Part 2 of 2

Open your heart. 
In the center 
is a golden globe, a golden sphere. 
Find the sphere.
 Find the place where the wound 
opened in the sphere, 
in our core, 
in our heart of hearts. 
We all experienced it. 
Find it and let yourself breathe into it, 
and release from it 
the pain and the emotions. 
Begin to let your body now open. 
As this wound opens, 
it is now 
receiving your love, your body's love, our love. 
Let your love 
surround the wound 
at the core of your heart, 
the core of our heart, 
the core of the earth's heart. 
Open your love 
to heal our heart of hearts. 
Yes, please. 
Please share your love.
Thank you. 
Thank you for your love. 
As this wound receives the love, 
it is made whole, 
and there can be 
a complete restoration 
of consciousness, of body, 
of spirit, of earth. 
Let yourselves relax 
back into your bodies now, 
opening and letting the 
golden globe begin to pulse out 
and send the resonance
 into the outer chamber of your heart. 
Begin to let it fill, 
through your chest, your arms, and your shoulders 
that contracted 
to protect the wound. 
Open also the base chakra 
and the belly 
which contracted up 
to protect the wound. 
Everyone contracted 
to protect the wound. 
Open from your heart 
out and down. 
Out and down, out and down, out and down. 
Open your chest. 
Your heart of hearts is now healing, 
becoming whole, 
and is to be here now. 
Gently breathe into places 
that were contracted in your body, 
places in your shoulders, 
places in your abdomen, your legs and your back. 
Feel them beginning to receive 
the radiance 
of the golden light.

The Christ 
is not coming to earth, 
the Christ 
has always been here. 
The Christ was and is 
the essence 
in our heart of hearts, 
and has always been here. 
It is what created this garden, 
and now 
it is being restored to us, 
not given to us, but restored to us. 
The golden light 
comes from within us, 
from within the core of this great body. 
The core 
of every body on this planet 
emanates a golden light. 
The atmosphere 
used to be golden.
 It was breathed by all.
It was what the plants, 
the animals, 
every rock, 
knew intimately. 
It was what 
you breathed and experienced 
without even knowing what it was.
Let it come forth, 
for as you birth 
this golden light into the world 
you restore the balance. 
Open the base chakra of your bodies. 
Shift in your seat if you need to. 
Move around a little, 
especially the pelvis 
where you have found it difficult to relax. 
is there so much pain at birthing? 
Because of the contraction 
and the protection. 
It takes as much energy 
to release the contraction 
to allow a baby to come to earth now, 
and it is painful. 
Open the base, male or female. 
Begin to release 
the protections, the fears, 
and let your legs be the roots of your body 
your golden light once again
 to the resonance 
of the Christerra heart . 
My heart with your heart, 
through your bodies, 
no longer contracting in protection 
of what we all felt 
and experienced. 
I have released my protection 
from around my heart. 
I am reaching up now, 
the golden light reaching up to you 
as your hearts heal 
and reach down to me. 
We reach for each other. 
We want each other. 
We no longer want to be apart. 

Release your mothers of earth 
and fathers of earth 
from your focus of blame and anger. 
They did not know 
that they, too, 
carried the wound. 
They did not know 
that they, too, 
were contracted unconsciously 
within the distortions 
of the imbalanced state that evolved here. 
They did not know
 that they carried it 
and seeded it within their children.
But you were born 
to be aware. 
As you connect again 
in this place of heart to heart, 
include all of those 
who are part of you through your body,
 who seeded your body 
so that you could be
the salvation of this planet. 
Include those 
who are your blood relatives, 
your children, 
your parents, 
all of those who reach out 
in genealogical connections 
back into the races through which you evolved. 
Reach out and include. 
Your heart, our heart, has no limit.
 It is beautifully abundant in its love.
As you include all, they hear, 
they receive, they are included.
 Focus now with me into your heart of hearts. 
I do not want you out in outer space.
 I want you to be here. 
Each of you has gifts, 
beautiful, beautiful gifts coded in your heart. 
You carry a gift 
that is to be received here 
in our collective experience 
of this earth, this body. 
Breathe those gifts 
as if you are delivering them to me. 
Deliver your gifts to me, 
to all of Me, 
to all of Creation. 
Through your root center 
move your gifts to me, to the Earth. 
Place them in my body 
through your body. 
We are one body. 

            And as you release your gifts
they are released for you as well. 
Gifts are not to be kept. 
Gifts are to be given. 
            you had to keep them safe 
until it was time. 
You had to keep them hidden 
from those that would not understand 
and not accept 
and not receive. 
You did very well to do so. 
And I thank you 
for keeping your gifts 
within this long, long, 
            long, long time of Earth. 
Some of you 
have not revealed 
your gifts this plane. 
You have been 
            waiting for a very long time to 
release what is yours 
to come, to give, here. 
Open these gifts for yourself 
and for me 
and for all 
and sit in the beauty 
of that which is the 
            gift that you are. 
I receive you. 
I receive you. 
I called you forth 
and I receive your gifts 
and I make them manifest.

Let yourself acknowledge 
and be with your gift. 
Breathe into it 
and give it whatever it needs 
as it grows inside you. 
You have already been growing it. 
Sometimes it felt painful to grow. 
The wound was not completely healed, 
but it is still there, 
Call in what you need.
Call in what you need and
 receive it fully. 
Each one of you grows a gift. 
It has many facets, 
and it can take many forms. 
And then you ask 
to receive it first yourself, 
for you must
 receive your gift fully yourself 
before sharing it with all. 
As you 
open that gift to your consciousness 
and your consciousness 
to your gift, 
in every moment 
you will be serving your gift 
and your gift will be serving you 
until such time 
as your body opens 
to deliver it to the earth. 
It will not come out of your chest, 
it is birthed through matter,
through form, 
like a baby, 
into form.
It is birthed down. 
The gift moves down 
and is released to me, 
because I, the Mother, 
have called you in to be here. 
The seeds 
that have been held inside 
are now being planted 
            through your root center, 
planted here to grow. 
Hearts hold the treasures 
until it is time to plant them 
and they cannot be planted 
until they descend through the body. 
All the way 
            through your feet 
to the grounded connection with my body 
            and the whole of consciousness. 
of how much you know,
they cannot be released and planted 
until that which is fear 
or any other contraction 
in the lower part 
of the chakra system and the body 
is opened. 

I receive your gifts 
and I distribute them to all. 
If there is 
a facet of your gift 
that you feel is ready 
to be released from your body, 
 let it find a pathway 
from your heart 
down the corridor of your inner core 
along your spine, 
and gently breathe 
as if you are now receiving 
your own gift through your body, 
giving it away. 
Breathe down, 
releasing whatever is ready 
to be released 
through the bottom of your body, 
opening the bottom, 
the root, 
and letting it go. 
Do not be afraid to let it go. 
Do not be afraid of letting go. 
is not the result 
of releasing your gift. 
is the result 
of releasing your gift. 
Release the fear 
in the pelvis, 
the fear 
of letting go 
of the gift in your heart, 
the fear 
that you will 
leave this body 
if there is no gift in it. 
The gifting is limitless, 
there is no end to the gifts 
of your Essential nature. 
Your consciousness 
is like the new parent 
that is now 
to bring these gifts 
into form. 
The energy is released, 
it is already here. 
What, in your partnership 
with the gift, is your part 
in putting it into forms 
that can be shared? 
Each of you knows, 
it is not a mystery. 
Ask and you will know. 
Your gifts 
and the skills 
that you have 
evolved in this life 
will be brought 
into a beautiful dance. 
There will be 
combinations of people, 
of all of the beautiful resources to help you, 
to help you gift each other 
with the gifts that are coming forth. 
As the restoration and the balance 
begins to be felt 
you will know greater peace. 
Your heart of hearts 
that carried the wound, 
felt the pain, 
felt the loss, 
was angry. 
Yet because you lost your memories, 
your concsiousness 
could not understand 
why such deep pain 
was there in your heart. 
Do not blame yourselves or others 
for the actions of the wound 
that was not known. 
Release your judgments. 
Release those 
that you hold bound in judgment. 
No one has known 
in their consciousness 
why they have felt so much pain, 
why they have felt so much anger and rage, 
why they could not get at it. 
It was because 
there was a covering 
and there was no way to get at it 
until now. 
Release yourselves from judgment. 
Release yourselves from actions 
that came forth from the pain, 
from the wound, 
and release others 
who have acted in their unconsciousness. 
No one has acted and behaved 
in consciousness of this wound, 
but they knew it and felt it 
and did whatever they could do 
to be with it. 
Sometimes it hurt others, 
and sometimes it hurt you. 

Breathe now 
and let the heaviness of the judgment lift. 
Breathe up now and lift. 
Lift the weight of judgment upon self, 
upon others,
and cast it away into the winds. 
Breathe free. 
Let go. 
Help each other release 
the judgments and the heaviness 
of not understanding. 
Free your minds. 
Is it easier to breathe? 
Yes, it's easier to breathe. 
As you walk in the earth 
with your heart of hearts whole, 
no longer carrying the wound, 
others will be drawn to you.
They will not know why, 
but they will be drawn to you like a magnet. 
Be with them. 
Breathe with them. 
Listen to them. 
Receive them, 
and allow your atmosphere 
to radiate this golden globe of light, 
this Christ light that is ours to share. 
Let them experience it 
and their heart of hearts 
will open in memory, 
and their wound 
will begin to be healed. 
As their wound is healed 
you will feel a resonance 
of heart to heart with the great heart of all, 
and there will be harmony and peace. 
Know that this great love 
that you are, 
that we are, 
is now restoring all. 
You do not need to have great educations. 
You do not need to have great skills. 
You do not need to have great knowledge. 
You do not need to have great anything. 
All you need 
is to be present, 
allowing your heart to be present 
through your arms, 
through your legs, 
in your atmosphere, 
and to BE here. 
I am calling to you, 
my own precious children. 
I am here to receive you 
and the gift that you are giving.

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