, open to what is the rebalancing for life.”

“Souls that are unevolved who are not ready to come in, who are pulled in by indiscriminate sexual procreation, are those that need assistance to evolve. They do not need to be put in charge of your governments. Perhaps that is a little direct, but it is the truth. If you look at many, many nations, those who are in places of leadership use their guns to talk. They create fear, they want control, they have not yet evolved that awareness for themselves of what it is to listen to life. So, a transition is occurring, you are in the middle of it. There is an imbalance, it is going through a course correction, naturally and whatever the whole of the creation of the collective is creating in terms of itself and its life or non-life, etc. There is a course correction in progress right now. When you open to life and that limitless capacity to listen, to be aware, to be informed and to speak on behalf of life, you will find yourselves actually being listened to. You will be surprised. People are tired of the old arguments, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  I’m right, you’re wrong. People are looking for and seeking new awareness and yet it also needs to be framed in ways that they can receive. You are bright people, you are intelligence, you have access to much intelligent assistance, guidance, etc. You have no trouble with coming up with ways to frame all of this.”

“You are in a different age than in the past. You cannot apply what happened in the past in different ages and different cultures and different stories to the present. You can draw upon some of that wisdom, but it needs to be reframed, recreated for this time. You have those among you who are wise, who know, who listen to life, to many different levels of guidance who speak with wisdom. These ones and yourselves need to begin to collaborate. Collaborate, do not see certain people as far above you just because they have well known names. Those that you respect and honor and acknowledge as having wisdom, who speak from a place of knowing, contact them. Find out ways to contact them. Begin to find ways of collaborating. They may need support, they may like it. They may feel a bit lonely at times, speaking that wisdom.”


“There are those who would try to move the stimulus of life into hyper stimulation. It is everywhere. It is now manifesting in this explosion and destruction. But if you look at your television, reality shows……if you look at many of your movies with much violence, look at those cartoons and children’s shows where there is much violence and hyper stimulation. Even your children are moved from one activity to another very quickly without time to rest and breathe.  Look to where there is no space for life to animate any longer because life is only about stimulation. When life is severed, stimulation is the substitute. Understand?”

“Here you have places where you go for entertainment, stimulation, an experience of perhaps greater life. That is what you are hoping, instead it produces what? Death. Ahhh, guess what? There is reaching now a critical mass, where the severance from life manifests in what that means. You might begin to see in the next year, more and more of these, not just these places [nightclubs] but places that are involved in that kind of hyper stimulus, begins to be more and more manifestation of death.”


“There are different viewpoints of this particular time. We will share ours. You may hear from others, even in spirit, with other perspectives as well. Have you noticed that there has been growing numbers of people around the world unifying their voices? Have you become aware that Mr. Bush is catalyzing the unification of millions of people who had felt isolated and alone previously, who share these similar feelings, have a sense of love and peace and hope for another kind of reality in their hearts? He is serving as a catalyst for organization of the new consciousness. It has not been organized, it has not been coalesced. It has been isolated, individual. Your work had been to do it yourself, what you transformed within was transformed externally. But you oftentimes felt it was a lonely journey, or in small groups. It was not organized, it was not coalesced. That is happening now. Is it not good? Even though it is a negative force, supposedly in your view, that is doing that, it is doing so quickly. As that coalesces, then the potential within it has more possibility to begin to manifest in ways that you have not yet seen in this country [US]. It is percolating, it is bubbling, it is brewing, stewing, cooking. It is happening. This one has a purpose in this time with the new consciousness in organizing and structuring, coalescing, unifying. It is happening very quickly. Perhaps there are other perspectives. We choose to not entertain some of those that might bring other fear-based kinds of information through. That is not our part.”


Well, do not watch. Do not give it your energy, and you might begin to be outspoken and say “we will not watch this”. You have many, many people now beginning to coalesce and organize in consciousness. You can focus that organization and coalesced energy in different directions. You are also part of the public opinion, are you not?  Perhaps you can begin to write your letters and speak “We will not watch. Your advertising, all the people that put money into these places, tell them. You do not like it, you do not want to buy their products.  Tell them it is not effective, it is the opposite."


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