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Dimensional Acceleration

Only three weeks have passed since the Spring Equinox, yet the activities and challenges jammed into the last 23 days made it feel like a much longer stretch. Time is less linear than one might acknowledge, and we’ve just had some excellent demonstrations of its elasticity.

The process of disconnecting from Duality has seriously kicked into higher gear. The equinox was expected to be the kickoff to major change, but none of us knew what that would mean in experience. I, for one, wasn’t prepared to be laid flat by the depleting misery of the ubiquitous norovirus. However, the upside to attracting major purge assistance is achieving maximum effect in minimum time. I willingly take my adjustments as needed, but I do reserve the right to be cranky. And yowzer, I’ve been cranky.

This is a dimensional shift. We’re not going anywhere, yet we find ourselves in new territory. During this dimensional transition our perceptions of self and reality radically change. A defining element of the dualistic structure is how splits in consciousness generate perceptions of being separate from what appears external to us. Our energies then get focused externally through polarities and dependencies. It appears that we should attempt to fix or eliminate whatever we are polarized with, but as you know in that system there is always something else vying for attention.

Now we are turning within. Our reference place in the new dimension is internal, not external. Right now we are increasing the rate at which we exit duality and shift our focus from outward to inward. Our new natural state is what we have been calling Creator within creation. We have always been the creator of our experiences, but such is not the perception when unconscious of our true nature. Some people speak of a shift to being. We do get to be. We get to be us, expressing. This new, living field is clearly designed to materialize and orchestrate the desires of all parts of the whole. All the time. It’s a perceptual, referential shift of cosmic proportions. And, it is upon us.

So, it’s okay to feel out-of-sorts. It’s okay to feel like nothing is the same as it used to be. It isn’t. It’s okay to feel tired and nauseous. How can we not feel disoriented and disturbed when our sense of the world as we have known it is dissolving within us? I’ve also had the thought that some part of us is moving through the 5 stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Remember, we used to physically die as the only way to transition beyond duality. It’s a gift to have this rare experience to transition while embodied, but it’s not without challenges.

And one more theory. Almost everyone seems to be dealing with some kind of virus, and I believe these viruses are assisting our transition. I have noticed from my own experience that I feel different coming out the other side of this “adjustment process”. Something is missing in me that was previously more present. I could name it tolerance, but I’d rather say I have been stripped of adaptations that allowed me to survive the painful aspects of living in duality consciousness. What used to tap at my nonsense filter now projects itself in giant letters that say “hey, I’m such a giant load of BS and stark-raving madness”. The assault on my senses was at first so visceral that at times that I wanted to scream.

But, after some initial repulsions I realized what was happening. I was focused outward. That horrible feeling of powerlessness endemic in Duality can now be a friendly reminder of where to pay attention. Practice is the order of the day. If you find yourself distracted by the outside world just shift your attention back within to the aspect of Source that you are. From there you will be well-informed. The Field will take care of the rest.

There is no going back to what we’ve known, because now it will be impossible to stomach. There is not a world to be fixed, there is only a world to be re-created. Forget the politicians. Forget the bloated, lumbering machinery of a world gone berserk. Forget all those things that want nothing more than your complete energy and attention. They are dying, and they’re doing some kicking and screaming of their own.

We have created ourselves to be sensitive for a reason. In duality those sensitivities made for a difficult experience. In the new field they will make for a wondrous experience. We are in a process of transition between the two. We’ll get there. Absolutely.

Told you I was cranky,


This Saturday (tomorrow the 13th) is the third session in our 2013 series of Creator within Creation. This series is co-facilitated by Michele and master beings in Spirit. Tomorrow we will be guided by Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, who has been assisting the plan for this evolution of consciousness since before the creation of earth. Anyone can participate, in person or at a distance. Read more and register.

Lightsmith exists as a resource for assisting the process of transformation as it occurs. Our events are consistently at the edge of what is unfolding in the transition from Duality to the New Dimension of Living Light. Michele is a highly-trained and skilled facilitator who works at causal levels in a deeply feminine way.


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  1. Chris, you really know how to put words to all of this. I can relate to everything you’ve said, especially if my focus starts to get pulled externally. So far I’ve dodged being taken down by a virus though, so I’m happy about that. :)

    Rosanne Brekken
  2. I’ve had literal structural issues with my right/left sides not matching, feeling “torqued” and this process began right after the Equinox session. Many chiropractic visits later, it’s interesting to note how we all are responding physically to these shifts. You are right to be cranky. It isn’t fun, and if we had any idea what we were in for, we might not have signed up! It forces us to work through the issues as quickly as we can, because we want to be out of our physical “misery.” Thanks for letting us know we’re not alone…

  3. Thank you Chris. For taking the time to further solidify the solid FACT that reality isn’t even close to always being Real. Glad I’m not the only one trying to convince people to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the fall of the “machine”, that is surely creaking and groaning LOUDLY whilst it crashes and (God willing) burns. As far as the cranky goes, hey, you’re feeling. In my humblest of opinions, it’s better than joining the non-feeling ranks of the zombified Human remains that still share our space!

    Kris Harper

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