This message was received from the Earth Mother
on September 13, 2001 in the week following the terrorist attacks 
on the World Trade Center in New York. 

We suggest that you read slowly as you breathe her in.


Open to me with your breath
Open to me with your cells
Open to me with your heart
Open to me with all that you feel
with your questions
with your fears
with your confusion
with that which is now present
Open to me

Release from your mind judgments 
All judgments
It is judgment,
separating one from another,
be it deemed worthy
by one version of belief or another
It is judgment,
and the separation that judgment grows
that is underneath,
and behind,
the propulsion
of the events that have taken place in our body

It is our body
It is our collective body
Your body is no different than the bodies of those who left
You have the same cellular makeup
You have similar DNA
You share that which has been passed on
from generation to generation,
regardless of race or religion.
It comes from your bones
which come from my body,
my rocks, my waters,
my living essence

Your souls are individuated
You are indeed unique
But you have joined me,
you have joined a body of earth
It is time now to acknowledge that the bodies
are where you are linked in unity
It is my planetary body that is your planetary body
Your individuation
has been evolving for centuries in my body,
for eons within the Universe

If you wish to consider
that there is unity in light and love,
that is true
For I have evolved from the same light
and the same love
that each of your souls has evolved from
But I have been Mother
I chose the path to be Mother
to bring planetary experiences
to those who chose to be embodied
To bring the experience of bringing thought,
ideas, inspiration and purpose, meaning
into manifest experience
To be the Mother for that

There is one Mother
There is also one Father
Your versions of Father, however,
have varied differently, and greatly
You have varied the version of Father
You cut me off as your Mother,
so you as children have been wildly
running through the mid space
Cut off from your Roots
Cut off from your Source
And acting out rather badly

Iím not speaking only of those
who have created the great pain
Iím speaking of the majority of you
that are in body right now
You may not have acted out badly in this life
You may have chosen love early on
But you would not be in a body in this time
moving through this transformation
if at some point in time
you were not learning the lesson of love

Love, what is it?
What is it?
It is not merely love for a partner,
and your children, and your family
Or your community, or your nation,
or your version of God, or your version of me
That is not love
That is the idea of love lived out
because you have joined together
for varying reasons, varying agreements

Much of what you call love
isnít very unconditional
Much of what is called love
is in name only
Much of what is called love
does not act as if love is present

What is love?
Love is that which breathes your existence
You would not be in existence
with a body or without a body
unless love existed
You ARE love
It is not something you do.
It is not something you claim to do.
It is not something to say 
to cover up that which you 
are not doing or not feeling.
And it is not a feeling
It is the being that you are, 
your essence

And every single soul 
is of this essence
And every single animal 
shares this essence
And every single plant and molecule 
shares this essence, as do I
Every rock, every portion of being

Many of my children left this week
Many of my children leave every day 
and are not noticed
Many of my animals have left 
without even a trace of
recognition or acknowledgment
Many of them in ways that have been horrific

Many of my trees have been cut down 
in the name of progress,
 for someone, for some reason
To have more money, more space,
 more plants that are cultivated 
that are not in balance with my soils
that leach the waters
And the waters go away, 
or the waters flood 
in places where there have never been floods
Why, dear children?

It is time,
those who are now hurting each other
Yes, you have been wounded here in the states
Unusual for you, and it hurts does it not?
Because, dear ones,
dear ones that I love with all my heart,
you have not listened

If you choose only war 
out of your woundedness 
without addressing your woundedness, 
without addressing and listening to that place within, 
there will be much more woundedness.

But you are wise, 
you are educated in the ways 
of listening to your bodies, 
to your intuitions.
Those who are not, 
it is time to tell them to stop 
until they do.

You have enough voices 
if you gather all together 
to say stop, listen.
Call in your wise ones
Call in the councils from the earth
The native peoples know how to listen

Those in these communities 
of light and spirituality 
that have opened to me, 
opened to Source, 
know how to listen.
Those who have been writing 
about listening to what is taking place in my body, 
how the actions of a few are affecting the whole, 
they are listening.

And, at the same time it is important to say
NO, you can not act out in violence 
because your version of God, 
because your version of what is real 
and reality is different than ours.

There have been great inequities
There have been many people 
wounded without acknowledgment
These ones are now coming forth 
and wounding out of the wounds.

Love knows how to heal, and only love
For it is there that you are whole, 
have always been whole, 
and are always going to return to balance 
and wholeness if allowed, with love.
My heart is open to all
I have said goodbye 
to some who have left their bodies
I know they are all in the arms of love
Iím speaking to those who have ears to hear
Who have bodies that know the truth
And who have voices that can speak
I am only one voice, 
but I come through many
I come through all 
who allow me and my awareness
The Mother within all embodied souls 
can speak on behalf of life,
can speak for life

What would you say?
What does your voice wish to express?
And whom do you wish to express it to?
Where will you stand in this next time?
Will I have to say goodbye to you, too, 
or will you stand here with me?

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