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The Design and Evolution of the Human Being 

Ankara, Hello. Greetings and blessings and great love from my heart to yours. It is indeed a joy, I can't tell you how much of a joy, to be with you and to continue the story begun in the other time. Time is not much of a matter for me, so when focusing into this dimension of time and allowing the recorded story to come through in a way that you can receive it, I am getting some help from those who pull out of the matrix what is needed and present it before me so I can present it to you in a time sequence. Otherwise, it is all present for me and I don't see every little place that perhaps is details. Sometimes they are presented to me, but most of the time my heart is holding the whole and continuously, continuously holding and loving and preserving that which is a beam of connection and a ray of love to each and every one of you and every being, soul, and life form, every consciousness that is in creation.

The story that is to continue is your story. The story of consciousness in human form. I have to back up to put it all into context because it begins before this particular earth. I entrusted this planet to those that I trusted most. I entrusted this planet to those that had great compassion, great love, and could bring forth that which was a sort of incubator, a sort of place that would grow and nurture those who would bring about the fulfillment of what I longed for. You have been learning that if you ask you can receive, yes? Well, it starts somewhere, that asking, that intent. It starts with the beginning of a longing or a desire that says "I desire, I want, I have an inspiration", and that begins to bring it into form. Well, sometimes it takes longer than other times, yes? Sometimes you put a longing in your heart, perhaps you have had the dream since you were young, and it is beginning to come to fulfillment. Well, I've had a dream since I was young and it is beginning to come to fulfillment, only I'm a lot older than most of you, you see, so it has taken awhile, but you are part of my dream. My dream has been to experience what it is like to be individualized, to be an individual aspect or a personality within a body, and to see through those eyes and through those senses, and to experience creation that way. To experience the beauty and the resonance that has gone forth from the beginning and to come and experience it from within it. 

I couldn't do that until there was a consciousness that chose to receive me that way, and it could not be done by those who have served me, purely served me, because their consciousness has been so much a part of mine that they don't really experience creation unless they come into the form like you and walk in the density of matter like you. So I gave this planet to those that I trusted to bring this into place, with Sanat Kumara being a major player. Sananda, who became Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus in your language, was another major player. Others of the masters that you know by name are major players. The archangel Michael was one who has taken a great deal of responsibility in this quadrant of creation. The Sirians, the Pleiadians, and Venutians, the Kumaras particularly, were responsible.

In the very beginning this planet was shrouded with a sort of protection like a womb, during which time this planet evolved the elements of life. The elements of life needed to be present, so it began in the waters. The waters were very much a part of most of the planet, and the waters joined with the very beginning elements of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. These things began to draw together. At a certain point there was a great storm where a great amount of lightning and water began to move this planet in an electrical charge that initiated life by intent in this planet. The atmosphere, the earth, the Gaia Terra mother began to say "now I will nurture, I will grow and yet I want to know what to grow. I want to know what it is to focus into this planet". So there were initial creator ones whose intent was to form, give some form to that which was manifesting here, and it was a great playground initially. Ones who began in this planet to be the creator energies became great elementals, great devas, rather like earth angels, and these ones gave form to much of the base of life, the ecosystem that surrounded this planet. There was no cold initially. There was no cold, it was a protected planet so there was an equal distribution of warmth, like an incubator, and in the incubator there was a great amount of growth possible. Very fast growth.

Initially, the water elements were populated. They then began to evolve and move into reptilian and land, mammal, designs. The large animals such as your reptiles and dinosaurs were some of the early types. That was not allowed to remain, partially because the earth needed to evolve a consciousness. That was her part. Paradise in the early times was not populated by those embodied like yours, but populated by ones who were quite small and conscious mostly of the creator energy. They were rather like spritely elves, but hairier. These ones were the initial consciousnesses of precursors to humans on this planet. They were watched over by those who were of spirit form who had enough capacity to be sort of physical, but they had light bodies that could take on varying attributes of form. Many of these ones may have been you before incarnating in denser bodies. The original land, Lemuria, or Turtle Island, is spoken of in your biblical stories of an original creation and paradise as was recorded in the mythologies of your ancient ones. This time was one of great length in the earth. You have a sort of speeding up of time where things are condensed. Back then, if you can imagine, it was very stretched out, very stretched out so that what would be like your day now would probably be like a hundred years then. Think of what you could get done! And there was not a sense of cycles like now because there was no death in the early time, it was all about growth and establishing new species and new combinations of amino acids into new forms and so there was a great amount of experimentation as well as creation and delight in doing so.

This went on for quite some time, and then there was a decision to move into the next phase of this planet's evolution and what it was intended for, which was to evolve a consciousness that had not been known before in my universe. So Sanat Kumara withdrew that blanket of protection. He did not withdraw completely, but backed away, making the earth more vulnerable and able then to also have other beings begin to enter and come into this planet to bring other capacities, gifts, knowledge, wisdom, and qualities that were to eventually make up this consciousness. Many had been waiting in the Pleiades and Sirius for this opportunity. Some of them were getting some training and schooling in this planet and its dimension and its density and how to be here, rather like your astronauts get training to go out the other direction, you see. So they were getting training to come here, because this had a certain atmosphere. Your Star Treks and your science fiction movies you see have brought some of this back into your consciousness.

At that point there were overseers that had taken on different parts and they were embodied to a certain degree in an energetic sense, and they continued to be very close to the earth species, very close to them, rather like a parent to these ones and they were trusted and these ones in the earth had never known anything different. So when different ones came, these ones did not know any different or how to be any different with them, even though they had a different intent and different consciousness and different make-up. So there was a beginning of fear in the pre-human stage of experiences that began very early to penetrate into this consciousness as the ones who came were not able to communicate well with these ones and then also wanted these ones to show them how to create a manifest form to do what they could do. And they were very willing to share, and they did share this knowledge, but these ones who came did not have the same intent as the original ones did or the ones who are in harmony or the protectors did, and so they created things that were scary at times out of their inability to know that in creating by thought and intent that they were putting into creation those intents that were going to then be seeded for a very long time. 

Now we tell you this story because some of you have memories in your bodies of this original time. That time when there was a beginning of a sort of dissonance that entered creation. And like children, like very young children at age of one or two, when there is something that is in your atmosphere that you are afraid of but you cannot pinpoint it, you begin to react without knowing why, and this is the beginning that began in that time.

Also, some of you entered creation from other dimensions and were not conscious of the power of your creation and of your intent. And so that you also began to create with a sort of unconsciousness, and some of you were rather horrified at what came out of your inadvertent creation. And so this was very early, this was before the human body as you know it was on the planet. So it was already beginning to have some of this penetrating into this planet. 

In the next step there was another stage where those who came in from different planets and places and came to this plane and brought with them knowledge, wisdom, science, sort of a scientific technological advancement, and settled in various areas. They began to draw upon their capacities to bring things into form. Bodies began to densify because they could not maintain the off planet resonances in a magnetic field, so they began to densify. Atlantis was formed by off planet beings, beings that were not part of the original creation. Lemuria came out of Mu and was part of the original creation. Atlantis was not. Atlantis was settled by those who came through Sirius and the Pleiades and some through other gates into this planet, but mostly through those two, which were the two primary ones.

The overseers of Lemuria were Kumaras. Sanat Kumara, Sananda Kumara and those who are in service to the Kumaras. Those in service to the Kumaras are known as the Hathors. These ones served the planet purely with heart, pure heart, pure love. That which was coming from other technologies was very much of mind and began to evolve the mind and the mental matrix for the earth. It was the next stage of evolution. The mental matrix was formed in Atlantis and it formed geometrically by that which is your sacred geometry. Pythagorus was one who channeled as a bridge from there to here, as were some of the great theologians and ones who used geometry. Euclid is another. Also, some of the Renaissance beings such as Leonardo de Vinci. Your Einstein and different ones began to bring forth some of that geometry, some of that experience of what it was that was brought into the mental matrix for the earth. So they geometricized, made pyramids and made great cities, but again some of these were not totally densified into the same density that you now know. Yet they experimented widely. 

Crystals were brought from other planets to this plane. Great, great large ones, and many, many, many beings continued to come. Atlantis was the seeding of the Western geometries, the mind, and yet there was another seeding going on in the East, and those ones seeded from another place, another dimension, another planet. That is why the evolution in East and West has been somewhat separate. It is why the language was somewhat separate and difficult to comprehend and translate.

This part that you are most familiar with you have inherited from the Atlantians. The earth as you know it, the Western hemisphere, particularly the continent of North America and leaning over into Europe was the Atlantian energy field, the matrix. Lemuria, Mu, was primarily south and over in the Pacific and reaching down into what would be not only one land mass but several that split off. Your Aborigines in Australia are some of those that were split off as that land mass moved out of the original mass of Mu. This Atlantian time was a time when the protectors basically had to stay out, because this was a planet that was given a freedom to evolve a consciousness, and so there was a great migration to this planet, particularly from those planets and universes before yours as they had sort of grown stale. They had lost a sort of energy and rather than completely die out they sent parts of their population to this planet in order to rejuvenate and re-energize. So this planet became a sort of way station for many beings from different dimensions, different planets, different universes and they didn't know each other. So in the beginning there was a sort of competitiveness and one named Thoth took charge in Atlantis. Because of the competitiveness he began to say that "this is the way it is going to be", sort of asserting a unified authority based on technology and geometry primarily, science, mind. With help he controlled the last whole eon or civilization of Atlantis until it self-destructed or destroyed itself. That one brought much into earth in terms of knowledge, but that one also restricted all emotion from manifesting or messing things up. The original earth energies and creations were of the water element and were emotional, very loving, open. They could not do what the mind could do and so they were considered less than. They began to be put aside. 

Also, Thoth and others began genetic experiments to begin to create a race that would populate this earth, but primarily to serve them originally. And they drew on the genetic technology known to certain ones called the Anunnaki, that you have read about perhaps, who had advanced genetic engineering capabilities. They worked with that, they knew how to do that. So they put them in charge of creating a race. They drew out of the original ones, the beings that were the original ones, the small ones, that had a lot of hair as part of their nature. They drew from them and then also seeded with their own race, and also drew from some of the other races that were in this Atlantian civilization. Some of the early experiments did not work. Some of what you know of in the mythologies of ones who were partly animal and partly human were the result. Sanat Kumara had great compassion for the original ones and he stepped in at one point with permission and put a seal upon the genetic experimenting that was producing such ones, because there was no way that that consciousness could evolve for the intent of the Creator.

Sanat Kumara, in putting on the seal, also made himself vulnerable to Thoth because he had to enter creation and was more visible. In doing so Thoth began to also be aware that there was another power that was at least equal, if not greater, to his own. That was a sort of beginning of Thoth's downfall, but because this one had a great amount of power already, this one decided to become more powerful because he was aware that there was one who had a great amount of power in the earth and wanted to be superior. And how to become superior was to take more control with greater power, greater implements or instruments of power and in some ways to trick some of those who were also a part of this creation, this ongoing creation. Thoth had connection to some from the stargates of Pleaides and Sirius, and there was a shift that took place that began to shield what he was doing, and the overseers believed that the evolution was continuing with a certain amount of order. He continued to say there was great amount of order as it was proceeding, and they believed him. Sanat Kumara could not interfere because Sanat Kumara has always been the one who knew the intent for this place and knew that the only interference was whenever that intent was going to go off course too far. Otherwise he was ordered to watch regardless of what was happening. 

So as the story continues, Thoth, with all of those that were in his arena, continued the experimentation. They could not create the beings that had been created any longer, because that was no longer genetically possible, but they did evolve a form, the precursor to your own form. And these ones began to have the genetic possibility to reproduce themselves, and as that happened they also began to be ensouled with consciousness. The consciousnesses that came into these ones initially were from the earth ones that were the original ones that were closest genetically to these consciousnesses. However, there were those that began to also want to come into the bodies and there were limited ways to come in to form, particularly as these star system bodies were not matching well with the density of this magnetic planet. So ones began to jump into bodies as they were readied, in order to get here. You might be some of them.

Now this had to go on for some time in Atlantis in order to create enough genetic material to continue the race. So there was a hands-off time, and yet the Sirians and particularly the great council began to grow concerned because there was a sort of polarity developing that was creating a great amount of energy and discharge that was not being worked with or recycled. It was being stored in a great unconscious pool. This great unconscious pool was creating pressure in the earth, within the earth. The pressure was building because there was not a sense of release. Thoth didn't know this. Thoth continued to do what he was doing with the mind and the mental geometry containing energy, focusing energy, and using it, but not realizing that in containing and not allowing the earth presence and the water elements of the emotional elements to evolve with the mind that he was missing a big piece. And we say he, it is not just he, it was an entire population that was in this alignment.

At one point there were those who were also embodied who knew the intent. Many of them were feminine, in feminine forms. Thoth was the initial one who separated or segregated the sexes in Atlantis, feeling that technology was better suited to the energy of the male form. The feminine form was threatening because the feminine was connected more to creation and to the water element and to the emotion. So the feminine element was only used primarily for what was either artistic kinds of things or reproduction. They were put into isolation camps of sorts which served the women because they formed a very strong bond. They also began to form a systematic way of being together in relationship that began to harmonize again more with the elements of nature. The male evolution was more through the mind as epitomized in the height of the Atlantian civilization. We are going into detail partly because it seems relevant because you ones are the inheritors of this and it is also part of your story. 

As this Atlantian civilization continued, Sirians, the council and Sanat Kumara began to be very concerned because the evolution of the intent of the Creator was not proceeding. There was a hold upon it by the minds of that time and so there was a time table that began to be inserted, and if this situation was not changed within a certain time then there was the possibility that this experiment would have to be "scratched". If the intent was not proceeding to evolve a consciousness that was to be a fully embodied union of this natural element/matter/mother with the Creator itself within it, then it could not proceed in this particular planet. This planet would end up being taken over as it looked like it was beginning to be done by those who were taking it over. And it would be like other planets in other universes that run their cycle and then that form serves its time and it is dissolved. That was not the intent for this planet, but it looked like it was going in that direction.

At a certain point, Thoth, without realizing it, angered Gaia Terra. The genetic pool that was surfacing there had a great amount of her lifeblood flowing through these bodies and these bodies began to be desecrated in a sense, not treated as sacred, not treated as beautiful as she wished to be treated. And the elements of creation had been abused and used with intent to not be with but to be above and superior. At a certain point, Gaia Terra began to threaten with earthquakes and with sort of anger beginning to come out from the core of this pressure within the unconscious that was rumbling from within. Thoth got concerned, finally, and when he got concerned he turned to those who he had isolated, those who were on the islands, those who were the feminine ones, for help. He turned to them because he knew that they were closer to this creation and this consciousness than he. These ones tried in their way to give him council, and yet he was a bit arrogant. He did not like to listen well. So he began to take into his own hands what he thought he could do, and using crystal focus and energy he decided to release the pressure himself. He was going to do that by drilling, in a sense, with laser light through the core to release the pressure in an organized, orderly fashion. You understand his thought, yes?

Well, what happened was that he disrupted the matrix in doing so, using that kind of energy within the crystalline energy of the body of the mother, creating a wound within the matrix, a great hole. And basically, within a very short time Atlantis was no more. It basically self-destructed upon itself, going deep into the ocean, into the wound itself, which it submerged into.

There were those who got away by being warned through their connection with the mother, and they moved out of that range of that devastation ahead of time, many of them women, mothers. Many of them also taking with them the people that were the precursors to the humans into Africa, into South America, and into the northern part of Europe. These were the areas where these ones began again, and gradually those who were not dense in form left those bodies and then began to be born into the bodies that were now able to support consciousness, beginning consciousness.

As a result, those who were seeded here could not bring full consciousness into these forms because the bodies were not able to hold full consciousness electrically or magnetically, so the consciousnesses had to leave part of the consciousness out in order to be in these bodies. The DNA structure had been altered from the original creation and altered from the starseeds or the seeds of those genetic codes from the other dimensions or other planets, and so the genetic code of the prehuman was somewhat limited initially because there was a sort of need to adjust that which was still trying to come together.

There is a thought matrix here that is still here from Atlantis, because your planet evolves and continues to evolve through everything that has gone on before. So those who also had memories and codes took with them certain aspects of the Atlantian thought matrix and recreated some of these in your pyramids and different elemenets of Egypt, South America and Central America. These ones were also evolving out of these bodies using these forms that were evolving, but now you could gradually starseed more consciousness into these bodies. That was part of the evolution. 

These ones were hooked up again with Sirius. Both the Mayans and the Egyptians were hooked up with Sirius. There was also a race hooked up with Sirius in Africa. The Aborigines also know the connection to Sirius. Sirius is the main stargate for this particular creation, Pleiadies being a secondary one. The Earth then reopened some stargates in the different places where the pyramids and theses ones were.

Another whole group of beings began to come into this planet through these stargates that were reopened and opened with consciousness now to continue to carry on the intent of the Creator here. Many of you came then. You did not come previous to the Atlantian time or the Lemurian time, you came then in what might be called the third wave of seeding here. This seeding was more fruitful in the sense that it was also disseminated and not localized in one area or one center. So there began to be diversity, and diversity in this planet was necessary because whenever there was a centralized focus, look what happened. Hitler tried again, do you see? In your recent time, you have been replaying some of your old history. You wounded the earth with your bomb, yes? It is very similar, very similar to the end of Atlantis. Why? So the matrix of the mental plane that was created back then could shatter. Could shatter what was held then so that the original creation and the original intent could come forth out of the body that has held it coming forth from the original time. We jumped a bit. However, it seemed important to tie this together, to realize that this story has been going on for a very long time.

You ones in incarnating here, particularly those who seeded in the third time, were given instructions to be aware that the intent is to evolve a consciousness. Keep that in mind. Don't forget that. And the other part was there was a large large pool of an unconscious formed in Atlantis. A denied and submerged energy field that had to be released. Now that began earlier, but it went into full speed with the last two thousand years.

In order to continue to speed up the intent to fulfill that intent within this creation, there was permission given for the Kumara energy to be reinserted directly into the earth plane. Sananda (as Jesus) volunteered. Sananda is one who is of great pure light, love. With Sanat Kumara, this being has  been part of overseeing and part of protecting this planet from early on. This one volunteered, and in order to come into this planet there needed to be a certain energetic configuration and an awakening of the DNA to support that consciousness and that energy field. So there was an impregnation of the consciousness within the DNA of one who was to bear him. That one being Mary in your biblical story. That one also was a volunteer, also a Kumara of that descendant. And that one volunteered and had a different a sort of awakening process that she did within a community called the Essenes.

The Essenes were seeded by consciousnesses who knew what was going on so they could ready this whole energetic configuration with intent and consciousness so that this could happen. Jesus did not come in to a stable without preparation. There was a lot of preparation for centuries of time leading up to it. That preparation was in order to get that DNA capacity opened to such a degree that a pure resonance of love could be inserted into this planet. That was his job. Now that one also drew upon and was needed to wed East and West so in the early years when he was able to travel, he went East, being born into the West, into the Roman Empire. He went East and was trained, taught and again seeded energetically and with a matrix that was given him with that which had evolved in isolation somewhat. And that isolation had kept intact a sort of golden awareness, golden consciousness. That consciousness of that which was not connected or bound in matter, was not bound in the physical matrix. It was kept alive in consciousnesses and it was kept alive with those who did not have a physical matrix. They were beings who could come and go, the ascended ones who could come and go without being born in physical bodies.

Jesus had a physical body, but he needed that consciousness and that awareness and that union in order to then seed his consciousness fully into this matrix. So they taught him, they brought him through a process of initiation to that unification, they gave him the gift that he would give us or give you. Do you see? So he came back and this story continues. Most of the rest of it is written down, but not very well. You ones have memories, perhaps, which serve you better at times. He came back and he was able, through his presence, to begin to seed love into the hearts of those that recognized him. He was surrounded by ones who continued to know the intent was to be carried forward, and they were drawn into the next unfolding of the drama that was to unfold the next two thousand years. They were strengthened, they were blessed, they were graced, they were given everything they would need, in a very short time. Perhaps many of you were there. 

There were three very active years and these ones were given what they would need for the next two thousand years. So a lot had to happen. That way, much of it wasn't written down, do you see?  How much do you get written down? Do you get a lot written down of what happens to you? Probably not. Well they didn't do very well either. So there are a lot of gaps. However, those who were in training for the next two thousand years got the training, and they got it with direct contact with this one and with those who continued to be a part of this, bringing this intent through into the next two thousand years. So the story gets very interesting after that point because there was in the seeding of this penetration of love, of the Kumara energy back into earth, back into the seeding, there was beginning of the felt experience of the unconscious. Now what do you do with a massive unconscious? You already know the answer to that one. You have to let it out, act it out. You act it out, you let it out, you play it out and you release it.

So what has the last two thousand years been? The dark ages, yes? Not completely, but highly dramatic. Barbarian invasions, crusades, wars upon wars upon wars upon wars, every place upon this planet has been touched by wars, and what do wars do? They spill blood and they also destroy the body, but they free the consciousness. Consciousness continues to evolve then by being freed with a certain amount of aggression, which is coming out of that suppressed rage, anger and pain, and also clearing the wound that was experienced in Atlantis by the Mother Herself. So your bodies carry the wound. Your bodies carried that suppressed unconscious. And you, in incarnating over and over again, have transmuted about 90 percent of it in the last two thousand years. Perhaps some of you feel like you've done most of it in the last two. It has been intense, but you did take it on because you were told to remember, you were told. And you have remembered that there was an intent within all of this and somehow you knew in this lifetime that you had to do it. You had to finish your agreement on this planet to do that. So you have been eager beavers, do you see? You have been working very hard, even if others did not understand what you are up to and perhaps are not yet understanding, you ones are doing what you knew you had to do, and could not do otherwise.

So, the story is coming to its culmination, its end. It is the fulfillment of the intent of the One who sent forth the desire to come into this planet and be fully present in matter, wedded to this matter, this matrix, this mother, this beauty, this reflection. That one has been longing, waiting, loving, passionately hoping, desiring for this time. You ones have been doing the same thing, only from the other side. Longing, hoping, desiring for union, because your consciousness feels separate, feels that sense of not being somehow all together. First you unify with your own consciousness that had to go outside of the body, because the original bodies were not able to fully integrate that consciousness, so there were chakras, centers established to hold parts of your consciousness. The earth also established chakras, centers, that also has held aspects of consciousness. Why do you think some of you ones travel around all the time? Do you see? You're going to get charged with consciousness that is in various areas of the earth, and as you and your body are moved into those locations there is a subtle but very real opening of your consciousness to receive the consciousness held there, and then you go home and integrate. Then some of the DNA within your body opens, shifts, and allows that full embodiment or more full embodiment to happen. So you go around collecting. Do you see?

What is the purpose of that? First of all to get for yourselves a reunion of your own being together, embodied here. At a point in time in your future when there is an organism of unified consciousness which is heart based and the Kumara energy is blossomed in the individuations of all who are present, including the planet herself, then the Creator will complete this. That is in the future. Your part right now is to fully embody as much of your essence and as much of your consciousness that has been separated out of this body as possible. Continue to complete the intent of releasing out of the unconscious and out of the earth whatever has been accumulated, and transmuting that so that it no longer needs to be a part of the consciousness here or of the creation here. You are not to create wars forever, you see. It has been a part of the release, it has been a part of this time, but it is not to be a part of the next.

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