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Solstice Event Recording June 20, 2012

An unexpectedly powerful process setting up a collaboration between our group and numerous beings in Spirit and Earth. The main focus was to begin dissolving the myth/lie that resources are meant to be owned, controlled, made into commodities and sold to people instead of having been provided for the benefit of all. The days leading up to this event have been less energetically pushy than other times, but more discombobulating or disorienting than usual. This is partly a reflection of the deep work being done within consciousness as we continue to extract ourselves from the old world.

Our phone conference service was not working correctly for transmitting this event live, so we have added this recording for everyone who would like to still participate in the process.


Download (right click and save as)


  1. Where’s the LOVE button? I enjoyed this one a lot and would like to suggest to the council that we do that more frequently… surly they can find more garbage to recycle ;)

  2. Oh, oh, now you’ve done it.

  3. Well you know it works: Ask and ye shall receive! HUZZAH :D

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