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Breathe with me...........
As you breathe, take into your body more life...more life......more life
Grab it, take it in, and take as much as you need right now.
If you feel a little depleted take more than you need......
Take more than you need.

Now breathe, take, receive
Yes, and taste life
Taste it. You can just eat it up and it will fill you and bring you into your own life force and your own sense of your ability to know how alive is possible for you.

Many people in my body have forgotten how to live, forgotten how to breathe, forgotten how to taste. Those of you who choose to do so, you get more and more and more revitalized. Pretty soon your bodies begin to know that the possibility of extending life grows and grows and grows. Do you know in your mind that your body knows how to live without limitations for quite a long time? You think 80 or 90 is old, yes? But then you do not really live at 80 or 90, you are all sort of prune-like. 

I will teach you some things so you do not get prune-like. Yes? So you have to stand up........

First you listen and receive, then we will do some things together.


Now feel......


Now feel, breathe, feel. Let body begin to talk to you. Let body begin to respond. Not mind, body. So if you start to feel little tingles, little releases, feel, allow, breathe into, move, work with........No mind, just feel.....feeling.........feeling............


Open pelvis, feeling......feeling, sensing, feeling, allowing your body knowledge wisdom to begin to be available........opening.............

Your bodies know my body, my great big body. Your body knows my body, my body knows your body. My awareness, my wisdom, is in your bodies. It could not be otherwise, see? So my wisdom, your wisdom.....there is no "my", there is no "your". There is no separate wisdom. It is only one. Comprende?

So in this body, in these organs, in your tissue as well as in this place right around your body which you might see is not so physical, but it is yet your body. Your body is not just this (slaps Michele's thighs), your body is here as well (moves arms out around Michele's body), all my body. Air you breathe you do not see, but it is my body. You do not see, but you feel, you know my body is present, yes? Your body is present as well. 

So now, to reactivate wisdom, our wisdom, our body wisdom, there is a little sequence because bodies forget when mind has other agenda......other agendas. No agendas in body. Body always knows what is the sequence for health, the sequence for regeneration, the sequence for life. However, life can program cells because mind gives information, and emotion can lock it in place. So if you have a belief that you are not good and you feel that you are not good, that gets locked up in your body, in your cells. Wisdom is locked behind the door of those beliefs. 

What do you need to do....obvious answer. Unlock the doors.........

So, numero uno, you reach up to that place in your energy body contained around you that is your mind, and you begin to take very tangibly the belief structures out of your field. Then I'd like you to throw them, as if you are throwing them into my body....water, fire, volcano, whatever element you happen to love best. Because you have to love some of these elements that I provide for you, yes?..........water, fire, landslides, volcanoes, hurricanes.....

Throw these thought-forms that have created locks upon your own innate wisdom. Gather them together and through them into this place Because one of my great talents is to recycle everything that you give me. Compost. I will take it and I will give it back into creation, and it will create again anew. So whatever you don't want, please do not hold on to it. Whatever is not serving you, please let go because there is better use for it in another form, another structure, another form.

So, anyone have some favorite beliefs they are throwing? Let us build a great pile. Build a great pile, you'll help each other because it builds once you start. Throw them verbally, name them....throw them verbally.

POVERTY.....HATE.......FEAR......LACK........LIMITATIONS........FEAR.......SHAME...... ANGER......RAGE...........

How about that which says you are not worthy?

NOT WORTHY........BAD PERSON..........SEPARATION........

Can you feel yourself starting to lighten a little in your field? .........That you have to suffer........

SUFFERING..........That you have to work hard for a living...............That you are responsible

Big pile, yes? Into this place now we start to go shhhhhhhhh........kama haya..............

Ah yes, yes, yes, yes......... Into this place there is now that which is coming back to you that is starting to regenerate into something new. Because I never give back anything that you give to me the way that you give it to me. I only give it back renewed and full of abundant blessing, abundance......of that which is life. Now please, and it of course is your choice, please receive. Receive......


Into your body, into these cells now go very deep, very deep, very deep.....breathing gently but deeply as if you are knocking on the door of your cells. As if you are knocking on that door that has been closed. Into that deep place you begin to sing to this place with a joyous voice.........

Now feel. Receive and feel, let your cells open as they begin to sing back to you. They sing, they sing back. Might feel like tingling, but it is singing. Receive and, remembrance. Let my wisdom/your wisdom open now. Remembrance of wisdom of knowing of life. Of living fully, of being here in my body as a life force.....the creative life force......the conscious, creative life force that I designed you to be. How do you think you got these beautiful bodies? Accidentally? Through evolution? 

Think again. I will rewrite your books. Because my body in its innate knowing has continued to bring forth wisdom in different forms. When you listen to your trees you hear wisdom, yes? You bring it into consciousness and then you have a voice to then express wisdom and share with others. When you listen to this body, the volcanoes, this great place that you receive wisdom. You listen, you articulate, you bring it forth. When you receive wisdom from the animal kingdom, each of them unique in what they share to you, you have the capacity to bring forward and express. I wanted you here, you see, because that which is so abundant had no voice......had no way to be shared with the rest of the universe in a way that could be translated so that there could be an awareness of all wisdom in forms that could embody it all from very very long long time of growth.........

........and then bring forward this to share because you will have visitors from other places. They are ready, almost ready to join, to come. Do not be afraid. But you must know me and your own body wisdom, or what you will share with them will not be clear. It will be from places of fear and places of separation, and places where the locks on the doors are still informing you that what you know is this much......this much.......not very much. So then they think you're not very smart. They do not have the same capacity. They did not grow here. They do not feel and receive the way you feel and receive. They cannot do that. When they come, there is need for those who are here to be able to bring forward this way of bringing all that you are.......all that you are.....not only body. Spirit as well, but Spirit is not just to go up to heaven and back down and go up to heaven and back down........all of that....up and down, up and down, up and down. 

You've done that many times! We have a new plan. A plan to embody and bring Spirit fully into body. The spirit that has been animating my body, the spirit that animates your body, joined as one in a new way that then informs a universe......a galaxy.....of what we have created here. We then become gift givers. We share the wonder, the beauty, all of what is ours to give. And we are gifted in return. You do not just give your technology and you get their technology. Your governments think that way. That is not your greatest gift. It will run out of wonder very fast. It is finite. 

When you share the wisdom of life, the wisdom of passionate embodied life......and creation, how you create becomes your gift. How we create becomes our gift. I and you join as gift, and then what we receive is not just their technology, but we begin to receive that which is a unique component of an entire spectrum of what is available in the created universe and we take only that which can weave into this place. The rest, we say no thank you. We have not said no thank you very well. 

So say it now:

NO THANK YOU..............

You can sit if it would be more comfortable. But allowing yourselves to realize that your bodies now will inform you more and more and more and more. How do bodies give you information? You have wise ones here.........


Sensation, yes. How else do bodies give you information.


That is not a good one, but yes......


Emotion, feeling


You are only thinking of one level........


Perception, sensations, receiving through the senses, yes, what else? Keep going into the depths of this.


The brain interprets, but it is not the brain.


Cells, getting closer


It's in the DNA. It's in the cells, it's in the nucleus of your cells. How do you get into your DNA? How does it get to you. 


Reproduction. Close, but not quite because you are not going to keep creating babies in order to get information.

Additional comments by participants...........

Love is one way. Someone mentioned joy. Certain places within what you create in this place around you, in your field. It is not only physical, remember first what I said. Body is more than body, body is also here. In this place when you begin to fill it with certain frequencies or filaments of love or joy or anara..........feel anara..........

Begin to feel it in the field in your body. Your body begins to open and it begins to open in such a way that the cells begin to tingle and open information, light codes, codes of light, and they begin to bring to your consciousness certain things you may not have thought of before. And it isn't information that is only through the senses, you begin to know with absolute feeling....knowing in the body, of truth......and you have not doubt. Mind might not understand or even be able to articulate at the beginning, but you will start to feel something. Usually it feels almost as if there's more current or more juice running through some part of you, and you're not sure what it is or why it's doing it. Bring it all the way up the channel. Bring it all the way up the channel so that the cells release into the central corridor of your comes up and it pumps.......all the way to the place where you begin to know in a conscious way and then you begin to bring forward wisdom, innate wisdom, as it opens. And it begins to be your wisdom that you share with another. You will feel it viscerally as it opens, and then you will feel empowered as you speak it or share it in some way.....almost as if it feeds you while you are doing it. Because as the DNA awakens from its slumber, instead of knowing this begin to expand your repertoire of what is known. It is not only understood, it is the knowing that expands. Understand? Sort of......

So, I want you to begin to breathe gently as if you are opening this place of ANARA in your field. Sit or stand, whatever is most comfortable. ANARA is a frequency of joy, bliss, but not quite in a sense of the same as you might say blissed out. It is blissed are not out, you are in. And you begin to open to the experience of what it might be like to be fully awakened in your field. Sort of like a joyful experience of being quite alive. Very alive, almost as if its all around you, as if the air around you in your field begins to be permeated with ANARA. You can say it, ANARA....................


You might just contract your pelvis, just a little bit. Sort of the base of the pelvis. Start to let yourself feel the pump. The pump goes up through the core and it undulates, it's a pumping action but it moves up. Let your cells feel it, almost as if you get out of the way and let it happen. Let it be there, let it work a little bit more than you have contracting a little bit. Then as you do, allow yourself to bring it up, bring it up.......up up up........into the heart, the throat area, until you begin to feel it opening up through your head....this pump, this undulation. Then listen. Use your inner ears, your inner sight, and your inner feeling to pay attention. Do not interfere with needing to understand. Just pay attention as if you are gathering that which is given to you. Be very receptive, very receptive.

There is much...volumes....of wisdom to be shared with you. Volumes......more than you can ever even contemplate. And it isn't that the knowledge that has been accumulated in your libraries and books is bad, it is just that much of it is not fully informed, so there are gaps and limitations where the life force does not flow through that information. You will begin to discern where life is flowing and where it is not. Where it is flowing, open to receive through forms, through words, through singing, through movement, dance, through presence. Where it is not moving, it would be better to discard and put it in the pile. Because it no longer serves, it is crystallized, it is dead. It cannot be reconstructed at that place. It needs to be let go so it can come back and have new energy, new replenishment. Go through your libraries, go through your mind and all of what it thinks it knows. If it has no life, discard, let go, surrender. If it does, breathe in, open, take in, allow it to expand.

So, do you have any questions? Could you feel some of this a little? You can take home and practice........any questions?


It has been here. It has sometimes been injured in the traumas of the experiences this last thousands of your years, our years......I don't like have minutes, I have seasons.
Your bodies have had some wounding. The core is starting to heal more and more so it can again sustain these powerful frequencies that will open you. The core of who you are that animates body out quite far some time......all of this life has to have a certain kind of pump. Your body has a physical heart as your pump. Your other body that is yet also part of my body also has a pump, but it is not quite like a is more undulating. So healing from the woundedness, but always remember that you are not the wound and that when you heal you come back to your remembrance of who you are, not what you are not.

You are not the wounds, you are not the traumas, you are not the beliefs, you are not the conditioning. All of that is part of the pile. Big shit pile, yes? Compost. Fertilizer. You liked that...


Shit is good word.


It is very descriptive. Words that are descriptive have more energy. True? Words that are not descriptive don't have any energy that really opens through them. Think of a word, give me a word and I'll tell you if it has life or not......


What do you think?.........


Government. Not too alive.


Medicine. It could be alive. It is locked. Some words could have life, they just have gotten crystallized and so there's no more energy moving through them because there's a lock on it. But it could's up to you, not up to me.


It is, gradually, more energy, yes.


Car is a very limiting energy....thought form. Vehicle has energy. Vehicle. If you understand vehicle then you begin to feel movement. It does not matter what language you speak. Language is a way of constructing channels for energy to flow through. When there is a wide flow...ALOMAHA.......HAAAAAAAAA......very wide, see? When there is an openness then bodies open. Everything opens and there is coherency. When there is little flow not much happens. So you all have experience of listening to some one energy, and you begin to feel very tired. You begin to feel as if you want to go to sleep or leave the room or do something, because they are not channeling any life force. They have crystallized and locked it away, and they may take your life force instead because they have not opened channels for it. You begin to be their life force....


Church is good word for practice with this. Feel the energy coming through the word. Church. Can you feel? What does it feel like? Practice.


It stops, there's a stopping. What else?.......Give me a word that has energy that might open up. Something similar, but not that, church, something else......


Feel temple....


Transmit. Transmission. Feel the difference between transmit and transmission. There's a little more energy in transmission, just as a sense of openness. A little more energy. Temple has a little more energy than church. What's another word? 


Spiritual, if you close it off with off with only spirit. Feel spirit..... Spiritual opens up a little..... we're practicing, just practicing..... but there are other words you're not touching because you're not open to the fullness of what is possible here. Your language contains many beautiful words. All languages......




Ah, good one. Feel? Feel how it opened up your body. Can you feel? That is what you look for. You open to these certain things that you find in your language. Spiral......oooo......good word.



Feel joy. Does it do what spiral did....the word? What would do that?


Laughter is better. Can you feel? How about ecstasy?


Passion. Open those words. Ecstasy, passion.....start to feel what happens in body when it opens. These are things to play with. I give you play things so you can practice on your own in your own way. You will begin to discern more and more and more, and then you will begin to use these words in your conversations more and more and more. Then you will be the transmission, the transmitter, of this energy more and more and more. You will be a little life radiator. You will be radiating the pulse of life through your body, but through your expression. You see? Words are important, and how you speak is important. If you speak only from here what happens?


You can have headaches, yes.


No life. Difficult to receive that way. If you speak with body and knowing and wisdom.....(tape turned over).......prana...manna....


Why not?! Piranha! Feel it. Feel the word. Not the mental image, no mental image. Feel the word piranha. It has life, it does have life.


Some languages flow more life, that is true. That is why there is need to open language, particularly English..........because so much is clipped and crystallized in the way in which it transmits energy. And it is very difficult for me to use it and transmit what I feel. So I lapse into other language, which is much easier..... So languages are different in how much they transmit of life. When you can merge your ability to understand or comprehend with life, and choose your words to do that......what is that? are just brilliant, brilliant life forms, brilliant beings on this great beautiful body that begins to open more and more and more. And we will shift a few things along the way....those things that are dead. They will go into compost.

So choose life, live life, know life, discern life, and you won't have any worry about compost. Those who do not, they might have to worry about compost.

So, any more questions?


You tell are the one doing this. What do you feel?


Life is there too. It may feel somewhat different wherever you are in the world, in the body of the world there are different experiences, different feelings, just as your liver is different from your heart. If you can feel the difference there then you will feel differences more and more subtly, but very different in the earth. So your body likes to have different experiences. That is why traveling, particularly in the last century, has opened up so that your bodies could again remember by being stimulated by different frequencies, different feelings, different sensations and different atmosphere in different places. And then you have more awakening more naturally in body. So travel, communication, opens up and that then brings more awareness, more information, more wisdom. 

So Minnesota's not bad. I love Minnesota.


Other questions?


There are many levels of codes, so you aren't opening just one door or portal. One of the doors we worked with today is the codes that open into the DNA. The door into the wisdom within the body, which open information and wisdom that has been locked away for quite a long time. But there are other levels of codes as well, and they are opened differently. Different sequences will open different doors, different frequencies will open different doors. It is important to realize that that which is the vehicle of your body is that which needs to open first. If it is not open, then any codes that you open beyond this place will not be able to integrate, will not be able to bring its gift through you, and it will be latent. You may open it but it will not come through. In fact, you can do damage if you open them too soon or out of sequence. If you rush the process and you try to open codes that are at other levels beyond your ability to bring them through you, then there are certain pathways that are not able to handle this and they become traumatized. You will have trauma, and then it takes longer. So opening body and the vehicle of your body first is important, and then your vehicle will inform you when it is time to do next door and next door and next door. And you will not hurt yourself that way.


Because I come to people here in a way that brings them into a remembrance of another embodiment, of another time where bodies were not so separated by minds and thought-forms. So beginning to release from the thought-forms, and then people relax and they open to receive, bodies begin to regenerate, certain things begin to happen, and you go away feeling better. More alive, regenerated. I have a way in this place of communicating a bit more directly. Certain places where there are cities there is so much mass of mental energy it is difficult at times for bodies to open fully. There is just too much pressure, too much belief structures, too much thought-form. Bodies do this. They have difficulty. It takes more work. Here and in other places I am much more available. Bodies recognize, they let go, they open, and then you have more wisdom.


Yes. Each part of my body can have representation in a reflection in your body. Your body and my body have similarities. So here there is a place where you come to be reborn. A place where you can come to be renurtured and nourished, and then you come into a greater knowing of self as who you are and not who you are not. So happy birthday......

So, we do not want to wear bodies out, that is not my intention. At times when I am present your bodies are opening to greater charge, greater life force, and yet you have not fully adjusted to that. Then you will feel a sort of tiredness afterwards. I want to help you release the tiredness when you feel it, because you will when you are not used to holding a greater charge of life, yet. So you open, you feel, and how you release the sense of fatigue in the body is to move to my body very directly. You put hands or feet, but you open up. Then you breathe in a circle. You open and then you let go. So just do that; open up through your body..........and touch your body, coming you feel more heat, more aliveness? This is one way to release some of the fatigue that comes when you stretch your energy field. Then just allow yourself to feel it, integrate it, and then you will feel a bit more alive, a bit more charged. And it will help integrate. Very simple.

It is my great be with ones who are open to receive me. It gives me a sense of aliveness, a sense of..............if you do not mind............. SHOMAKAIA..............(language)................... you see how that feels? That is how it feels. So I would like you to receive now for a time from me. So you open, let yourselves be very receptive and breathing as if you are softening, and allow yourselves to receive.

(Language) to close.............

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