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Important Update from Lightsmith. Please read.

Hi to all,

We recently learned that our mailing list was compromised and you may have received a “friend” request that looks like this:


This was not sent by us and is an intrusive marketing scheme for a web service called Flipora. Please do not click on the link nor provide any information. Your computer is not at risk, but some personal information could be used without your consent.

I’ll chalk this episode up to Mercury retrograde, yet….

Lots and lots of weirdness these days. Politicians seem to be competing for who can say the most absurd thing, pharmaceutical disinformation campaigns flood the media, and fear reigns as the tool of motivation preferred by the extractors. And, when was the last time your day went ahead as planned? Ours seem to be constantly re-configuring to the point where we almost count on some kind of rearrangement every day. Over the years we have been counseled that staying fluid and non-attached was going to be the practice in the coming days, and those days have come. We are indeed notably challenged to stay present in every moment.

Still, Michele and I continue making our plans as best we can. After all, we need to put events on the calendar, even though we have already changed about 4 things since we started scheduling for 2015. We may increase our frequency of updates a bit this year, partly to provide timely event reminders and notification of any changes to previous postings.

Here are our four upcoming February events:

Cross-Quarter Planetary Event this coming Tuesday, February 3rd at 7pm. These planetary sessions use the group to do work on behalf of the planet and the greater transformation of consciousness. Information for phone and internet streams on the calendar.

Visible and Present Discovery Process 1: Authentication next Saturday, February 7th. You’ve been doing much internal work shifting your sense of who you are. It is now time to be visible, to allow your inner beauty, essence and wisdom to come through clearly. Michele has a few spaces left for those who are ready to begin a fun, informative and transformational adventure though learning how to “wear who you are”. Just yesterday we just received this note from someone who has been doing the most-recent series:

“I can’t thank you enough for the color classes.  They have pulled me out of a dark place and shown me how to be happy with my self.” 

These discovery processes are way more than classes about how to dress. They are about self-revelation in unexpected ways, guided by the multi-level skillset of Michele. And men, this is for you, too!  See the webpage for details and sign up with michele@visibleandpresent.com or at 651-224-4451.

Materializing Light, the first event of six in the new series for 2015, is Saturday February 14th from 1-5pm. Until now the incoming light has been very pushy, lifting to consciousness old patterns and programs to be released out of our body and field. This year we begin greater embodiment as the light begins to fill what has been cleared. Now we enter the phase of greater creation, new lives within the new Living Field.

This series is co-presented by Michele and beings of Spirit and Earth. Our first co-presenter at this Valentine’s day event will be the one we knew as Yeshua, or Jesus. He has visited us this directly a couple times, but not for a few years. I have posted the recording of his first visit with us in the freebies section of our shop. If you weren’t around for that session in 2006 (the largest group we’ve ever had at our building), I invite you to hear what he had to say at that time. Just follow this link. This time I hope you’ll join us by phone, internet stream, or in person. Information is on the calendar listing.

New Moon process on Wednesday, February 18th at 7pm. We wrap up our events calendar for February with the New Moon, focused more on personal shifts and healing as Michele reads the field of all participants and directs the process to what is needed.  Info on calendar.

Join us when you can. We sincerely do enjoy and appreciate your presence as co-participants in the Grand Adventure.

Staying fluid,




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