On January 19th we began a new adventure.......

You've been healing, releasing, and transforming. Perhaps you have wondered "what's next?". For many, it will now be further movement out of the matrix of duality and into a more conscious relationship with the intention and movement of Creation. It's a further merging of Light within Matter, and a greater awakening into our destiny as conscious Beings of Creation, or Creator within Creation. 

From January through May, 2003, Chris LaFontaine and Michele Mayama will be sponsoring and facilitating 9-10 sessions guided directly by Earth and Spirit. As usual, we don't know all of what will be unfolding in these sessions, but we do expect that they will be powerful and life-changing. This is a direct immersion into a series of processes that will shift the emotional body, as well as empowering us to focus as a coherent group energy to affect the transformation of the planet. 

These sessions are offered to those who feel ready to take another step into the embodiment of their Being, and who feel called into their placement within the whole. The processes may challenge remaining duality patterns, but each person will also feel supported to release the patterns and step more fully into the new reality.

Our first session was Sunday, January 19th, and we will meet every other Sunday until the series is complete. You can receive audio recordings to work with using the information on the next page. At this time we have scheduled 9 sessions with the possibility of a 10th.  Here are the dates:

January 19
February 2
February 16
March 2
March 16
March 30
April 13
April 27
May 11
[  Also May 25, if needed ]


You can work with the assistance and the energies of Spirit and the Earth Mother via these recordings. We will be focused on sending out the CD's immediately following the sessions, so most people in the US will  receive them by mid-week. We will also email a copy of the transcript when available. The cost to receive all the recordings (18 - 20 CD's) is $108, which includes postage to anywhere. The average time of each session is 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Okay, ready to proceed?



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