An Invitation 
from Michele Mayama

The following is a written version of something that has been gestating for some time in the quiet space that merges with mystery then births new forms into life. I confess that I have had to work through layers of resistance and fear to bring this forth, and yet the baby has persisted in its pushing to come through me to be shared. And this is just the first step! I hope you will choose to spend some time reading this with an open heart and a blessing for what is to come to creation, whether you feel inspired to either participate or support the project in some way or not. I begin with the foundation.......…

Time for Sharing the Wisdom

For nearly 20 years I have been experientially trained and guided to perceive, open, and transform consciousness. It now seems time to bring everything that I have learned from my teachers in Spirit, from the Earth Mother, and from my own accumulated wisdom into a structure that can be passed on to others. This structure is directed by an overarching vision which is organically growing the plan for transforming the fabric of reality within Earth during this prophesied change of ages. 

My Training as a Transformation Catalyst and Facilitator

I have been trained by master teachers in Spirit and by the Earth Mother, outside of any religious, esoteric, or secular tradition now existing in the earth. At times I was taught directly through a conscious connection often referred to as channeling. Other times I was encouraged to open my own capacities and practice directly perceiving the causal and other planes of consciousness. I collected experiences through explorations of my own and other people’s structures of consciousness, usually connected to physical symptoms of the body or questions arising from circumstances in life. Gradually I learned to “look” at anything that has an identifiable image or identity in 3D reality and see into its nature. As I learned to listen to the wisdom and knowing within these specific aspects of consciousness, I also began to receive specific guidance as to what might be helpful in its process to grow toward greater health and balance, to shift and restructure at a new level, or to accomplish a soul level intention. Over time, I have practiced this receptive perceiving with people, both within and without bodies, relationships, organizations and businesses, trees, land areas, buildings, animals, the Earth or other planets, and even machines! 

Nearly from the beginning in 1983, people were drawn to the wisdom of the Teachers that came through me. They were attracted to the different perspectives on many subjects, new ways to see themselves and life, and to the transformational healing work I was being trained to do. For many years I considered myself to be in school. The first three years were quite intense as I received very direct, organized guidance from a group of 6 spirit teachers. Later, a larger group of teachers or guides gathered or combined according to what was needed either by myself or the person or group with me. 

For five years from 1987-1991 I met weekly with a small group of people in rural Minnesota, gathering experience and perspective. Both during and since that time, I have been occasionally prompted to call together a group to teach or create experiences that would seed the next new structure into consciousness, both my own and whoever else was able to receive it. Rarely were such events or classes repeated. It was more like adding another ingredient into a soup that was cooking over an eternal flame.


Several times in my life, both before and after I entered into this “Masters of Transformation” program from Spirit U, I have been placed in leadership positions inspired with a version of a large vision I first experienced when I was age 13. That early vision informed me directly of a hologram or multi-dimensional fabric of consciousness that interwove every aspect of creation, past, present, and future, into a living pulsing self-orchestrating dance which I experienced as intelligent, fluidly creative, and joy-filled. In the settings where I have been placed, I would attempt to articulate and share enough of the vision and its new patterns to make some change in the old structures. Although each attempt brought some transformation, it was like individual contractions during labor; each one does some work towards birthing the baby, but it was not yet time for the vision to be fully present and visible. 

So each time I would ride the wave of expansion and contraction, then release the form the vision had taken, along with the position and the people connected with it (not without some grief!). My own path would spiral off in another direction, usually deeper into the womb of life for further learning, healing, and restructuring. In 1995 my training took on another dimension when the consciousness of the Earth Mother began to offer her perspective on planetary transformation along with her unique gifts to assist the process of merging spirit within the body. She has been a pure joy to experience directly and to share with others. Embodiment is her domain, and she effects individual and collective shifts of consciousness using an ancient tonal “language” of creation. She is also direct, funny, and ruthless in naming what is of Life and what is not.

Since the beginning of this adventure, my life has been created to be able to devote myself to this learning and work. Since 1983, this work has provided for my basic material needs (barely at times!) and it has also abundantly supported my learning and formation while limiting outer influences and distractions from the world of duality that most people interact with daily in jobs or relationships. Within a field of unconditional Love, I was guided to use challenges and emotional triggers as doorways to open consciousness, discern patterns, conditioning, and adaptations, then look for another option for creation. Periodically I would go into deep processes of release, surrender, and discovery. Some of these periods of time would be months long, often culminating with new awarenesses and guidance that would lead to the creation of some new adventure: trips with specific tasks to accomplish, large scale activations with groups, or a new focus for teaching or healing. 


The most recent process for me has turned out to be one of the most intense energetic times of “rewiring” I have yet experienced. I began to receive a structure that would put all of the ingredients together in a sequence that could be experientially shared with others. I remembered that something similar had started to come to me two years earlier, but in that time I had been asked to set up and facilitate a series of trips around the world to assist the Earth in her cellular process of transformation, a process that took about 18 months to complete. After I finished that project, the structure which was seeded two years ago surfaced again, but now with even greater detail and strength. 

The larger informing vision has returned as well, this time it is to emerge directly from the new matrix for creation rather than coming through an already existing structure. The initial phase of implementation includes beginning a school (of sorts) for mastery of the transformative process within self and learning to facilitate it with others. During the first phase I will write and create processes that will serve as the foundation for what will later begin to grow as participants add their own gifts and learning to the whole. The initial group will be no more than 10 people, small enough for me to mentor and facilitate while honoring my need for balance in the process. 

The training will be focused on developing and practicing the skills and awarenesses that inform transformation at all the levels of consciousness which are required for real change to occur. It would be the beginning of one arm of a larger body called Lumaterra that would gradually establish a collaborative group of transformation catalysts and facilitators with a variety of specialized skills and areas of application. These “shift” facilitators could undertake large-scale projects, create and test a variety of transformational support products, produce publications, videos, CD’s, software programs, etc., support one another, as well as grow an organically interconnected  body of conscious creators living visibly within our larger world community. Networking with other groups and projects, this growing group of people would be able to assist the processes of transformation in all areas of life, while birthing into form new creative resolutions to our collective challenges in personal, spiritual, social, political, economic, educational, and cultural structures. 


The first year will consist of one structured learning weekend and two follow-up evening sessions per month for 11 months. The second year continues the exploration of consciousness and begins to bring more practice to the participants who bring their own gifts into the whole and expand the body of awareness and knowledge that is then shared with the next group beginning their first year. Each person will schedule two supervised practicum sessions per month, participate in the weekends as worked out by agreement, and participate in their group’s continuing support gatherings. Participants would also publish a project (written, video, audio, or artistic) that coalesces their unique path and story within the larger process of transformation and how they will then share that with the greater whole. This project is also intended to ground the work and lend personal credibility to the individual as he/she moves out into the world. 


Initially, I see my part as the person who is to birth the foundation of an experiential process oriented to embody Light within Life. As each person integrates the core skills and experiences within their own unique gifts and stories, the organism of  Lumaterra will grow and expand. New processes and structures will organically be created with ways to inform and transform our collective experience within a self-sustaining new whologram of Living Love. As more people begin to move freely within the new matrix, the structures of Lumaterra will fluidly grow, shift and change, and I will release from my initial part. The orchestration of creation will draw from all of the gifts and skills in the larger group as needed to seed, gestate, and birth whatever wishes to be created through the larger body of Lumaterra.


The gestation of the name Lumaterra began near the energetic alignment known as the 11:11 (January 11, 1992). This was the first time the larger vision articulated itself in a detailed version within my awareness, and the name it took was Earthlight. This time, the vibration asked to be more expansive and fluid, and to include the Mother of Creation in its core. Thus Lu is Light, Ma is Mother, and Terra is Earth, four syllables for creating a strong foundation, like the base of the Great Pyramid. It is also the union of Spirit and Earth, the masculine and the feminine, yin and yang, and heaven on earth. The choice of 11 months is to include the vibration for mastery in the structure. Other aspects of the structure are also chosen for the numeric, symbolic, or geometric vibration of the consciousness they hold. 

I consider the name Lumaterra to be fluid. It may begin with one vibration and grow into another vibration and name in its future. Or it may weave itself into so many expressions that one name is too limited. So it will be. That is part of not attaching to a living organism that has its own intention to fulfill. 

Words, symbols designated to carry meaning, are currently very limited as vehicles for the vibration of this new matrix. Those who model the new matrix will evolve new forms of communication including movement, tones and music, pictures and symbols, creative expressions of all kinds, energetic and vibrational language, and telepathic links which will convey much more content and higher frequencies than is possible within our current word structures which were created to serve the matrix of duality.


The way I work is very experiential, so there is always a combination of information and process. Those processes are facilitated experiences related to the concepts and information so they are patterned into consciousness directly. Together with physical movement, music, creative expression, and sensitivity to rhythms, personal and group, a flow of experience and learning is created. In other words, I have a plan, but it creates itself very fluidly in the moment! It is a balance of the masculine and feminine, yet it is primarily a feminine way of passing on the mystery. 

In no particular order, some of the areas and practices to be explored are: 

Understanding the nature of duality as well as growing an experiential awareness of the new Matrix of Creation based on a wholagram for Living Light.

Understanding consciousness within the human system: energetic, physical, causal, spiritual, and collective.

Moving between personal and transpersonal so to learn how to facilitate self, individuals, and groups based on information that is imbedded within any experience, be it within self or another.

Opening to and practicing the skills of exploring the consciousness of any form or structure that can be identified within the whole of creation. 

Learning to align intention with creation, Love with action, and wisdom with choice. 

Being able to listen to aspects and parts of a whole consciousness that have been split or separated, and become a vehicle of informing those parts of their relationship and how they might shift from separation into a greater organic interdependent partnership. This relates to individuals, partnerships, families, other groups, social structures, or even nations or religions, etc.

Opening the capacity to listen at ever progressively intimate levels, to access the information consciously, and be able to interpret it to others.

Working with frequencies within consciousness, and different energetic fields (such as the Merkaba) that are dependent on maintaining certain frequencies. This includes learning how to tune our personal antennae to pick up and hook up to the various rays of intention and their coded information, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this now!

The cosmology of creation: how the story has unfolded  and is carried in our DNA and in the Earth’s planetary memory. 

Partnering with the consciousness of the Earth directly to assist her in the transformation she is breathing into all of Life here. She will assist us so we know how to best assist her!

Working with spirit guides and Master Teachers as they serve the plan for Earth.

Integration practices for the personality, body, and life that grounds gradual deep change into choices that affect more than oneself.

Embodying more and more of All That We Are through a process of gradual activation of the cellular capacities within our bodies to function with higher frequencies of Light and Life. This is probably one of the primary reasons for this course to be created.


Those interested in applying for the first year need to contact me for an interview. Because it is the level of a Masters Program, initial growth and healing processes need to have been already initiated and worked with consciously so our time together can be most fruitful. The healing can have been facilitated by me, assisted through other systems of healing and personal growth, or on your own. The course will continue to stimulate and support deep personal healing and growth, as direct experience is the greatest teacher. And, since transformation is a process, much of which is immeasurable, the course is designed to facilitate mastery, not perfection.

The cost of the first year is $3300. This can be paid in full the first month or by installments of $300 per month payable at the weekend sessions. The second year is $2200 and includes initial publication of whatever is birthed during the practicum projects. If retreats or trips are scheduled beyond the projected structure, those costs would be extra and participation optional. I am not anticipating any major trips until the second year is completed, but I’ve learned to stay open to how the currents of creation move so I mention it as a possibility. Other personal work that is chosen to assist or enhance your personal experience (i.e. bodywork, personal healing sessions, etc.) are also yours to choose, and are separate from the course. 
After the initial group is graduated, the structure will change to include those who wish to actively facilitate and teach groups either in the primary location or perhaps to begin in other locations. Also, within the first two years, we will need to locate a facility or building to be home to our flowering Lumaterra experience. That I leave in the hands of the designer of this vision and the Earth Mother. There will also be support needs for this project and other ways to participate as Lumaterra evolves. That too will become clearer once it begins to grow and evolve itself in form. 

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project. I hope you can sense within and between the words the spirit of the vision and my desire to create a new model in partnership with each person who chooses to participate. My personal desire is to truly thrive as I say “yes” to living the fulfillment of my human design, and to inspire and support that experience in all others who are choosing that as well. I have not been given such specific and extensive training only for myself. It feels time to honor my teachers in Spirit, the Earth Mother, and my own years of dedicated learning by passing it on. In so doing, I will continue to learn from and deepen those awarenesses while adding to them as I receive the wisdom of those who are sharing their perspectives and experiences with me. 

Anara ankara namaha, ho!

Michele Mayama

To respond or to apply, please call or e-mail me at:

voice-mail:  952-996-6544