Merkaba activation process from Michele Mayama


Here is the sequence as it was taught to me with additions from my own experience. This presumes that you already have balanced and aligned your energy body and chakra system.

1) Set up and clear the energy field around you. Ask your soul and those Beings of Light and Nature that serve you to assist you to clear miscellaneous clutter from the mental field, to surround you with Love, Light, and Joy, and to support you during the process.

2) Sit or stand with your spine straight. Begin to breath deeply, relaxing any tension that you find in your body. As you breath begin to visualize breathing in and up contacting the Solar Chakra above your head at the apex of the breath. As you breathe down and out, at the bottom of the breath contact the Earth Chakra below your feet. You are linking these two apex chakras through the breath, forming a column of light as well as increasing the charge or current running between them.

3) As you continue breathing you will begin to feel the two vortices forming with one apex at the Solar Chakra above the head and the Earth Chakra being the apex below the feet. The bottom one gently begins to spin counterclockwise and the top one spins clockwise. So with a series of breaths the two axis points are connected and they begin to gently rotate in opposite directions.

4) Ask your heart and soul, your higher self and your guides to determine the optimal base speed for both vortices that will be the activation speed for you. I believe that varies for people, particularly in the beginning stages. The speed that it begins at will not be what you will grow to and be able to sustain as you evolve. Your soul, not your mind or anyone else’s mind, knows what the optimal speed is for you to make the first activation.

5) The Activating Breath is very specific. Breathe deeply, under the solar plexus or into the belly of the body and expel the breath forcefully with a very strong HAH; a sharp expulsion of air driven by a contraction of the diaphragm. You may need to do it several times. At a certain point you will begin to feel a pulse as if a pump has started within your body.

6) Relax. As the pump begins to source energy out from you, allow yourself to become a radiant light being with energy moving out in all directions. Allow the whole of your consciousness to merge with it and open to experience all the dimensions that are being revealed as this radiant energy merges with all it touches. It is limitless, and since it is sourced within you, you can at any moment access your center as well as any level of consciousness within its frequency range.

7) Ask for ideas or ways to utilize the energy that is being generated. I find that some people want to expand their capacities and raise frequency, but don’t know how to use what they have opened up. Move it into form. Create, manifest, play, share joy, reorganize your house, make something, dance, sing, and stay tuned to being guided from within as to how the Creative Life-force desires to move you. Most people feel empowered and alive, joyful and naturally confident.

Things may be brought up out of the unconscious that are unable to exist since they vibrate at lower frequencies. Let them go, erasing eons of memories that played out duality’s polarized crystallized thought forms. I find that it also has the effect of shifting whatever field of energy you are in when you are in this activated state. The frequency shift precipitates an optimal reorganization at a higher level which may include people who are close to you, jobs, or areas of focus and attention that are not really true to your nature. You may need to assist those close to you to clear and heal areas of their energy bodies or consciousness so they too can begin to shift frequency, and you may find yourself making new choices for your life’s energy focus. I believe the merkaba affects the atomic level of cellular energy where spin is the nature of relationship between protons and electrons. I hope to gain more understanding of these levels as I and others explore with more experience.

©1997, Lightsmith. All Rights Reserved. Please copy freely for personal use.

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