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The Conscious Creation Journal features articles about our next step into conscious creation with viewpoints on a variety of subjects. Chris occasionally writes a column for this web publication. 
New Earth Radio
A previous adventure by Lightmith site creator Chris LaFontaine. 25 great radio shows to listen to, each hosted by Chris and about an hour in length. Varied, interesting topics.
The Not So Big House
A web site devoted to information about downsizing and simplifying your personal environment with reference to the trends of the "cultural creatives".
Essential Arts
A "mom and pop" store located in Asheville, North Carolina. They carry all kinds of books, music, and jewelry, etc., but perhaps their finest specialty is the selection of magnificent minerals and gem stones. Ariel is definitely a "guardian of the stones" and has much awareness of their many qualities. He also makes high frequency gem essences that are perfectly matched to assist the transformation of consciousness. We obtained from Ariel all the crystal we used and planted on our various trips around the world in 1999. Quiana is an insightful teacher of much wisdom, and was previously connected with the creation of the potent little book E.T.101, A Cosmic Instruction Manual.
Historical Remedies
A manufacturer of fun and effective homeopathic remedies. Perhaps you've seen Stressmints? You can also get Pick Up Drops, Fitness Lozenges, Moon Drops, and other traditional remedies. I know it sounds like a commercial, but Robert is a friend of ours we think his creations are wonderful!
Echo Bodine is a gifted and popular psychic, spiritual healer and "ghostbuster". We produce her meditation tapes and some other items so naturally I had to list her!  She has books on the soul's journey, ghosts, and laying on hands healing.
Ever wanted a place to check out the validity of those e-mail messages that get passed around (gas out, chain letters, virus hoaxes, etc.) Here it is. You might want to start in the Society/Culture section. Especially helpful is the section on current net hoaxes in the urban legends section. Quick check for virus hoaxes.
Chemtrail Central
A good place to read and see more about the "chemtrail" phenomena as discussed in our responses from Spirit. Lots of photos and discussion about the spraying of chemical agents over many parts of the world.
The Enterprise Mission
Anybody left who doesn't know about Richard Hoagland's site? He does get a bit serious, and he's a master at polarizing, but he usually opens up something interesting. More links.
The Edge Newspaper
Electronic version of this Minneapolis area monthly publication. Michele often writes for The Edge.
An on-line magazine and forum for understanding the nature of personal relationships from spiritual and metaphysical perspectives. A quality site with heart.
the Nvisible: Solara and 11:11
Monthly overviews of the prevailing energies from one of the pioneers.  Also monthly astrological readings.
Leading Edge Research Group
Data, data, data. Boy there's a lot here! I found articles  about fluoride to be helpful. Stuff for the left brain.
The WingMakers
A fascinating web site built on an extraordinary story. Is the story fabricated? Seems likely, but our suggestion is to stay out of the arguments about the site being a hoax and open to the energies moving through it. Nice music and art. There's something here worth exploring.
New World Creations
Beautiful, creative visual art.  Nicely drawn and presented.
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
A web site for a printed magazine. Some of the articles are included on the site and a list of back issues is provided. A great magazine with focus on numerous subjects ranging from economics and education to sex and money. A lot of awareness, and no advertising.
The Home Page of BASHAR
A channeled entity through Darryl Anka with a focus on being a concious creator of your desired reality. A bit sales-oriented, but I've read Bashar messages from various sources and like the energy.
One Spirit Project
A reciprocal link. Their theme: "Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Together we can make a difference!" A listing of all kinds of links.
Noga Lubicz Dynamics
An artist from Brazil who creates intuitive, energetic jewelry and also offers great advice on food and cooking.
Crimson Circle
Channelings from Tobias. Some helpful information about the splitting of the old and new matrices.
World Transformation
The name says it. Created by a personable fellow who obviously puts in a lot of time assisting people to connect - with themselves and others.
Feng Shui With Design
The site of a feng shui designer in the UK. Fun interface to explore the principles of feng shui. FS information on the "about" page. You'll need java and flash for the full experience.
MkzdK 2001
Transformation theme. Nicely crafted with great graphics. You just have to look for yourself!
Earth Changes TV
LOTS of information about Earth Changes and a resource for recent news relating to the shifts her and elsewhere. It's a subscription site with integrity.

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