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For more than 26 years, Michele Mayama has facilitated group and individual change, and for over 17 years Chris and Michele have together traveled globally, and created numerous events offering both timely information and experiential, transformative processes.

Lightsmith was created in 1994 by Chris LaFontaine and Michele Mayama to create a clear and uncompromising vehicle to bring spiritual information into form. Our focus is the transformation of consciousness, both personal and planetary. We recognize the multi-dimensional nature of creation, and work in partnership with the less visible aspects of the whole, including the planetary consciousness we call the Earth Mother, and those at many other levels of Light.

We see the current challenges and changes on earth as a birthing process, moving us from one constructed reality to another. Our vision is one of a new world coming into being, a manifestly different world born of Love, Life and Light. Simultaneously, a dying world has reached the end of its time and is self-extinguishing through choices made in fear and limitation.

For many people the more visible world seems hopelessly lost in darkness, with no possibility for being fixed, and on that point we might agree. Our view is that this dying world of duality is not intended to be fixed, no more than anything that has lived its intended time can be restored to some previous state of being. As we see it, the opportunity being given is one of choosing to move to a new state of being, and changing the structure of our reality and the form of our created experience. In short, trans-forming.

As a computer metaphor, you might say we are undergoing a significant upgrade. Many profound physical changes are happening at fundamental levels in the individual and collective, and a new operating system is being installed. On this site we are offering some assistance for the changes to the hardware - our bodies - and we're sharing what we have been learning about the new software, or how things work in this new reality. We're all on a learning curve, so we are constantly adding updates and items to the site as we go.

As with us, our web site has continued to evolve and grow. You will find many pages of perspectives about consciousness and this intense time of tranformation. You will also find hundreds of helpful responses to questions asked by our readers. These responses were offered by those who are assisting us from other levels, using Michele's abilities to be a channel for them. One of the recent changes to our site is the addition of powerful process "tools" to assist the body and being through this transformation. For many years we have offered information and a perspective about what is happening on our planet. Now we find ourselves creating what is needed for the "how to".

The story of these times may often seem abstract or metaphysical, but the effects of the process are very real in our physical experiences. There are already pathways that have been created to help navigate through this shift, and through our site and recordings we are sharing what has been effective for our own journeys. The recordings we make available in our Lightsmith Shop are intended to assist the various stages of the transformation process. The majority of our material has much helpful information, but is ultimately process-based. That is, it is experiential and powerfully effective.

We will continue to expand ourselves and Lightsmith, so please visit often and be sure to add yourself to our email list for further updates. Thanks for visiting.


Chris LaFontaine and Michele Mayama


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