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New Year’s Channeling Next Tuesday, January 1st

This time is truly one of celebration for all that has been accomplished within the consciousness of humanity and earth. The early phase of the New Dimensional experience is now well-established even while being less visible to many. Yet, many also feel the tide turning in ways prompting both relief and trepidation. Such is the nature of fundamental change. Collective events have a way of serving the transformation of consciousness, and despite current challenges to large parts of the population I believe the occurrence of such events will only intensify for awhile.  We are in the trust place, watching for the buds of new forms even as the old order grows more dysfunctional and collapses under the weight of its own hubris. For those who have been doing decades of inner healing work it is time to rest or play in new expressions, while others now get their promptings to go deeper. The intensity of the light moving through earth will only increase over these next years and no shadows, no illusions, no unconsciousness can remain untouched. Duality is done. It is so.

It has been the annual tradition of ours since the late 90’s to host a channeling on New Year’s day. You may have attended this event at Lightsmith, in spaces we used to rent,  or perhaps even in our home. We skipped a few years in-between after we moved into our own building, but last January (does anyone even remember last January?) we revived the tradition and will continue in the new year with a channeling next Tuesday at 1pm central time. We have purposely chosen an early time so people in other parts of the world can also participate.

Last year our primary visitor was the Earth Mother, and many times previously we only knew the groups of visitors as “friends in Spirit”. This year, to help kick off our expansion into 2013 we are expecting a visit from Sananda, the being who incarnated as Yeshua, or Jesus. I’m sure a large energetic contingent will also be joining us from the “other side” along with the Earth Mother, but the primary speaker will likely be Sananda. Some rearrangement is possible, but this information is what we know right now.

We also like to create a pot-luck dinner at this event, so we ask those who are attending locally to bring a dish to share. Salads and main dishes are always appreciated to help balance the usual abundance of post-holiday sweets. If you can’t join us in person you can connect by internet stream or phone call. There is no charge for this event and details are now posted on our calendar page. Check there for the latest information or notice of any changes.

2013 Events Update:  Writing up our new events for 2013 is a project still being finalized, but the New Moon date for January 11th is on the calendar. The Conscious Breathing and Deep Release event for January 26th is also on the calendar and already is almost full. We have only 3 or 4 spaces left, so if you’re planning to attend please let me know soon.

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  1. Thank you for all of this no charge work, you just provided the Cross Quarter Day, the Solstice and now this New Year’s channeling which is always a favorite of mine. I appreciate your generosity so much!

    Aureal Williams

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