UniverseAn invitation to participate in Creation

Join Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine
on a passage into the next chapter of our new story

Merging within Creation

The series has already begun. It will not be possible for
new participants to join us live either in our home
or by telephone, since this is a sequence of
processes that build on previous sessions.

The exception would be a person who "catches up" with the recordings
and then joins the live sessions at the next opportunity.

If you would like to participate using the recordings,
please order below:

1.  Send an email to  chrisatlightsmithdotcom

Let me know you'd like us to send the CD's,
and provide your mailing address. If you order the complete series,
we'll mail all completed sessions and then send new ones as they become available.

You can also order the first session for $12 and then decide if you'd like to continue.
This is a series that builds on previous sessions.
It is important to participate
in the order they are given since t
hey are incremental and exponential.
We cannot sell single recordings out of sequence.

2.  Use the link below to pay by credit card using PayPal

If you'd rather pay by check, let me know
and I'll send a mailing address.


SINGLE SESSION BY PHONE. For people who are already participating in the complete course and are paying per session.
SINGLE RECORDED SESSION (CD'S). For people who are already participating in the complete course and are paying per session OR if you want to order the first session to get a greater sense of what is being offered.

New participants can choose this option. We will ship all CD's available to date, and then continue sending a recording within two days following each new session.

Any other questions, please contact us:
chris @ lightsmith.com

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