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Reminder: New Moon and Creator Session This Week

Summer has finally landed, and we’re keeping our calendar light here at Lightsmith. Our only two scheduled July events both happen this coming week beginning with the New Moon session this Monday evening, July 8th at 7pm. These New Moon events have evolved into quite powerful shift sessions, always focused on the individual while also working with the Earth Mother and the larger currents. You can participate in person or at a distance, and we invite you to join us for a unique and powerful event. See our site for more details.

Without a doubt the most profound of our offerings this year is the Creator within Creation series. Each month we have been working with different rays of creation and a different master being. This Saturday, July 13th from 1-5pm  we will experience the presence of Metatron while giving our focus to the rays of Transmutation and Universal, Unconditional Love.

This year Michele is teaching in more of a merged state with Spirit Masters and the Earth Mother. She shares fascinating new information each month and facilitates guided processes to assist integration of the energies we are working with and embodying. Michele closes each session with a direct channeling from the primary being assisting us. There are no pre-requisites for attending and you can participate in one or all of the remaining sessions.

This series may represent the most advanced personal facilitation we have ever offered as we move into preparation for the experience of the New Dimension. I know of nothing else quite like these sessions. Again, see our site for more information.

A very special commentary is in the works! Watch for it soon.

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