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How We Are Being Assisted by Those from Other Planets and Dimensions

Blessings, Hello. We have brought friends tonight to assist this time of moving from the focus upon the human last week to all of that which is the evolution and how it will proceed into the future, as well as who has been part of the story. Perhaps the unseen part of the story, the nonphysical material aspects of creation that have been assisting as well as influencing this story.

Welcome to those of you who are joining us this evening for the first time. We hope that we do not leave you too confused if we do not refer back too much to the other aspects of the story, but we will do some referral back because it all weaves together, and really the story has to be told linearly in your consciousness in this language. However, it is truly not linear, and before we begin to say what we have prepared for this evening we would like you to imagine this in your imagination, because that way you will perhaps be aware of the holographic way that this is to be understood. 

Those who are here to assist you are not in a separate dimension space so much as we are an aspect of the whole that does not interface so much with the aspect of consciousness that you are tuned into. If you could imagine something like a large diamond that is not pointed at one end but multifaceted in all directions, with many many tiny facets. If you are focused in through one facet of that and then we are focused through a facet that is several degrees different, we meet in the middle and perhaps even before that there are interchanges. But on the outside there is not so much meeting. That is more what is the truth of the whole of the story as well as what we are to explain tonight.

The multidimensional universe is culminating it's focus of attention for the intent of the Creator to manifest a form of consciousness through which that creative force, power and source can incarnate fully, can become one with. That intent has been weaving throughout all of that unfolding of the universes that have been part of this evolution of the Source, Creator, up to now. The earth has the distinction of being a melting pot where many many many ingredients have been joined together to co-create a consciousness that is the weaving together of the whole of the dimensions and the multi-dimensions into one multi-faceted consciousness. You have not known what has been going on fully because your job was to focus, to complete, the intent through your individual soul -  to be as much you, as much individualized as you can be. Throughout all of your meanderings in this earth, or beyond, it has been your job to fully become you, the essence of the individuation of the aspect of the Source that you are. That is what this time is calling you to. This is the time to cast off all of the accumulated thought forms and clothing personas, all of that which has been false authority that says this or that, and all of the teachings, until you come to the knowing of the essence of the soul of the self, and you emanate it without anything, any illusions, any veils, anything in the way.

Now, you have had some help along the way. You have had much help, because what happens when there is a consciousness evolving in form without memory? Well, those ones meander about losing touch with the original intent, losing touch with the intent of their own being and starting to forget who they are and what they are up to. And since you have the mind of the Creator, you continue to create regardless of what you are focused upon. So you have needed some guidance and some help.

Those who have been primarily concerned with the evolution of this planet we spoke of somewhat the first night. There have been many great masters. Some you have known by name and some you have not. None of them would say that any are more important than any of the others. These great ones of love and compassion have overseen your evolution from the beginning of the time when this consciousness began to take form here. These ones, Sanat Kumara, Sananda Kumara, all of the Kumaras who have joined you in your story over time, Kuthumi also joining you in time and space within form, St. Germain also joining you, those that have been the great angelic forces, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriella, all of these have been and more, many many more. Metatron and El Morya and all of these ones have had their focus to purify the intent so that it might be felt and known by those of you who are to receive it. When you connect in prayer or with asking by your intent to any of these Masters or any of the great ones, you intend to clarify, to purify. Now what are you clarifying? Not what you know in the mind, not what you've learned, but that which is the deeper wisdom knowing and feeling that which says"yes, this is who I am, this is what I am, this is what I intend to do, this is my intent and this is all aligned".

There has been a great amount of falsity that has been believed as truth, woven through the collective matrix consciousness. All of this has not come directly through you. Some of this was brought in. Some of what we speak of tonight is those who have brought into consciousness elements that are now to be re-organized. Ones came from the previous universe, this was also part of the story of the first night, who brought with them vast technological and mind technologies, geometries, understandings and architecture. They were able to put into form great buildings, great things that were designed to be connected to certain systems, star systems and pointed in certain directions in order to receive information and continue to pour forth what was their initial gift. Some of these ones had moved out of alignment with the Source, with the direct intent of the Creator in the sense that the mind had moved them into a place where they believed they knew what was the mind of God. They thought they knew. They were geometricizing. They were mathematicians, but they knew, they thought. Because they thought they knew they then began to crystallize. They didn't realize that in thinking that they knew that they were forming a matrix over the natural fluid creative matrix that the earth was formed of. And so, they moved out of sync with the Creator. In moving out of sync with the Creator they lost the element that we are speaking to you about tonight, the knowing, the emotion, the feeling, that which says "yes", and is always able to move fluidly into the next element of creation, the next opening, the next intent.

These ones were not from the earth. They were from the other previous level of consciousness and the universe that was called the eleventh universe. We have spoken of Yahweh and Thoth. There was also the Elohim, but not the Elohim ones that surround the Source. These others took the name in order to confuse those upon the earth, because they would stand in a place of authority and would author a false matrix. You ones are descendents, some of you, many of you, of those who came in with these thoughts in the matrix of consciousness. You were shifted, altered, and your DNA was the result of those alterings. It shifted so that there was a sort of subtle shift away from the direct connection with both the creative elements and the matrix of the mother and with the false matrix of consciousness woven around the earth. There was also a subtle separation in the field that was directly penetrating through the consciousness to those who were to receive it, so it was diffused. The only way to get in was to then directly embody those who could maintain connection directly and not get caught in the diffused matrix. Therefore, the necessity of embodiment of those who would come through the veil such as Jeshua ( Jesus, Sananda), Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, all of the different saints in any of the traditions. Many of them were connectors to connect and keep that intent moving into the matrix of the mother, the direct connection to the earth so that she would not feel totally without that connection and the consciousness would continue to get fed even though it was altered or shifted.

There are those who are yet continuing to want this altered matrix to maintain and to continue to be in place because within it they have had a great amount of success in moving their thoughts into creation. Some of you have read about what are known as the Greys. It is a word given to a certain aspect of those who have been from outside of this planetary system, but who have infiltrated it and have been quite successful using the matrix that was formed in Atlantis to continue to move into a sort of control place. These ones have had help with those who have also woven into the matrix and continue to hold that in place with their consciousness plugged into it.

There are also those who have been working diligently to make the shift. These ones, besides the Mastering ones or the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, have been coming from different aspects of your universe. The Pleiades were part of the original influences into this planet. They also have a great need to right some of the illusions or aspects of what they brought in that ran counter to the matrix of the Mother here. Their sensitivities were not completely evolved when they came. They have done much more evolving since, and now they have come and are writing books through channels to try to set it right. However, because there is a certain matrix that oftentimes is influencing, when you read such materials from any source, pay particular attention to what feels like a sort of shifted matrix, almost as if there is a turn as it comes in rather than direct. There is a sort of an angle. If you sense the angle coming in, know that there is also an energetic that has been added to the channel that continues to attempt to reinforce the shift in your matrixes, your consciousnesses. That which is the direct way is to continue to anchor directly into your own soul essence asking for alignment with the intent of the Creator to realign you and to ask those who are of the angelic as well as the great Mastering ones who have direct rays. The Kumaras can be helpful. Those who are assisting now that have come to be with you are not directly involved in altering the matrix. They are supportive of what is to come, which is the necessity to have those who have technologies to enable a rapid recovery upon the earth to be ready to assist you. 

You have heard of Ashtar. He and others like him have intensively studied the earth and the matrix of the Mother, moving very close and into this planet in order to be familiar with the original matrix and to also realize for themselves what it is that are the essential ingredients and the sequence necessary to speed up manifestation. And these ones are in direct harmony relationship with the Kumaras and all who are serving the realignment of intent. They are necessary. These ones are also drawing upon the Sirians, the great dolphin race, who have been within your planet in that form, although some are in human forms as well. These ones are also very connected to this realignment of the matrix and they have placed beings around this planet that continue to hold the original intent. That began to be felt on what was the 12:12 this past December. That matrix was hooked into the earth directly with those of you assisting and those in the earth assisting to be vehicles, those who had direct alignments, who had realigned and created that sense of straightening the angle. They were then able to assist this connection. That matrix is now connected. There are those who feel that connection now and who are very upset about it in the sense that they can no longer hold the matrix of consciousness in the same way that it has been held. That matrix, that angled, false matrix that was woven in and altered your DNA and your receiving mechanisms is now not able to be controlled in the same way because there is another tone that is now available, much more directly available than it was previously.

Now those who are in this position of helping or assisting are also magnifying through this matrix that is now in place these, all we can say is that they are like tones, they're frequencies that every one of you who is listening can pick up and tune into. Every animal and every plant in the earth is also beginning to hear it and feel it. Every rock, every mineral, and every aspect of the Creator created order. The matrix of the Mother is also picking it up and receiving it and retuning. 

This year is a retuning here. First in the energetic, but very soon you will start to feel that synchronization moving you from within into a collective creation experience. This time is not one to be lazy in the sense of not paying attention, because as much attention as you give this your entire body and all of your aspect of the individuation that you have evolved will come into alignment with this tone. In that process you will be releasing all of that which is the false matrix, and any entities, thought forms, etc., who have been attached to you or to your grouping in order to maintain that control. That control is no longer to have control of the earth. 

Those places of power and that control system are not wanting to really accept this fact yet, even though it is a conclusion that is already in place in the sense that it cannot not happen. In the later part of this century there is to be an attempt to reassert authority by those who have been in control. These are the original ones who came into this planet planting this, some of whom are on planet, some of whom are not. That will be a time of another choosing. You are aligning to the matrix that is yet somewhat outside of the other one. That other one has been so close to you, it has been within your body, it has been within your mind, it has been within your creation, it has been everything that you have known, some of you. If that matrix is sufficiently cleared by enough beings on the planet, then these ones will have no power at all and you will make the discernments that are necessary to say "this is not in alignment with this tone of pure intent that I know to be who I am and that which is the Creator". There will be those, however, who will not be so aligned and who will be duped, because they will speak words that are familiar to your ears, they will manifest in ways that look to you to be very powerful, beyond capacities that you perceive yourselves to have yet evolved or brought into form. They will have those things that look to you to be magnificent and powerful tools and they will be speaking words that seem to be the truth. The only way you will know the difference is by recognizing the feeling and the tone. That is why you need now to do this alignment. This alignment will be more important than you will ever know until this manifests in your future. And that time is one of great discernment, because the more you discern what matches this tone and what aligns you directly, and what feels as if it comes on an angle and it has to move in a way that is not of pure intent, those things will serve you in great order, great, you will be multiply served by the work you do now. 

Once you have your intent aligned into that matrix beyond the illusion, beyond that which is the false authority, you will find that it eases for you. There is an easing of the need to purify and clarify and pay attention although you will continue to have to sort out from what comes to you what fits and what does not. That will be a continuous process. This time is one where if you pay attention to this tone, which we will assist you to tune into tonight, then you will also know the truth of your nature and your part in this next unfolding time for you will move in alignment with that and you will get your guidance and your fulfillment, and your joy will come through this experience. For your soul, your being, desires to reunify completely. That which has been separated wishes to come together.

We will mention another part of the story which we began earlier. The human body was designed and formed with intent. That body was created with the capacity to not only feel emotion and be part of the water element of the great Mother matrix, Gaia Terra, but also to have consciousness of mind and to integrate a mental matrix to bring the two together. Those who took part in the genetic transmutation necessary for the human body to be brought into form are known as the Annunaki. They are also coming back into this solar system within the next thirty years. It is hopeful that the shift upon the earth plane to this new matrix will be complete by then, because they have not evolved in the same way you have evolved. And their intent is also not completely aligned with the intent of the Creator for this planet. They did their part, but they were not fully aligned. Many who came from other dimensions were not, and they were also influenced by that which was already present, which was the eleventh universe thought matrix. So they have evolved differently and when they return they assume that you will not have evolved, and what is necessary is to have in place the fruits of this evolutionary being that you are and to be so cohesive as a consciousness with the Mother, Gaia Terra, and the Source that these ones will be converted. These ones will be transformed because of who you are. In a sense those who had a hand in creating you are to be then transformed by those that have evolved this consciousness, for they are also, perhaps, in the future. As they add their aspect again there is something that will come from that as well.

This planet is just a seed of the conception of the great Source with this Mother into the form that you are to manifest, and your children will manifest, and the evolutionary body will manifest. This is the seed to then go forth and multiply itself in many many many many different forms and dimensions. The aspect of God, Source, the Creator has never before come together in such a way. That is why the end of this story is the beginning of another. The end of this story is nearing its time, but it doesn't end in a chopped off death as much as it inverts. And the inversion process is what you are needing help with personally and planetarily. Then the Source merges with the Mother through your bodies and consciousness to form one whole.

Now many of you may be aware that there have been other entities that have been working with you. or those who are guides, those who are teachers, those who have been with you for some time. These ones, most of them, are aware of the plan of this evolution upon the earth. Some are evolving as you evolve as well, although some are not. Their connection with you is to be part of the evolution so that they too can evolve. Many are connected in different ways in the astral plane, because the astral plane is to be no more. Its place has had a purpose in this time of illusion, and there needed to be a place where that matrix could extend whether you had a form or not. The lower astral planes, the middle astral planes, and the higher astral planes have all been familiar to you. It has been part of your journey out of body many times. These planes are part of the inversion process of the consciousness for this planet because they are part of your consciousness. They are extensions of your consciousness. They are extensions of what has been created here and not cleared up and brought there into those levels of consciousness. So they cannot exist and remain in existence if the matrix, the realigned matrix, takes place here and shifts everything. So those beings are also hooking up more and more and more to you, particularly those of you who are in an evolutionary path, so that they can evolve too. So you have those who hang around you and who are evolving, because they can't evolve as rapidly in the dimension that they are in. This is the high speed course going on here, and so if you have those that you are aware of joining you or you find them in your homes or you find them in your auric fields or others find them, assist them through your awareness to evolve, for they are needing assistance so that you are not only being assisted, but you are also assisting and that is part of your service and part of your part.

We have talked for some time. Perhaps your questions will assist us to clarify things for you. If you wish we can begin with any of you who have been holding such questions in your minds.

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