This channeling opens with commentary by Michele:

Perhaps like many of you, I have been in an intensified learning process since August, rather like going back to school. Much of the focus is upon my body and the Earth, exploring and discerning ever more specific aspects of consciousness, and learning how to work with them. Any aspect of consciousness in body, Earth, or all of creation can communicate to any other aspect of consciousness, if we are willing to learn how to receive and meet its uniqueness and to be changed by what we receive. 

About mid-October, I pulled a muscle in my lower back. It was painful, and as with other “crisis of consciousness”, it began to release old distorted patterns that could no longer evolve with me. But it also introduced me into an intimate relationship with an aspect of body called the Life Force. Listening, I began to realize how each time my mind had over-ruled my body’s needs or over-rode its wisdom, my Life Force had retreated a little, going back into the Earth Chakra below my feet, back to its source. A slow retreat towards death, so that eventually the Life Force would no longer support my soul to be here. I saw clearly how my religious and cultural training had been to dominate or judge the body, to believe that mind over matter was knowledge, and that if my body hurt or seemed ill, it could be fixed like a machine. Even with complementary health choices, the mindset was still essentially the same; the positioning the same, and the effect on the life-force, the same. The dominant mind still felt superior to the presumed out-of-control and unconscious matter body. All the while, nature in the form of my body continued to speak its and my truth, and gradually, I have learned to honor, respect, and trust its honesty, capacity to heal and regenerate, and desire to communicate directly to my consciousness, always.

As I began to listen to the Life Force of my body, it began to show me how to partner with it, how to respond in the moment to its guidance, and how to ask for its assistance to weave and integrate higher frequencies within all of my organs and biosystems. I heard that without its assistance, all the light and energy work does not of itself affect or increase the Life-force in the body. Ultimately, it is one of the primary factors of determining how long our soul stays here in physical form. 

The Earth is raising the frequency of her body, transforming the density of matter, including our bodies. Our consciousnesses have the power to choose to resist participation with her, holding to superior positioning and thinking they know how to manipulate energy to affect matter. Or we can become again as little children, open, curious, intimately partnered with nature and animated with Life. I am grateful to my back, which is actually realigning itself and repositioning my center of balance, for its part in connecting me with my Life Force. Once again this month, I share a message from the Earth Mother, since she is my primary teacher in this time.

“I wish you ones to realize that your body has such great wisdom to share, that within every cell is a knowing of life, of regeneration, of joy, of ecstasy, of capacities to dance beyond and within what is known of as time and space, differently than you now know it and hold it to be true.”

“Within every cell is the mystery of creation and how to be Creator. It is not in your minds, and it is not in all of the religions, and it is not in all of the books. You can read and do exercises, but most of the exercises that have been passed on have been how to manipulate energy. It has not been truly listening to the source of wisdom with the cells of the body to activate, not manipulate, what is present. Very different, extremely different.”

“My message is simple, it is always simple. Love your body, listen to it, let it share its wisdom, and unwrap it from all of the illusions and distortions that mind has deemed reality and truth over many many centuries and lifetimes, but which has grown increasingly burdensome and dead. Begin to identify death, and then know life. Know what feels alive and identify what feels dead, for death comes in many varieties of forms, most of which you would call reality.”

“Life is just beginning to be felt and known once again as you open to its powerful emanations, powerful pulses, and powerful guidance. Life seeks life. I seek you. The truth of your consciousness alive in my body is the animation of the creative force embodied. If you can understand that statement you will begin to live it, and as you live it you become that animated creative force. It is not thought about, learned, and then accomplished by manipulation of energy.” 

“You can manipulate energy and grow old and die. Seek teachers who look alive, and at least have a pulse on something that is truth. Do not seek teachers who look as if they are not alive, or have not slept well for months or years, or who seem to be a wafting reed in the wind that might break if the wind gets too strong. Seek those who have solidity in their body and in their life-force, and in whom your body feels a sort of pulse around as if you feel called to life. Then you know that you are in the presence of one whose body can communicate to your body whether or not your mind “gets it”. Your body will then assist you to discern what is life and what is death. Love your body as I do, and life is assured.”

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