And the Bridge Exists No More
By Michele Mayama

For many years, some people have been crossing the bridge of consciousness: 
Healing from lifetimes of wounding and trauma, 
Waking up and seeing inherited beliefs that diminished their Essential Natures, 
And courageously exploring ever deepening levels of subtle awareness which had been  pushed into the shadowland during our industrial/techno-scientific age.

Sometimes, these people have also felt crazy: 
Knowing and seeing things that arenít easily proven or explained, 
Discovering how Truth turns everything upside down and inside out, 
And feeling the pain of ages that comes pouring in from the collective unconscious when  they touch and open their own woundedness with unconditional Love.

Without support or acknowledgment, they continued to cross the bridge of consciousness:
Not knowing where they would land or who they would be on the other side,
Scared and even threatened, yet unable to go back to the past they had left behind,
Gradually gaining confidence, meeting others, and feeling drawn towards the fulfillment of something they could only sense as a longing deep inside.

Simultaneously, this new place beckoned to these hearty souls with a promise:
Life can feel joyous and free and the child within can dance without,
As each learns to discern the currents of potency waiting to birth their new experience,
And opens the gift of soul level fulfillment only available as one age closes and another  opens founded upon a new matrix for creation.

Just as the traveler runs out of strength and takes one last weary step upon their bridge,
Seven planets align to help the Earth pull that traveler into their new homeland,
The last attachments and adaptations unwind from their Core Essence and fall away,
And a whole new structure of Living Light is grown so they can drink deeply of the sweet  Nectar of Life which quenches all remaining thirst or longing.

As they are refreshed and begin to feel new found strength urging them to stand tall, 
They plant their roots firmly and deeply into the rich abundance of the New Earth,
Then turn around to look at the passageway that had seemed so long and never-ending,
And lo and behold, dissolved and dismantled, the bridge has disappeared, the last  remaining threads tying them to the other shore forever released.

There are still many people on the other side of the chasm: 
Some with faint bridges of their own growing out into the space between, 
Many more acting and believing much the same as before oblivious of another choice,
Concurrent realities, each evolving in their own ways within consciousness as a whole with different foundations for creating the experience of life in Earth. 
Two experiences, side by side, two Earths so to speak, one birthed from the other: Creating one last choice for all who have the gift of freewill, 
To surrender to transformation, moving through the solitary passageway of rebirth,
Or to stay confined in securityís lies and empty promises which consume every living thing in its frenzy to satisfy the endless longing that only Life can fill. 

Now is a time of splitting realities, and the bridge exists no more:
Turning from the focus upon the past and all of its fuel for transformation,
Towards the future and the joyful delight of discovery and limitless creative impulse,
Learning the ways of Life as gently informed by its animating currents and guided by the great Mother of Creation herself who now lives within us.

And the bridge exists no more, no more, and the bridge exists no more!

Copyright 2000, Michele Mayama

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