Saturday, September 13, 2008
Hayward, Wisconsin
10am - 5pm

2 Pre-Festival Workshops
with Michele Mayama

Friday, September 12th
10am - 5pm & 7 - 9pm

a festival of healing, wellness, & the intuitive arts
produced by the creators of Essential Wellness publications

2 special programs for the pre-festival events:

The first is a potent and transformative workshop

10am - 5pm

Many people have dreamed about moving beyond struggle and limitation into a life where joy and meaningful expression becomes a common experience. Or perhaps your vision has been to live in a world of peace, cooperation, and greater awareness of the whole. Michele would say that we are indeed in the process of making a collective transformation from an old world to a new reality, and that in some ways we are installing a new “operating system”. It is not just the world that is changing, but it is also us.

This day-long event has been designed to assist you on your own journey, helping to prepare you for navigating the times ahead. We grow into our lives through certain stages of development. Chakras are key components of our energetic body, and each developmental stage is connected to certain chakras. For most of us, the reality into which we were born contained distortions that caused our chakras to adapt in order for us to survive or get our needs met. Those adaptations are now releasing, and in the process we have the opportunity for restoration of our natural design while integrating new structures needed for the new operating system.

During this workshop, Michele will offer an overview of the developmental stages, explore some of the qualities of each stage, and talk about the changes we are experiencing. The day will include a guided process to help you release adaptations and prepare the chakras for the new energies.

The cost for this informative and experiential workshop is $130

Please pre-register for this event. You can use the link above to pay by credit card.

We use the Paypal checkout system. Note: you do NOT need a Paypal account to proceed.
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If you would rather give your credit card information
over the phone, please call 651-224-4451.

You can also mail a check to:

559 Humboldt Ave
St. Paul, MN 55107

Questions? Please contact or call the number above.

The second program is truly an immersion into Life

7 - 9pm

The earth is more than a rock spinning in space. Like us, she is a living presence, one often forgotten as also having a body and spirit. If perchance you still think of this great being only as "Mother Nature", you may be missing the greater connection with this master of materialization and mother to our physical forms.

In this powerful and moving experience, Michele and Chris will create an opportunity for you to reconnect with the Earth Mother through images, music, and live interaction with this planetary presence as she speaks through Michele. She communicates with us not only in words, but also with a creative, vibrational language and beautiful hand motions.

In 1995, the Earth Mother first expressed herself through Michele. Since that time she has been more and more present, inviting people to once again have a conscious conection with her. We hope you will accept this invitation to join us on this special evening, and discover a relationship that has quietly been awaiting your return.

The cost for this special event is $30

Pre-registration is not required, but is encouraged:
email or call 651-224-4451

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