The Lightsmith Shoppe

A Special Event with the Karmic Council
Sunday, January 30th      2:00pm Central time

The Center
10824 Normandale Blvd
(Normandale at Old Shakopee Road)
Bloomington, Minnesota

Participate in person or by phone - more information below

Our Spirit Team has requested that we call together a group for an event facilitated by the Karmic Council. This may be the first time they have ever spoken to us directly before as a group, although Michele has worked with them when facilitating processes in the past, most recently in uploading soul memories to release our karmic witness from holding onto past memories.

Our sense of their request is that they have both something to share and that they would like to assist us to release more fully from the collective Karmic experience.

In each of our lives, we agreed to work through our own personal karmic list to learn from and rebalance those choices and actions which created harm or greater separation from Essence. Through choosing our families of origin, many of us also took on a portion of the larger patterning and karma that is shared by all of humanity. Some of us, for example, worked with alcoholism, others abuse and boundary violations, and still others took on the process of thawing frozen emotional bodies. We have been diligent in healing old wounds, releasing trauma and energetic blocks, becoming more conscious and present, and seeking to assist and guide others to do the same.

Most of us are tired of the same old unconscious patterns playing out, the ever-present fear, fighting, and competition, and all of the posturing of the old dualistic matrix. The Karmic Council has probably also heard from our souls, wondering if all of this will ever end? Perhaps that is why they come now. As usual, we only perceive a small portion of the purpose behind the request, and the rest is up to those who come. They have also requested that Michele facilitate a good clearing process preceding their full arrival, so that will begin the session.

In Person - $25 at the door
Pre-registration is not necessary

By Phone - $20 (plus normal long distance charges)

The call is long distance for most people.  Options include using a phone card with a low rate, or using a cell phone with free long distance and free weekend minutes.

To participate by phone, sign up using the payment button below. Prior to the event we will send an email with the phone number and access code.

If you have any questions, call Chris at 651-235-9614, or send email to:


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