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Neither Here nor There

Feels like several lives have passed since I last sketched out a comment, not that I haven’t thought about it, but moving into action seemed like more than my mood could handle. The non-stop activity and emotional riptide of last year left us all a little stunned as we pitched our way into 2012, grateful for at least a few weeks of respite in January. The events of 2011 were intense, but at least the memory of them has quickly gone misty thanks to that ‘being in the now’ thing.

During that last, long sweep we released an abundance of invisible yet significant debris, the leftovers of adaptations made to survive our long painful experience in the old reality. Like recovering hoarders we chose what really has value and dumped the unnecessary into the big recycle bin. Tossed were our worn collections of beliefs, traumas, conditioned patterns and other moldy survival mechanisms acquired during the pounding reign of Duality. What relief to finally set ourselves free from the countless burdens of repression and inescapable influence of the great karmic wheel. That was some ride, eh, wot?

The Earth Mother informed us early in January that this year is about the physical level (including hers), so I’d be surprised if you aren’t in the midst of dealing with something in your body. Many of us have felt the promptings to clean up our diets, or at least become more conscious about food choices, while others have embraced more exercise or other activities. Needing more sleep is also on the growing list of symptoms, giving the body ample opportunity to do its work. Other issues on the physical level may be surfacing for attention in their own sequence, all part of restoring in our manifest experience what has been healing on the deeper, causal levels. We are already well into this phase, so even though it doesn’t use words your body will be talking to you. As I’ve been learning myself, we’re going to be keeping our wellness support-people busy.

On another tack, a couple weeks ago I noticed some new experiences move through like ‘blips’ in consciousness. The moment is very subtle, but simultaneously profound and difficult to wrap up in words. It’s something like that TV special effect where somebody moves through the stargate and reality ripples around them. Perhaps in a previous healing process you came to understand a family dynamic, then yesterday you were just sitting there and suddenly related fully to the deeper nuances of the whys and whatfors. It’s as though what once seemed a firm mental understanding suddenly is perceived across all levels as something more substantial, like awareness opened up another notch from the theoretical to the experiential. Like I said, it’s hard to articulate, kind of like trying to explain the experience of deja vu. But, thanks for listening :)

So now, while physical issues continue to poke at us, March madness brings a little more difficulty in focusing and some kind of on-going dissolution, showing itself through plans that dissipate or rearrange almost as fast as they get made. Over the past week I have found myself bouncing from task to task, seemingly without completion, and whatever push of motivation exists is undefined and fleeting. Yet, the days fill with activity and life continues to reveal what’s next. And, for entertainment, the seemingly endless political theater warms my heart as I watch the old story trying mightily to prolong its existence while continually impaling itself on its own sword. Okay, I admit it, I do occasionally derive satisfaction from that.​

One last thing: As I write this update another major solar flare from an X5 eruption is headed our way and expected to hit the earth’s magnetic field sometime tomorrow. And don’t forget the full moon. Yay, even more discombobulation and insomnia is headed our way.

Okay, if I have to,


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  1. I’m going to take part of your note here as a sign not to feel guilty about sleeping in this morning ;) It would appear rest is no longer negotiable.

  2. Yay, the return of Chris’s inimitable commentary!

    Sharon Hylton
  3. Yes, Chris is back, more than you yet know.

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