Letter from Michele in response to events of September 11, 2001

Hello to all,

I have wanted to write something about what I have sensed occurring within the collective for some time now. The events of this week seem to be the catalyst. Since the Solstice Eclipse in June, I personally have been very focused, moving through deeper layers of distortion in my body and consciousness. I also noticed this happening for others. I said over and over that we are now dealing with releasing a level of bedrock patterning that needs to come out of the body. Through the process, I have felt the presence of particularly the Blue Ray of Truth and Archangel Michael. This has been balanced with the energy of compassion and for me, a connection with Quan Yin. About two weeks ago I began to feel a sense of impending loss. I found it hard to sleep well and felt that the collective was getting ready to deal with something big. At times I wondered if I was going to lose someone close to me. I’d tune into each one to see if the sense I was feeling belonged to any of them. It didn’t. Last week the Ray of Truth, or Flaming Blue Sword that clears illusion and distortion was gaining strength. Whenever fear or old patterns began to surface, I would ask for the Blue Ray to purify and clarify to the level of what is Real. Instantly, fear or other thoughts would be erased. Last weekend, I was called to name and say “No” with love to a distorted pattern within a group I was facilitating so the creative fire of Life would be free to continue to thrive and grow. It was a difficult but necessary action, one that included a strange feeling of a door closing somewhere. Then, the night before the attacks, I barely slept. Again I checked through those close to me. Then it happened. 

My first awareness was that it was a collective event, one that had been setting up for some time. The energetic build-up to it and Michael’s presence indicated that it was opening up an opportunity for an exposé of illusions and distortion so that greater Truth and awareness could come to light. I also immediately saw a web of Light extending from person to person; all those who have chosen Love and Life were linking hands energetically around the Earth. Significant Beings of Light anchored the Web of Light and they emanated to all of us to stay connected to the web without fear or reaction even though there was great destruction. I felt my Spirit and those of millions of others focusing into a frequency of Love, calm, and awareness, even if understanding wasn’t fully in place. I blessed all those whose souls left so suddenly and was told that those in Spirit were prepared to receive them on the other side. Another psychic friend said she turned on the television just as the second plane was coming into the picture and saw all the souls leave the plane just before the crash. That often happens in traumatic and sudden departures. In such collective events, pain is most often spared for those choosing death as their part in the whole. 

I am sorry if you are personally touched by the loss of someone dear to you. May Love embrace and hold you as you move through the process of grief and healing. Know that they were well tended in their passing. And may this same Love touch all who have suffered through endless acts of violence throughout this age of Duality, inherited and passed on from generation to generation until a generation would look inward to discover the original wound of separation and choose Love. 

During one particular challenging time in my life, Jesus told me to walk in the valley of Light and to not look into the shadows on either side. I thought of this advice the other day and chose not to watch television at all, but to listen and attune to the living web of Light. People began to call to talk, and to ask why they didn’t feel more sadness, fear, or anger in response to the attack. It is my sense that we know that the events of Tuesday are part of a larger unfolding within creation that includes the destruction of the old dying dualistic matrix of consciousness. Simultaneously, out of the ashes of what is passing away, the New Matrix of Creation is giving life to new forms. One could say that the twin towers of Duality collapsed in front of millions of people via satellite, televised around the world, over and over and over again. The old is passing away while simultaneously we have an opportunity to focus into the creation of a new world experience. 

Another word that kept coming into my consciousness on Tuesday was “Arrogance”. I sensed the arrogance of those behind the attack, gloating at the power they had to shake the security of a great country because they could. Arrogance. I also saw the arrogance of the American people and particularly those governing that have been saying to the world that we can do whatever we please at the expense of others, the environment, and international relationships. Arrogance. Within this vision was the arrogance of mega-corporations and those who invest in those companies’ stocks where the bottom line is to continue to make increasing profits without regard or respect for life, human or otherwise. Arrogance. I saw those with money feeling superior to those without, using pity to mask it. Arrogance. I saw those of one race or religion or political party feeling that their way or truth was superior to another. Arrogance. The whole pattern was there, vibrating in consciousness, and I realized that wherever the “ends justified the means” without Love, there was arrogance; the kind of pride that superiority has bred within duality. 

We all inherited the patterning of Duality and the subtle or not so subtle arrogance within it. The answer is not to swing to the opposite pole; denial of the good within self or one’s natural place within the whole, false humility, or shame. If one is willing to stand fearlessly within one’s own consciousness with unconditional Love and a desire to shift the patterning of Duality, one will be transformed, changed down to the DNA bedrock levels within the embodied codes of consciousness. For myself, rather than judging any of those in the unfolding drama, I acknowledged with compassion those patterns within the whole and within myself, particularly when I have driven myself past my own physical or emotional boundaries to achieve a goal, disregarding my own health and well being. I also saw the pattern whenever I stood in judgment of another, wherever my need to feel right was stronger than my ability to be vulnerable and stay open to a process of discovery, and whenever I allowed my spiritual purpose or service to others to overrule my own needs. As I have come to love my life and all of Life more, I now choose to include my physical and personal needs, desires, and feelings along with that which informs me of purpose and service in how I create my life in wholeness and balance. 

People are wondering what to do in response to this event. Some are joining together in Spirit at 9pm EDT each night for seven nights to visualize creating a new earth experience. I am participating since this will strengthen the web of Living Light and Love that is in already in place. I would also encourage you to use the Blue Flame of Truth to discover areas within your own consciousness or life that stand in a superior positioning with any other part, i.e. mind over body, spirit over matter, needing to know over trusting the mystery, or vice verse. Wherever you stand in a position of, “I know better than another,” there is arrogance, and that patterning can be lifted into the Blue Flame of Truth for transformation beyond duality. That, too, is helpful within the collective during this time of collective shifting and choice. Other choices are to choose Life wherever you find it, nurturing it and protecting it from the dying distortions that want to suck the life out of anything that has budding new Life. Refusing to support with your money, time, focus, or life energy that which is dying, which has no energy for you, or which takes energy from you or others without respect or return. Choose Life, bless those who are in the process of grief, fear, or reaction, and attune to the wisdom within the web of Living Light to inform you as you make choices each day.

Conscious creation, conscious co-creation with all of Life within the whole of Love, is what each one of us is being called to in this time. Even in the midst of shedding the bedrock, I have felt a buoyancy and excitement as a new version of myself has begun to emerge to recreate my life. Some things must pass away, painful as that process is, so that the Real can emerge free of patterning of duality. I sense that what we have been doing on a personal level for years is now happening on a much larger scale as well. We have been told again and again that the transformation of consciousness would escalate, and many over time have predicted such a time would come. That time is now. How it will unfold, I do not know, but I have absolute faith in the presence of Living Love, the Rays of Creation, and the Masters that serve them now moving in our midst. And I also acknowledge and honor all people of consciousness who are forming the web of Living Light that is in place around the Earth in this time. Even in the midst of death, listen and watch for what is Real (with a capital R!) as it emerges within you and others from the ashes of the old to take part in creating new Life in this time. And may we all be blessed with Love and whatever is needed to move through the personal and collective challenges of these times. 



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