Portals, Journeys, And Judgment
A perspective offered by Chris LaFontaine

This article first appeared in the Conscious Creation Journal and grew out of my experience of exploring the wingmakers.com web site.

Over the past few years I have noticed that often I find myself immersed in a personal experience just before I am to write or otherwise communicate with others. I am aware that at times I have had a personal situation to move through prior to speaking to a group, and I would realize that the insights I had opened to became the focus of my presentation. This phenomenon has again occurred, and I find myself in a process of distillation and clarification as I begin this article. I am writing about the subject of this current exploration as a part of the exploration itself, and Iíll share with you the outcome as I discover it for myself. I sense that somewhere in the swirl of my feelings and thoughts lies a core awareness attempting to surface about the nature of the process of creation. 

When I have this kind of experience it is as though a dimensional portal opens and I am swept through to something new in a direction I have been looking. These kinds of moments stand out both while they occur and long afterward, and there is always a recognition that something has just happened but I donít know what. Something is set into motion and considerable energy is present in support while all else takes on a rarefied sense of pure mystery. A flow opens and away I go. 

The trigger for this most recent journey of expansion began 11 days ago when I received  e-mail from a regular reader of the Lightsmith Live Wire. This reader offered a few personal thoughts and then mentioned interest in a particular web site and asked if I had visited it. I read those words and suddenly found myself in one of those portal-like experiences with intense interest and the immediate response to go check out the site. Iíll provide the name and the web link for this site, but for now Iíd ask you to hang in with me as I continue this process. 

Iíll give you the briefest summary of what I found when I clicked my mouse and the adventure began. The site contains art, music, and poetry purported to have been found in an underground series of chambers in New Mexico, supposedly having been placed there by a group of future humans. A story about these objects is given in an interview format between what we are told is an anonymous reporter and a scientist who has defected from a high-level secret government project. 

The story was captivating and the information given was quite detailed in several sections. I found myself printing out all the pages as well as making copies of the art and music for myself. I announced the existence of this site on the Lightsmith web page and invited comments. I also began noting my own responses to what I was reading and came to certain conclusions about the material. Finally I searched internet news groups and other postings for more information about the site and seemed to discover some things that matched what I had decided. What I felt was true was that many materials presented on the site as originating from different sources were actually created by the same source. I sensed that the energetic structures were too similar and I also noticed several words mis-used in the same way across all the documents.

Now, I donít mean to sound like I am writing an article about my Sherlock Holmes tendencies. Iíve given you the information so I can share some further observations in context, because hereís where it got more interesting for me. Much of the discussion I found centered around whether or not the story given on the site was true. It seemed pretty clear that the author(s) created the various interviews and memos that were posted, and so it seemed to be dismissed by some people as a hoax and generally discredited. However, that is not the end of the story as far as Iím concerned. I was amazed at my own sustained energy and a sort of fury as I found myself burning my way through this site, and it was all the more noticeable to me because I seldom get pulled so completely into what I find on any one of the jillion web sites out there. 

And that leads me to the crossroads of my journey: I found myself in the position of knowing that the documents werenít what they said they were, yet someone of many talents opened to the flow of creation and put into form an outpouring of the story of what weíre moving through and becoming. As far as Iím concerned there is considerable truth to much of the material presented and significant awareness demonstrated in the art. It is perhaps a demonstration of the need to be able to be comfortable with paradox as we move through these times. Certainly it is a sterling opportunity to practice discernment as well as recognize that WHAT IS MEANINGFUL TO YOU HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SOMEBODY ELSEíS OPINIONS AND JUDGMENTS. 

I have felt this adventure pushing hard in my 3rd center. Itís about power, control, and an anger that surfaces when judgment is placed on the expression and creation of another, and then what happens when the flow of energy is directed away from creation and re-directed to the one doing the judging. It is an insidious usurping of power, and it is deeply ingrained in our systems. Itís a scam and a collective wound that keeps millions feeling powerless, unheard and unseen. Weíve done it to others and theyíve done it to us, but most significant to me is how much weíve done it to ourselves. Crystallizing opinions in the mind and flowing love through the heart are not compatible states of being.

Also surfacing is a reflection on the nature of creation and conscious creation. I sense that the very nature of how this site is constructed demonstrates something quite powerful as a creative structure, and it triggered a deep shift in me. I began to glimpse more of how what we are evolving is quite different from much of what we have thought we meant by being conscious creators or Creator within creation. At least in part, conscious creation is being in the awareness that the forces and intentions of creation are moving through us, acting us, and dancing into form as a reflection of itself which then moves back through us as an experience. It is not the small self sitting with our declarations, affirmations and goals, it is our Large self, great aspect of Creator Spirit that is now able to merge into our bodies of matter and move in the physical with the same freedom as in the non-physical. What a piece of work is this hu/man.......indeed!

So I ask these questions rhetorically as well as for myself: Are we willing to finally release our hold on our small view of what we think we are and open to the greater nature of our beings? Are we willing to begin to choose the energy of joy as our reality and trust where it leads us? Are we willing to declare this earth as our home and together create a magnificent experience befitting wondrous beings? I sense that it is truly the next step for some, perhaps for many who have found their way to this journal. 

One last thing. There are no experts about how everything works in this new matrix of creation. After all, itís new. Weíre on a journey together, and weíre creating and discovering as we go. There isnít any way you can do anything ďwrongĒ, so let go and engage the flow. 

I thank the artist behind the presentation I read. The whole adventure has been challenging and supportive to my own desire to step forward into my own creations. If youíre interested in exploring the site you will find it at www.wingmakers.com. Did you read The Celestine Prophecy? Was there something that spoke to you even while knowing that the story was fiction? My suggestion is to approach this site the same way. Let your mind loosen itís grip and your hearts and imaginations open. Give yourself permission to suspend belief while paying attention to your body for the cues of discernment. Open the door and step through the portal, and let me know what you find there.

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