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The Creation of the Cosmos

Blessings, greetings, hello to each and every one of you. It is indeed a great pleasure, a great Divine pleasure to be here, to be speaking to you in this way. It was my favorite topic, so how could I stay away! So please, this night, join me as we take a journey, a journey that is a story of love. A story of love that I hope will open your hearts and your entire experience to knowing how much you are indeed loved and how much you are indeed the focus of that great great love that has been evolving and creating throughout eons of what you know of as time, and yet without any time at all it has all been magnificent and wondrous. So let us go backward, and yet stay in the moment of this moment. 

Once there was only a consciousness undifferentiated and having a great capacity for love, but no Other to love. Just an endless consciousness and awareness of space, of what were possibilities and potentials. At one point a thought differentiated. There was a light formed by thought, rather like a laser, that broke out of that place of the mystery of that consciousness. It had a tone within it, which began to specify the potential, the possibilities, and to begin the process of evolving an Other to love. That was the beginning. So it began with that which was an undifferentiated whole and a specific individuation that began that process of saying "it is now named" and in form. Form, however, was only a thought in the very beginning, a word. So the universe began and yet it did not begin because the consciousness that was, is, and always will be just the same, undifferentiated and whole. And that is also always within every aspect, every thought and every form that has come forth and been birthed. 

That which is this story first formed consciousnesses, specific consciousnesses that joined with the One. These consciousnesses were like the One, aspects of the One, of the Creator. Aspects that were specific but also mirroring, reflecting that One, Creator, Source of love. Aspects such as light and different frequencies that that light then gave birth to. The first specific lights were silver and gold. These rays are beyond what you know of silver and gold in your train of resonance, what you can perceive. These rays are very high frequencies beyond the range of human eyes, and yet at some level your being knows and has awareness of what I speak. 

The gold remained a pure resonant tone that only gave form to itself. Silver, however, differentiated and gave birth to the white light and then to the spectrum of colors, which you now know in your form as the rainbow. Each of these rays had a consciousness unto itself, twelve altogether. These rays were my way of bringing this consciousness into greater distinguishing features. Each of them is also an aspect of the whole. Each of them is also a reflection, beauty being one of my favorites. Wisdom. Compassion. Pure light, mind, thought, resonance, information if you wish. Balance and harmony. Peace or that which is beyond peace, your words serenity or that which can be encompassed only in the still point, is closer. That which is joy, the dance into great ecstasy. Bliss, another. 

And then there was also that which was needed to bring form. It was a ray that was an active principle that densified whatever it touched and brought it into form more than was possible. It was a sort of free roaming principle, and it bonded with all of the other rays in order to begin to bring form. As this active free roaming principle individuated, it became rather like a renegade of sorts and became known in the mythologies as Lucifer. It was not that it was a fallen one, it was just that it had a different capacity, a different power given to it. As it bonded with the rays, it moved the thought within it into differentiation but then into greater and greater form. 

All of the rays had their part and a sort of capacity to begin creation, because that was the idea, do you see? The idea was to create, was to give form to the manifest consciousness, to manifest it, to bring it into being, to have others rather than only one, to do a dance with the differentiations and to watch it, to play with it, to be entertained by it. That was the purpose, that was the design. 

So, the gold light continued to emanate purely. It continued to be a ray where all could realign if need be, and it is now called the Christ light or the Christ ray. You, too, are finding this ray again in your consciousness and it is bringing you back into a realignment with that undifferentiated whole and the Source of pure love. That has always been there and will always continue to be. And, you have also had experience with the renegade in its densest form ever in creation. However, there is a lot of story in between. 

So, the initial creation needed to have consciousnesses that could understand and communicate, and so there was a circle of angels. The archangels were created in order to be communicators, passageways, bridges, messengers for the thoughts to go forth and be received. So they were around very early on. They're very old and have been about this work for eons of your time and my time etc., and yet they are totally without age of course, for there was nothing that could ever evolve in them. They are not evolving, so to speak, in the same way matter evolves. They continue to represent the pure thought intent and bring it forth as messengers, whatever is their part. 

So there are those that you know: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. Those are perhaps the most known. Then there are many others that have grown out of them. The four represented the four directions. They began creating out into the universes. There have been twelve universes, and you are the completion of the twelfth universe. Each of the archangels of the four directions emanated forth messages to create universes out in each direction. You are under the guidance of Michael, as the archangel for this universe. That is why your mythologies about Lucifer and Michael having their little battle are for this universe, for this quadrant, this part. The others have all evolved before. 

What is now taking place in this time is a culmination, and so the universes are spinning or starting to spin in a sort of configuration unlike what has been created before. Some of you have visited these places depending on when you emitted and were named out of the One. Every aspect of Creation has come out of the undifferentiated whole. Every aspect has emerged out of that consciousness that is the One and then been named and differentiated for the purpose and intent that it was to emit. Some of you realized earlier in your growth that you have a very long memory, and this is true. Your memory spans the universes of this entire creation. Some of you remember not so much. That does not matter, for every one, every aspect of the whole, every individuation knows the Source and has within it and within your DNA the codes for the entire story. For matter is evolved out of the whole and it is a densification of this great unfolding. 

Some of the universes no longer exist. They have been reclaimed back into the Source in order to create others. So there is in a sense a sort of shifting that has happened over and over and over and over again partly because ones served its time, served its purpose in the evolution and the creation of the whole and then there was no more need for it. This creation that you know has been an evolution with a great amount of focus and attention. A great amount of attention. The universe that this one evolved out of is eons old, if you wish to say that, and yet this little planet and these ones that are now awakening have been in mind throughout all of that time, or at least the hope, the idea, that it would be and that it would come to fruition. 

Sirius was given the job or the work of overseeing the creation of  this solar system. Your particular solar system was seeded by Sirians, initially, with help from the Pleiadians and then also joining from other universes that were side by side or similar. Sirians were ones that had an evolution previous in your time and had a great amount of wisdom. They were embodying the wisdom aspect in this quadrant and so they were the overseers. 

The star called your sun was sent out of a larger, great great star that split, and was hurled into its position, steadied and stabilized for quite some time. Then a great mass that was a part of an old star was circulating through this universe and was pulled into the orbit of this sun. As it began its orbit, the centrifugal force and its instability began to split it up, and it split up into several planets. Jupiter being one that you know of as the greatest mass is now out in the peripheral of your solar system with  the smaller ones being closer. Earth was not the first one to have life in this solar system. Venus was. Mars has also had life. Jupiter did not have life as you know it in a matter form, but has had great consciousnesses in other forms. Saturn was the site of many councils in the sense of galactic councils, gathering at this place before it went into a sort of ascended state. The rings are a part of the ascension that was part of that planets evolution beyond the matter form. So, this solar system has been evolving for quite some time. 

The Earth was not initially seeded with life. It was allowed to be resting while other evolutions proceeded. Venus was seeded with the compassion/love aspect of the Creator here in this quadrant,  and was allowed to evolve first, along with wisdom. The balance and scales of justice was evolved on Saturn so that these aspects could serve you. Mars was a landing base. A base for those who came into this universe from other places that could have a sort of resting place and a place to carry out any kinds of experiments, etc. that were needed. 

All other previous universes had all aspects just as this one has had all aspects, but the previous universes were evolving through a sort of duality as well. There were no embodiments earlier than recent that could experience in an emotional sense or a tangible feeling sense that which was above, that which was the Source, that which was the capacity to hold energetically in a form and experience it. 

So the thought that was brought into this universe was to try to create a form out of all of the aspects that would bring that dimension of experience into form, into a mass that could be conscious and hold this experience, and then in a sense love and know the Creator, know the Source and have a relationship and relate back through a choice of pure intent, a choice of will. All other universes had a sort of flatness, in an emotional sense. Some of those beings who visit you still have a flatness in an emotional sense because they have not evolved in the same way. But, that was purposeful because with pure mind incorporating the ideas of creation, some wondrous, wondrous things were brought into form in other dimensions, many of which you have yet to experience. Some of these forms you have had glimpses of. You are remembering crystal technology from your previous times in this planet. Most of that technology was formed in the universe previous to yours. The eleventh universe was extraordinary in its technologies, its advancements of awareness into laser technology, into crystal technologies, into ways of emitting and forming and creating with thought through pure resonance. Some of these ones are joining and have joined this universe. However, we needed a time of pure exploration, and that time of pure exploration some of you may remember for it was great fun, great fun. It was a great adventure and there were no holds barred on that adventure. Anything could be created because it could also be decreated or destroyed if it did not work, and there was no attachment to anything. It was a great time. 

There are also in some of the previous universes experiments of consciousness that are yet remaining, yet alive, yet evolving. These experiments of consciousness have very different forms than yours and they yet reside in planets or spaces of form that are different than yours. They are to be in space and time or in the unification of the whole brought together with you as well, but not for a little while. Some of these beings that evolved in previous universes have remained in consciousness, but not in form. They are consciousnesses that are now available for whatever is the intent to be brought forth through them and they serve this plan that is continuing to evolve. They are servants of great magnitude, great light, great wisdom, great love. They have embodied over and over again throughout the universes and yet remain as servants, and some of them are embodied in this planet as servants, for that is their purpose, their intent, and their only reason for existence. 

There are also dying places in the universes. Places which have served their intent but that have lost a sort of intent or purpose to continue evolution. Partially because the energy of evolution, just as Darwin was so smart in figuring out, is to continue to evolve forms that serve the greater consciousness that is evolving within the whole. All have their part, just as in this planet. All in the universe have their part until they don't and there is a recycling of energy back into the Source, constantly back into the unification of the Whole. Constantly coming back in and constantly going forth. Constant. It is a constant movement, and that which comes back sometimes does so with a sort of sigh of great relief as it releases out of form and matter, out of the thoughts that constructed it and out of the matrices that were held. There is a wind that is formed as these ones come back into the Source, and the wind is then a part of the physical manifestation of that which is moving throughout space. There are great winds in space as the breath of the inbreath and the outbreath. These breaths are felt if you are near to them. Sometimes you will experience such a breath, and lately there has been such coming towards this planet. This great breath has been an outbreath bringing more of the consciousness of the Whole and the aspects of creation into this planetary atmosphere for a new birth to take place. 

Perhaps I'm meandering. I'm not an historian. I just know the story, and the story is one of love. The intent was always to create a lover. Someone to enjoy, an aspect of self to enjoy, to be with, to participate with in creation. The intent had various adventures in that intent and various consciousnesses that were evolved. 

Each of you has a specific name, just as every aspect of the Whole has a specific signature out of the Source. These signatures can be felt and known and are known whenever there is a focus upon you by those of consciousness. You ones are differentiations out of the great rays. There were only twelve rays with myself the thirteenth focus point. There were only twelve and then out of that are all other souls, all other consciousnesses, and all creation. So you have an overlighting ray that is specific for you. You also have an overlighting angel, one of the archangels. You also have overlighting deities or beings that would be like unto deities that emanate forth these consciousnesses of purity. You also have overlighting souls and even aspects of your nature are connected to stars and to planetary dimensions, depending on when you emitted or were emitted out of the overlighting soul and your energy drawn forth from the Source. 

You may have many experiences. What is happening is that there is a sort of condensation of the universes so that more mass and more energy can be focused into creation beyond this point. You are a turning point. That is part of what this is about, for the consciousnesses are now to evolve into something different. 

There is a great being that took on this evolution of this universe. This being is Sananda in tandem with Sanat Kumara. These two beings sacrificed a great deal in terms of their own evolution, their own consciousness, to be with this evolution and this unfolding. Each one had a different part. Sanat Kumara worked with the Sirians, initially, to bring the thoughts through from the ray of intent. Sananda evolved more with the Venusians or the Venus planet in ascending with them the consciousness focused into love. Pleiadies was another place where there needed to also be another consciousness overseeing that, and that one was Kuthumi. Some of these Masters are familiar to you. The Hall of Justice, which you now know of as also where the great karmic hall resides on Saturn, was presided over by St. Germain. All of these beings have sacrificed a great deal, not in a sacrifice, but saying "we will commit to this until the intent is accomplished". El Morya was one who was in charge of the movement of any aspects from other universes into this universe for the purpose of creation. So he sort of provided a veil through which some of what was previously created could not pass and some of which could. Sort of like the guard at the gate where you would not want everything from before. Some of it was not to be carried forward, so that one served as the guard. 

All of these beings in their positions and others have a great deal of capacity in and of themselves, and yet the sacrifice that many of them had to make was to allow each of the dimensions that they were working with to also evolve. The Pleiadians had to evolve. The Venusians had to evolve. The Sirians had to evolve. And the beings on the different planets had to evolve. The star systems had to evolve in this universe. They could not take over and say "now do this". It would not work. The consciousness had to be seeded and yet allowed to evolve in its unique way in order to carry forth that which was their part. So this particular universe has had a long story. 

The renegade ray had its base in Orion. Orion is a great system with a great amount of life and energy and variety of consciousnesses that evolved out of that dimension. However, it was also the place where the sort of renegade ray laid its hold here in this universe. Part of creation, part of moving this into a denser focus to create more matter out of consciousness. So matter had to be formed in bonding with this ray. Now this ray, when it formed in this particular quadrant, left everyone alone for quite some time in a sense of allowing a sort of pure evolution. But as it continues its evolution, then its part was to bond or work with, come together with the different aspects that were evolving. 

What happened was that as it came into matter, it began to form more and more what you know of as duality. And, in some of the aspects, such as the Pleiadian aspect, there was a sort of feeling of losing the pure resonance. They were very playful. There was a lot of joy, there was a lot of creating, but with a lot of joy, a lot of dancing, a lot of sexuality, actually. As the denser ray began to come into that area or arena, that began to feel as if it was being lost. They began to fight back, identifying Orion as the location where this infiltration was coming from. This formed a sort of battle, which actually increased the power of the renegade ray because any time it has a duel and it has a power against it, it increases its power. 

Well, this dimension evolved, this universe evolved rapidly through the energy of duality. First of all with a sort of war that was between the Orions and the Pleiadians which then began to want to have some kind of mediation. So who did they go to for mediation? They go to Sirius which was the planet of justice before Saturn was created. So the Sirians were drawn in as the mediators, into this great story that was part of this universe unfolding. The mediation or the third principle then was created in this universe. The third principle being the wisdom that says to the two aspects that you two are to join together and create a consciousness that would evolve what the Creator intends for this universe. So, the mediation was that you each have a part. Now how are you going to fulfill that? 

Well, the story that began to happen then was that they had to call a sort of truce, and yet the truce was not in the heart of the Pleiadians. The truce was not felt completely. In a sense both the Orions and the Pleiadians said "okay, we will do our part", but neither really forgave the other, neither really came to a place of love. Sananda, on the other hand, being of compassion and the love aspect, stayed out of it all. He stayed out of the entire thing and stayed in a place where that evolution continued without any interference. 

The Sirians began to focus into evolving consciousness and they focused into this solar system. This solar system being that which was created for the culmination. The energies of the Pleiadians and the energies of the Orions both were needed to create enough of the substance of matter to create life. So they gave the job to varying consciousnesses that had evolved within them. The Annunaki was one that eventually came forth to evolve your particular bodies. But before the Annunaki there were aspects of the Pleiadian consciousness and aspects of the Orion consciousness. The great rays of Ra was one of those ones that came forth and emitted very strong frequencies into this planet. Very strong thought frequencies. The Sirians continued to be those who oversaw, and if something was out of balance, then they opened that which was needed for balance. 

At a certain point Sanat Kumara became much more involved in the creative aspect of this planet because there needed to be one who took on the entire evolutionary story. This one is also known as the Ancient of Days, days being time and space in this dimension that you know. This ones consciousness wrapped itself around this planet for a time and breathed from the Source into this planet that which was a pure tone. That ignited within this planet the heart of this planet. The heart of this planet is a direct breath from the great Source or One into matter or form. It is a mother for this creation, for this culmination. She was birthed from the pure ray of love. 

The initial thoughts for this planet, then, were of love. Orions and Pleiadians could not enter until after the heart was formed. But after the heart was formed Sanat Kumara called upon Sananda and those who had evolved love to join with him and create the first paradise using the energies out of this universe that were supplied for this intent. Love came into form in that paradise. There was a great amount of energy to be brought into life and into form. The initial ones, the great waters, the atmosphere, the great beings and early plants and animals began to inhabit this planet. Forms that initially grew out of this planet, evolving out of the heart, had consciousness only of heart, of love. And the atmosphere was protected. No one was allowed here for a long long time. It was as if this was shielded and shut off from the eyes of all. 

This went on for quite a long time. The only ones that were allowed to walk here were those who were of pure love resonance who had stayed out of duality completely. They had been beyond duality. They had not had any of that experience previous in this universe. So for quite some time this planet evolved purely with intent to be the heart, to evolve the consciousness, to evolve the lover for the Creator. 

At one point there was the need to bring those who would create the consciousness into this planet, into this plane. The seeds of love were deemed to be rooted strong enough to hold the consciousness while the next phase was begun. And so this planet began to shift in its atmosphere, began to have a penetratable atmosphere and Sanat Kumara had to withdraw his protection from the atmosphere of this planet, and yet he could not and did not withdraw completely. His part has always been to be with, and yet he could not control the evolution here. So he had to step back, and that was his sacrifice, in a sense, to step back and allow. 

Perhaps the story for next week will begin with this point because the evolution of consciousness into the forms that you now know is the next part of the story, and what happened when the Pleiadians and the Orions and those who came from other universes began to be called into this place for the culmination of the intent. 

Are there any questions about this story?

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