Helping Each Other Get Real
A perspective offered by Chris LaFontaine

This article first appeared in the July, 1997 issue of The Edge Newspaper.

It was with much appreciation that I read the editorial by Tim Miejan in the June ‘97 issue of THE EDGE. The title was “Join the circle of life and get on with it”, and in it he made an invitation to us all to stop posturing and start being. My heart went “YES!” and I felt a wave of relief move through me. It was that feeling that comes when someone speaks a timely truth. When these truths surface and are met with such a response I usually notice that many others have also had similar feelings growing in their awareness, and so I perceive another shift is at hand.

We’ve all had superb training in the illusions that made their way into our growth through duality consciousness. We learned well the survival skills of arrogant self-importance, endless self-promotion, and energetic one-upmanship. These things have been normal to us. They have been part of who we’ve collectively been, and we’ve brought them right along into every facet of our “new age” communities. We have continued to act out these traits without even noticing that our behaviors have not matched our words as we have preached peace, harmony, and unity. As someone once said: same song, different tune.

One thing changing with our awakening is that we can now recognize these traits as patterns in consciousness, and as we acknowledge these patterns in ourselves we make a huge movement toward freeing ourselves of these craftily woven webs. We see them, name them, and with some help from each other we move through processes to release them from our bodies and energy fields - and our reality. But our long journey of transformation has not been just to make us less dysfunctional. We are in an organic process of being recreated, and we’re now more able to see why we’re here in the first place.

“What’s my purpose?” we have all asked at one time or another. I can only give you my perspective on that from my own journey of understanding. At least part of our desire and agreement has been to participate in a process whereby we would fully bring our great Soul selves into physical form. The Creator within Creation, fully present experientially. The complete merging of light into life. As we release and clear out the patternings of the duality matrix, we are reorganized into a new structure of consciousness that also makes it possible for more and more of our Soul/Creator essence to become embodied.

As the old patternings release and we become more present we also grow in our ability to listen to our own guidance. Our direction comes from the Source within which we embody more and more. We learn how to discern when we find ourselves drawn to those things that direct us away from our own Source of knowing and away from “doing our work” which at this time is healing, releasing, and clearing ourselves. The distractions are innumerable and appealing. Pay attention to what may try to snag your mind and pull you in another direction. 

Begin to see the patterns you are bringing up in your own consciousness. One that I see involves “saving” something. “The lightworkers have to save the planet”. Or how about “15 million ships and angels are going to appear and save mankind”, or “the chosen ones will be teleported off the planet and saved from mass devastation”. Is that so different from “Jesus died to save us from our sins”? That was woven in long ago and is not of truth, either. I think the Great Earth Mother is quite in charge of what’s going on here, our E.T. friends are assisting our embodiment process and the release of our illusions, and Jesus was the initiator and original model or what it is to embody the Creator within Creation. The real story of what’s happening on this planet is plenty amazing and profound without making things up for dramatic entertainment.

I mentioned before that we are helping each other to “get real”. If you are following your guidance and paying attention to what fits and what doesn’t, you will be directed to whoever can best assist the uniqueness of your process. If you are following your ego mind you will likely be attracted to somebody who has a hidden agenda or something to sell you (“All the Way with DNA. Get Rewired! Pay for Eleven Strands and the Twelfth is FREE with our Exclusive Hooks-Em-Uptm Process”). You will continue until you become dis-illusioned, and that will serve you, also. Perhaps you will find a pattern present that creates an experience of being “less than” if you’re not seeking the latest and hotest whatever. That will give you an opportunity to get to the root cause in yourself and you can do your release work around that pattern. 

This “processing” doesn’t go on forever. Eventually you clear the core patternings and there is a release out of the repression of belief systems and limiting thoughts. You will surrender into the flow with a realization that you will always know and have what you need in the moment. Then there is only a relaxation into deep peace, the pure joy of existence, and communion with all that is. I agree with Tim, the clubhouse rules have changed. Let’s do our work, get ourselves here, and find out what wonderful adventure Creation has in store for us. 

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Copyright 1997, Chris LaFontaine. Please copy and share freely for personal use.