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Free Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Monday

Our Cross-Quarter Planetary Event is next Monday, August 6th at 7pm (central). It’s hard to believe we’re already in August, but the river of change is swiftly moving us through our paces. Once again we will gather to give focus to larger-scale movement affecting our planet and all of humanity. As usual we don’t know the content ahead of time, but after 19 years of doing events with Michele I can say that I am always surprised by what shows up in the moment. The insights and energetic shifts are helpful to individual participants as well as the whole.


You can join us by phone or by internet video stream. Here’s the login information you will need:

By phone:  1-570-633-0024 , passcode = 242573# (any regular long-distance charges may apply)

By internet: http://lightsmith.com/broadcast/viewer.htm, password = CQ8612 (case sensitive)

During the event you can communicate with us by sending comments or questions to

Our planetary events are presented at no charge, donations accepted.


Backup plan: During the previous planetary event our phone service had a technical issue and we (and some of you) could not connect. If the above phone number does not seem to work correctly call 1-213-342-3050, code 693091. This number will not be used unless issues arise with the primary service.

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