Midnight Christmas
                 Story By Jesus

This transcript is from a small meditation group session 
gathered with Michele on December 24, 1990

Michele: “I’m just going to begin by telling you what I see, and that will probably lead into something beyond what I’m seeing. Several angels joined us earlier, and there is a gathered group that appears to be waiting to receive the entrance of someone. They have been working with us to prepare us also for the entrance of whoever is to come. So, as we have been sitting here waiting, there have been ones with us assisting us to open to receive and clear and be ready. This one is now entering and coming in. They’re attempting in this time to do two things simultaneously and I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I’m hooked up to channel and I’m also seeing what’s happening, which usually doesn’t happen. The one who is entering is coming to greet us. This one is very golden in light, and very much a presence of light as well as love, and very compassionate as well. This one greets each with a gentle touch of acknowledgment. It’s almost as though he acknowledges not only the individuals, but also the family groupings. Those who have gathered now sit, almost as though they are waiting for this one to tell a story or speak.”

“Imagine yourselves sitting outside where the wind cannot touch you and the cold cannot make you uncomfortable. Look up at the stars. Let your eyes go across the sky until your eyes are held by a star, one that you may or may not know the name of. Let the light from that star name you, giving you an acknowledgment of light to your own presence of light. Begin to hear the vibration of your name as the light that you are connecting with and the star begins to consecrate your name in this moment, just as once a star consecrated mine.”

“Once upon a time long ago in your time, a star that was prophesied and predicted by those who were learned began to be more and more illuminated in the sky. Indeed, it was a comet. At the time it was so bright and it moved in the sky, and ones were not aware of what it was. It did not matter, for the timing of the announcement was all that mattered. As ones eyes drew to the heavens in wonder at the sight, only very few knew of the announcement and the consecration that it tended in that light. Those are now gathered here with me, those that knew. Some were considered of high esteem and high estate, and others were considered of low esteem and low estate. That was all a part of the story, a part of the announcing to kings and sages as well as to those who lived on the plains and hills out in the open under the stars, the common ones for whom I came. “

“My mother labored long beginning during the day, and there were several women who attended her as well as a loving, strong man that was given to her, and to me. They had special herbs that assisted her. Herbs that had been prepared ahead of time. It was not so unprepared for as some of the stories tell, for there were those who lived in that town that knew in advance we were coming. They made ready in case the birthing was to be in that time. One of the women was one who grew up with my mother from childhood, and was a close friend. So she had one that she trusted even though she was not amongst her own people. How could you believe that she would be so alone during such a time when she was and always has been so loved? So she labored as every woman labors to bring a child in to earth. The pain was also a part of being human even though her presence and power was assisting her as were many in spirit. Yet, she was woman as I was man.” 

“So I came to be born in Bethlehem. Not in the cold of winter, but rather in the opening of the spring time, the opening of the new birth time when all things are announced in their coming and in their presence. The light which radiated from the experience of the birthing, which occurs when every child is born to some degree, was so apparent to those who watched flocks and sheep who thought not anything different of this night. Yet, first the animals began to come, for they are more sensitive than many of the human senses have allowed the humans to be. The people followed their flocks and they began to realize that they were drawing near to what was a place where animals had been watered and fed and kept from the elements. It was set apart from the city somewhat, for animals were housed a bit apart from those that lived within the town. Those who were most curious came first, and they went and told the others. No one spoke. It was very quiet. Perhaps I was the loudest one at times. No one knew in consciousness what this event was or who I was, and yet all stood in silence for quite some time. They received the blessings of the power of the birthing and of the light and grace that was given to my mother to assist her in her healing as well as to all present. There were some baby lambs in the flock, and one of the shepherds brought one as a gift. For a time the little body warmed me, and yet mostly I felt warmed either held by my mother or warmed by the light, even though the night was crisp and very clear. There was a presence of angels. That has been passed on in the stories, yet only some of the shepherds and some of the ones who were gathered perceived them. It was a combination of the presence of the light and radiance of the birthing and the power that is present there that created an opening for those who were present to be able to perceive the angelic realm. This enabled some of them to hear the singing. Singing was not only by the angels and the angelic realm, but also those who had prepared the event, just as you ones have attracted and been assisted by those who have prepared you in your path, and in your learning and growth, for entrances into different stages and different initiations. So, too, those gathered that had prepared me to come enjoined in a sense of a beginning of that journey. Those who came later, those who were to be my teachers at different places in the earth, knew only that at some point they would be guided and be part of the recognition and acknowledgment of the one who would become the greatest student, which I was to become in my later years.” 

“So they came to see me, to find me, with the comet, the star that was predicted announcing my arrival. And they did come, and they did find me, and they made beginning connections with me through their mental telepathy capacities so that I would know how to find them when the time came. They imprinted within me the maps of the earth and the location of where I was to be taught. I did not remember that until it was time to remember. That was part of their purpose in coming. We were well cared-for, we were not destitute, even though the stories would have us turned away. We are ones who others knew, and they cared for us, fed us, and assisted us when it was time to leave. There was a warning given through a dream that announced that it was time to depart, for the comet was seen by others who were also very learned and had studied the same scripts. They were afraid of that one that was predicted who would come as one who would take position, role, power and authority.” 

“So we did travel for a long time. The journey was not easy and there were some hardships on the way, but when we needed help it was present. It was good that my mother never knew until later what happened behind us, for she would have felt much pain. It would have been pain that would have been difficult for her to release entirely. She was not aware until quite some time later, and at that time she could do her grieving without nursing me at the same time. That which is in the emotional body of a woman passes very directly to the child when that connection is so present.” 

“We lived for a number of years amongst those who were kind, helpful, and supportive of us, and we did well. But they were not family, and my mother, in particular, grew very homesick. She longed to return to her family and friends. In Egypt she also bore two more children, two brothers to myself. We traveled back when I was about seven.”

“The story that was passed down of all this magic is one that is an announcement story. A consecration of the presence of one who came to light the way. Not the only light, not the only star in the sky. As you connect to the light of the stars in the heavens know that there is a star for each of you connecting to your consecrated name and presence acknowledging you each time you acknowledge the sky above you. A greeting to you personally. There are many in the earth who do not share this tradition. Ones who do have been called Christians, or the Christed ones. Christ is that which is the acknowledgment of the grace or presence of light incarnated. Your Christ self is that which can be fully experienced embodied. It is that which has the capacity to embody, to experience itself manifest. That is Jesus, the Christ, using myself as an example.” 

“I wish now to sit with you ones in this time and in this place and in the earth. I am no longer an infant, and have not been for nearly 2,000 years. However, the presence of that Christ nature lives and breathes in all of us. I wish to sit with you acknowledging this presence in the earth, assisting you to incarnate more completely. To come to birth more fully. To be present in a fullness of awareness and capacity to manifest, so that your presence lights the earth and all those whom you will touch. Let us sit together now and together focus upon that which is Judith, the Christ, Orion, the Christ, Thomas, the Christ, Anita, the Christ, Diana, the Christ, Michele, the Christ, and Jesus, the Christ. We focus together and we allow that Christed presence to illuminate, to be acknowledged, and to come completely in to the body that you now have. Open the top of your head where the starlight shines upon you. As you open to the awareness of who you are, begin to listen for your name, your own personal consecrated name, to be spoken through that awareness of who you are through the Christed presence that is incarnating more fully.  Listen for the vibration of your name particularly chosen for this life. Begin now to awaken within you a consciousness that is not only for Christmas, but for eternity.”

“You are the ones who are like I was, lights that attract others to you. You are those whose presence they stand in, opening to receive with greater sensitivities and openness, those gifts that are to be given them. They do not receive unless they are open to get the messages and receive that which is given them. You are ones who open doors for others by being who you are. Open now your Christ being nature and let us sit together and touch others with our thoughts and our hearts. Let us touch those who you love who are not with you tonight, those you name family or friends. All you need do is see them or name them, consecrating their name with your presence and your light, acknowledging their Christ nature. It is a great gift, one which they may not know they are receiving, and yet the greatest gift each one receives in life is to become truly conscious of that which is their nature. Let us now sit together and include all those who live in your heart. Include those who do not have ones who love them, acknowledge them, and name them. Those who have not had someone to see them for who they are, and so they believe they are nothing, they are vulnerable. There are many who live in the earth who live out that belief in great pain, great lack, and great victimization. It is not that they live this way from choice, consciously, but in their path and their experience of themselves they live out that which they believe to be true of them in this and other times. They do need to know that there are those who speak and share and live that which is another truth, a reality beyond where they have been looking or have been taught to look. Let us now sit together letting that acknowledgment go out from us together into the earth, finding those whose lights have been hidden and calling them forth.”

“On the other side there are those who feel they know themselves very well. They are those whose minds have been trained and taught in the earth, and who feel that they have the power and authority to use their mind to make decisions not only for themselves but for others. They feel that they are above or superior to those whose educations or paths in life have limited their knowledge. Yet these ones, and there are many, do not know who they are in truth. That which is power, position, or decision making for others only masks and hides the unfulfilled longing of their own heart. They long for simple love and connections that move beyond the mind so that they know that they are loved, that they have great worth. They do not need to have knowledge and thought and power and position to say to others that they have great worth. Many of these ones, unlike the ones before, have quite hard shells held in place so that the light only shines upon the shells, softening, touching, and allowing each one to pass through their own process and path to awaken, to dissolve and to clear. We assist with our love and our presence now, holding all ones whether you have name or knowing of them or not, without judgment, just in presence. Acknowledge from one Christ self to another what is real and what is true.” 

“Then there are those who feel they do know the Christ, who speak and teach of that which is myself, what I supposedly said and did. Some teach of this or of other traditions, yet their hearts are not alive in the presence. What they do speak cannot be witnessed and cannot be received for it is only presence that lights and enlivens those whose hearts have grown weary of words, weary of teachings without witness and presence. You ones know this for you, too, have grown weary and have sought in your own hearts that presence, and have found growing awareness of what is real and alive within you as well as within others. Let us sit together now and love those whose words have grown empty.  In whatever traditions they speak the name, Christ, Jesus, God, Yahweh, Ra, all the names, they are not spoken by enlivened ones. We love, we accept that we bring forth the presence into those ones awarenesses and words, calling that into reality and existence again.” 

“Now let us sit together and honor the old ones. Ones who have lived lives long in the earth, but whose lives have not been acknowledged as purposeful or important. So they have grown to be only aware of themselves as unimportant, as having nothing to share. Never before have so many of the old ones been ignored as in this time in the earth. Yet the old ones, many of them, do not know what they do know. They have forgotten how to be wise when so many do not ask them to be their teachers. In my life in the earth I learned from the old ones. By the time I found my teachers they were in their seventies, and they were my teachers. In this time let us acknowledge the old ones. The ones who have forgotten how much they do know. Let us awaken with our presence and stir the knowledge that lies deep within them.” 

“On the other end let us now focus together on the children. The little ones are those who also are most often not acknowledged as wise, and yet they come from the most recent teaching on the etheric planes, the most recent entrance from Spirit. They are closest to those memories of what lies beyond the veil of human perception. Let us sit together, not only with the children but with the images of children that are held in the consciousness of adults. Let us let the presence and the Christed light surround those perceptions of children so that the eyes and hearts and minds might be illuminated to see the children as the great beings that they are, to listen, opening to receive the presence, the light, and sometimes guidance and opportunities for understanding, and even inspiration. Let us love the children, and light and awaken images of children.”

“Thank you for joining me, your Christed presence joining mine. I enjoy your presence with mine. I enjoy this time. I enjoy the light and the nearness of the earth through you, for I came to earth because I love the earth, the powers of manifestation, and the experience of the emotional connections that are made between friends. I enjoy also the deep bonds of compassion that form in the earth plane, the ability to embrace, to touch, to hold. The ability to speak with voices, to laugh with the whole body, and to cry. To feel deeply all of that which is the heights and the depths of the human experience.” 

“I had a purpose in coming, so I did not, could not, remain in the earth for the long years in the same way that you ones are now in the earth. The light body that I took on, retained, and still have can manifest when I do desire at will in the earth. It is one not like the bodies that you are inhabiting now, but your bodies have an imprint of the body that I do retain, and are gradually moving towards that. There will come a time when I will come back, and it is not so far in your time. I will come back and I will call your name, and you will hear and recognize once again that voice of consecration when it is spoken out loud, penetrating every cell of your body in that moment so that you are undeniably who you are. You will recognize your name, for it will permeate not only the cellular body, but the body of memory that will vibrate through you connecting you to the whole of who you are. It will connect you to your nature as it has grown throughout the ages of time as well as throughout the time that is not of the earth in those dimensions beyond space and measurability.” 

“I do love you as I feel in your hearts that you love me. Personal love, love from one to another. It’s a great gift. It’s the experience of God loving and being loved simultaneously, completing, fulfilling, receiving, giving. No separation, no paradox, no polarity. The experience of Oneness in love. I sit with you now in love, loving you and receiving your love in return. So much could be talked about and said. So much can be shared, and there will be other times to do that, but for now it is enough to leave you in love and in acknowledgment of who you are. An acknowledgment that this night of memory awakens you so that it is not a memory, but an event in a moment of your time of deep recognition, acknowledgment and experience. More of the Christed one that you are. As the sun rises upon your day tomorrow you awaken knowing that what you have experienced in this time lives on in you, embodied, manifesting until such time as you decide to move beyond the body, illuminated fully in who you are, and your light joins mine and many others whose presence is felt but not seen.” 

“In this time we join hands and give each other a blessing, one from another. For no one is greater than any other in this circle. Let us now bless and acknowledge one another. I came to bring the message of love, and you ones have heard it. Go and share the same message of love and peace in your world in this time. Speak in words that others can receive and hear, but mostly being present, witnessing the Christed nature that calls forth, acknowledges, and gives birth over and over and over again. Let us pray together the prayer that I once taught and you ones have always been taught as children in the Christian tradition. Let us speak not only to Father, but to Mother as well.” 

All: “Our Father or Mother who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name......."

“So, be that Christed self acknowledging only that which is real and true. It has been a great joy!”

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Copyright 1990, Michele Mayama. Please copy freely for personal use.