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New Territory and Sunday Equinox

First, a reminder that our Equinox planetary event is this Sunday at 4pm central time. Join us in person, by phone, or by video stream. Information is on our calendar page. If you wish, send us email (link on viewer page) letting us know where you’re located.

For years we have been part of the “bleeding edge” of transformation creating pathways for change. By our own healing work we have come into greater personal alignment with Self while also easing the way for those in the next wave to make their transition out of Duality. Earlier this year we received indication that we who have been at the forefront of change are, in a sense, retiring. The New Dimension is now established, and our immersion into our deep healing work is mostly past. Restoration of wholeness and integrity with Self through our individual journeys has been the key to our accomplishment, and in the process we have delineated pathways for those who follow.

Of course, we don’t just keep doing healing work forever. Eventually we move into the experience we have been striving for all along, which is a new state of being. We have been totally immersed in a process that includes making a transition from a dualistic structure of consciousness into a new structure forged of a fusion of Spirit and Matter. More than heaven on earth, this is heaven and earth joining to create something beyond either. That union creates a new, fifth dimension, reflecting the immersion of Source into embodied experience. Conscious Creator within Creation, aspects in a new hologram simultaneously and paradoxically individuated and whole. First we brought ourselves back together, and now we’re restoring wholeness of the Greater Self.

It is an understatement to say that the user manual for the old world has become of little use. Teachings about creation through focused intention are now out of date. The notion of energy directed by mind to control outcomes is being replaced by a new functionality. The New Field is designed to fulfill desires of heart and soul, and right now we are learning to stay present and listen in every moment, responding to what is being brought to us.

Recently I have noticed how much this fusion process has progressed. In our last update I mentioned the exponential rate of change expected as transformation accelerates in the collective. The choice may not be conscious, but each person is deciding on some level whether or not to transition to the New Dimension along with Earth. They are also choosing how that transition is made. Being called into alignment presents itself in a way unique to each being, but when time is short the calling is often sudden and dramatic.

In just the past few days I have learned of abrupt shifts affecting several people in my life; friends, family and acquaintances. I form no conclusions about the people involved, I just notice what gets my attention.

  • One person lost a job of 35 years after a round of office politics shifted the structure of the business.
  • One person received a diagnosis of a virulent form of cancer.
  • One person became fully paralyzed after tripping and aggravating a former neck surgery.
  • One person died instantly when, despite experience and training, moved into the wrong spot outside a small plane and fell into the propeller.
  • On a more positive note, I have three friends who found themselves in sudden, unexpected relationships leading to equally sudden marriages.
  • And demonstrating a larger-scale shift, Michele just officiated her first same-sex wedding.

What I’m sensing is how significant the shifts of September have been. Some might call it moving through a portal, whatever that means, though I would say my experiences do reflect a sense of entering new space. You likely have stories of your own from recent weeks, yet on a personal level many of us have weathered our most demanding crises and are moving along to what’s next.

Michele and I find ourselves as mystified as anyone about what’s next, both personally and for the entity of Lightsmith. Since 1993 Michele and I have found ourselves engaged in a series of events, including “classes”, global journeys, channelings, and numerous planetary projects. Now the energies are shifting about, as clearly we have begun another phase.

The last new moon event brought more conscious awareness of the uncharted waters we are now navigating. Previously we received much information and personal soul maps from our higher selves, or assistance from one specific aspect or another such as the Earth Mother or friends in Spirit. Now we have begun to receive upgrades and new operating instructions directly from The Field, which is formed of all aspects. Since everything is new, there is no other source for what we now need.

The radical shifts of September have been reflected in our two September events to date: the New Moon session and the Creator within Creation class from last Saturday. The New Moon session was incredibly transformative, and even if you don’t normally participate in these sessions I recommend that you consider doing this process. Read more.

The Creator within Creation event was equally profound and assisted the current process of shifting our minds from single-focus out into the new hologram. I can’t remember any session like this that was more potent in its effects. If you’ve been feeling particularly spacey this week it’s because that shift is in process for many. The Creator within Creation classes are not listed in our web shop, but you can if you’d like to experience the class via the recording. I can fill you in on the cost and provide a download link.

I don’t know what the focus will be this Sunday at the Equinox planetary event, but I wanted to fill you in on how much things have changed since the summer solstice and last cross-quarter event. Then again, I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it helps ME to write it down :)

Man, my ears are ringing,


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